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Simple and Easy-To-Follow Charisma Tips for Men.

For sure most of you already heard something about the 50 Shades of Grey and Christian Grey craze. It’s a best seller and a one of a kind book that captivates the inner senses of most women around the globe.

What I have to share on this post are few art of charisma tips that Christian Grey himself used with the woman he is interested with as posted on the book he starred at. Read on ahead and learn the art of charisma ala 50 Shades of Grey.
The Christian Grey.
Great Communication Skills
Yes, Christian Grey of 50 Shades of Grey is a great communicator - not only by words but by body language as well. It is its own art form and something that can be learned and developed. So suit up and start researching. There are hundreds of resources available, ranging from books to websites to seminars. Our friends at the Art of Charm, for example, offer practical dating tips and advice on how to effectively approach the opposite sex.

Without this trait in your personality, you are bound to fail with your goals. A charismatic person, persists, strives and most definitely do not take NO for an answer. There’s no giving up. Turn that NO to a big YES with persuasion and perseverance.

Be In Control
As a man, you must always take charge of everything. Come to think of it, a woman you’re interested with won’t approach you first and make the first move! This is not a guessing game. Don’t wait for something to happen. Christian Grey always takes control of every given situation.

Learn To Flirt
Nobody does this one better than the main character of the above mentioned book! Flirting is an art as well. This is a must for men who want to grow every day interactions with the opposite sex into something more. Flirting is the gateway to getting a woman to say “Yes” to a date, and thus an extremely important skill to master.

Just remember, it always boils down on the perfect time and place. Just like Christian Grey, everything must be set in order and in place for it to become more effective. Don’t just head out and start fishing without bait, plan things carefully and sail away.

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