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5 Design Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Spanish-style Kitchen.

If the constant grey skies and drizzly days that is the typical UK weather is getting you down then you may be dreaming of jetting off into the sun and starting a new life abroad. However, you don't need to up-sticks and move to the continent to make you feel like you're living in sunny Spain, as it is easier than you think to create a stunning kitchen that has all the hallmarks of Barcelona, Valencia or Mallorca.

Spanish revival decor is really popular right now, so read on as we offer five tips for creating the perfect Mediterranean kitchen.
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Warm Colour Scheme
When we say warm we don't necessarily mean bright as anything too bold may tip the scales into modern rather than Spanish-inspired territory. Instead, aim for combinations of oranges, browns and yellows, and definitely steer well clear of cold shades such as blues, greens and black. White is perfectly fine, although it is best to use it in conjunction with splashes of these warmer colours.

Natural Materials
You will want to use wood throughout your Spanish-style kitchen for the furniture and units - avoid using glass or chrome too much as these are "cold" materials stylistically.

Either keep them their natural colour (dark woods such as walnut or grey are particularly effective) or paint them to fit in with your chosen colour scheme.

Continental Style Doors
It may not be something you have given much thought to, but if you revamp your whole kitchen and neglect the door it will not only look out of place, but effect the whole overriding aesthetic of the space.

A wooden door is best, and it is important to match up the style and colour with that of the rest of your wooden decor, ensuring that you achieve a consistent look throughout. For example, if you have oak furniture and units , invest in an oak internal door.

Rustic Decor
There are numerous touches of rustic design you can incorporate into your kitchen to help achieve that Spanish look. Hand painted tiling, bronze finish accessories and wrought iron work all provide a dramatic and stylish contrast with the rest of the decor.

You should also give strong consideration to your flooring as this will form a key element of the Spanish aesthetic. Genuine floor tiling is ideal, and again you will want to suit the colour and style with the rest of the kitchen.

Plant & Produce
You shouldn't just stop at warm colours when trying to create a Spanish-style kitchen as including plants and fresh produce can also add that continental touch. As far as plants go it's not really necessary to choose types that are native to Spain, however you will want to go for something that exudes that summery feel, such as Areca Palm, Ficus or Diffenbachia. You don't need to go overboard with the indoor plants though as one or two will make a big difference.

Having fresh produce on display is also a great idea so don't be afraid of keeping your fruit and vegetables out of the cupboard.

By transforming your kitchen with a beautiful Spanish style you may not be able to improve the British summer but you will be able to add a touch of sun-kissed Mediterranean life into your home.

This guest blog was written by John Rooney on behalf of Fine Doors, stockists of a wide range of stunning and great value Spanish-inspired internal doors.

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