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1ShoppingCart for the Budding Online Entrepreneur.

There has been a proliferation of online stores all over the web. It's become a booming and lucrative industry thanks to advanced technology, online banking, and patrons around the world who prefer to shop at the comfort of their own homes or offices. I'm a huge fan of online stores myself - from makeup to Kpop merchandise, to bags, clothes, and shoes, even my son's toys and books - I've tried buying them all online.

Now if you're an online seller who wishes to transform your existing online store into an eCommerce website - complete with an eCommerce shopping cart - then you may want to consider It's a basic eCommerce software package that provides the basic tools to help you transform your existing online store into a successful website. With its easy-to-use interface and straightforward approach, you do not need to be the ultimate techie or a computer genius to be able to understand and use this software.
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One of its key features is the large inventory that you can add to your site. If you're selling a multitude of products, then you'll be glad to know that there's room for all your merchandise. You also have the power to advertise your products, complete with coupon options to attract even more customers.

As for the payment options, the 1ShoppingCart software is equipped with risk-management tools, including a secure https server (SSL) for credit card transactions. This feature requires your customers to enter the CVV2 value on the back of most credit cards, ensuring that the customer has the physical card and avoiding fraud along the way.

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