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Money-saving Lighting Tips for your Home.

Electricity doesn't come cheap here in the Philippines, and I'm sure it's the same case in most parts of the world. There are, however, many different ways to save on electricity costs and here are some of them.

Forget those regular light bulbs! Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead. A 17-watt energy efficient fluorescent light bulb gives the same amount of brightness as with a standard 60-watt bulb. Sure, it's costs a little bit more than the regular light bulbs, but the the lower wattage bulb uses less energy than its incandescent counterpart (around 72 percent less) – which can help reduce your electricity costs. Moreover,  they last 10 times longer, too!
Photo credit: Samsung
Turn off the lights when not in use. It's the most basic rule, but also the most overlooked. This simple act can actually save 10 percent to 20 percent on your total electricity use.

Install dimmer switches. This reduces the light level in a room by at least 10 percent - helping you save energy and doubling the life of your light bulbs.

But don't try to install them on your own, though, especially if you have little or zero knowledge when it comes to wiring and electricity. Call an electrician mississauga and have them do the job for you. If you're living in Ontario, you may want to consider hiring Thiel Electrical Contracting Ltd electrician in mississauga, a professional, well-established company that specializes in electrical control systems.

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5 replies:

Franc said...

I also use the 17 watt lights since it really saves me a lot of electricity.

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

thanks for letting us know this,will definitely use it for saving electricity.

Pepper said...

Thanks for these tips. I can always do better to get that electric bill down.

Animetric said...

That Samsung LED lamp looks so cute I want to fill my house with them!

Wander Woman said...

Thank you for these tips. This post is helpful especially for people like me who just moved in to a new place.

I'll go buy energy saving bulbs tomorrow. :)