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5 Fun Swimming Pool Games for your Kids.

Beat the heat by spending the day splashing away in your very own swimming pool. Because kids can become bored quite easily and may not enjoy simply wading in the water, it's a fantastic idea to introduce them to some new, fun swimming pool games that will keep them amused and active for hours. With some simple supplies and a little bit of imagination, your kids and their friends will remember these games for years to come.

The Noodle Race
What kid doesn't know what a noodle is? These flotation devices made out of foam are long, skinny and are the perfect thing to ride around on in the pool. Collect enough noodles for all of your kids to each have one and instruct them to mount the noodle as though that are riding a horse. This should easily allow them to float in the water while their legs dangle on each side of the noodle. Without using your arms, bob, sway and kick your legs to make yourself and your noodle ride around the pool. Whoever completes their designated number of laps first is the new noodle race winner. Switch up the game by blindfolding players, only allowing them to use certain motions and more.

Bumper Boats with Floats
As long as you have a few different tubes, it's easy and tons of fun to play bumper boats in the swimming pool. If you are familiar with the Bumper Cars ride that you find at most amusement parks, you may have an idea of how this game will be played. Each kid should sit in their tube without falling through the hole. Using their feet to kick off around the pool, players will bump into each other, trying to knock the other players off of their "boat". The last player left on their tube wins the game. Be sure to include important rules such as no hitting or pushing.

Treasure Hunt
Kids love to be able to use their imagination and that's just what they'll do in the game of Treasure Hunt. Gather up lots of coins and toss them into the pool. Be sure to spread them out evenly. Send all kids into the swimming pool and tell them that they're on a hunt for buried treasure. Children must then dive down into the pool and retrieve coins. Allow the kids to keep their winnings and see who collects the most.

Water Basketball
With just a tube and a ball, kids will love playing water basketball. Set up teams and swim, jump and paddle around the pool to get the ball and throw it into the tube to score points. Players can pass the ball to other members of their team or simply practice free throws from across the pool.

Bottle Toss
Using a clear water bottle with the label removed, fill the bottle with water and allow it to sink to the bottom of the pool without the kids watching. Send the kids out into the water to find the bottle. Whoever finds it first wins. Swimming pools can provide many hours of fun for kids throughout the Summer months – However be sure to maintain a safe swimming environment. Never let your kids swim unsupervised, be sure to install a pool fence with a locking gate and make sure your pool cleaning schedule is actioned regularly.

9 replies:

ReviewsSheRote said...

could do all five events like a pool Olympic Challenge =)

Dominique Goh said...

Those are fun activities to play in the pool.
will try out with the kids the next time we go swimming.

Karen Dawkins said...

Fun post! Great game ideas.

Pepper said...

I think my daughter would love that noodle race :). Now she'll have more things to do in the pool.

Ronae said...

Love these ideas! When my girls were young they used to love treasure hunting for coins on the bottom of the pool - after they got over being a little overwhelmed about going down that far:-)


I concur --fun post! I also really like the idea of combining them for an Olympic style challenge.

Christy G said...

My favorite game to play in the pool was diving for those diving rings or sticks. I was a fish and loved to swim when I was younger, but its not my favorite thing to do now.

PRAMOD said...

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benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

Czjai said...

Hi Pramod! Sure, go ahead. As long as the source is credited (in this case, my blog), it's fine with me. :) Thanks for stopping by!