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Ideas for home improvements to increase saleability.

There's no doubt that the process of selling a home can be stressful. Dealing with viewings and keeping your home constantly tidy is certainly a hassle. Meanwhile, the desire to get a fast sell at a reasonable price can leave you feeling on edge - particularly since you'll probably be in the process of trying to buy a new home at the same time.

As with many things in life, however, preparation is key - and by taking the time to complete a few DIY projects before putting your house on the market, you might be able to reduce your feelings of frustration during the sales process, while also increasing the saleability of the property.

Create neutral decor
One of the most common pieces of advice that estate agents give to families who are looking to sell their home is to make the interior design as neutral as possible.

It may sound boring to cover up your colourful walls with a fresh coat of magnolia paint, but this will actually make the property more attractive to potential buyers, as the neutral backdrop will make it easier for them to imagine themselves living in the space.

De-clutter and consider a storage unit
Removing personal knickknacks, family photos and even bookshelves can make rooms seem larger, while contributing to the neutral appearance.

To make this process easier on yourself, it might be a good idea to rent a storage space where you can pack away such belongings and keep them out of the way during the sales process. Not only will this help you to keep your home looking clean and organised, but it means some of your packing will already be done when it comes time to move.
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Update the kitchen and bathroom
These two rooms can make or break a successful sale, so be sure they have modern fixtures and fittings that are in good condition.

Small projects like changing taps, re-grouting tiles and slapping up a fresh coat of paint can dramatically improve the appearance of the rooms, without costing a lot of money, while high- quality lighting, attractive window coverings and a bouquet of fresh flowers can all help to create the right first impression with buyers. 

Install attractive wood flooring
The condition and style of a home's flooring can have a big impact on how the property is perceived. For example, out-of-date linoleum or worn-out carpet can leave buyers feeling unimpressed by the overall condition of the house.

Installing new vinyl, laminate, engineered or solid timber flooring is a simple project that can have a major impact on the saleability of your home, and being able to advertise that the property has been fitted out with new floors could help attract attention.

Visit UK Flooring Direct to discover a broad range of high-quality yet affordable flooring solutions that will transform the property quickly and effectively.

Exterior maintenance
First impressions are always important. People dress to impress for job interviews and first dates, and the same principle should be applied to a house that's being sold - this is known as kerb appeal. Make sure the front of your home is in excellent condition so that buyers approaching the property for the first time see it at its best. Tasks like tidying up the garden, cleaning the gutters and painting the front door are simple ways to improve the saleability of the property.

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