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Compare Mobile Phone Insurance.

The increasing number of people searching for mobile phone insurance online is simply unbelievable. With brands like Protect your Bubble and Gadget Buddy all offering insurance policies including loss and accidental damage cover, finding the right company to insure our mobile phones has become a task in itself.

Whilst searching online today looking for mobile insurance for my new phone I found a comparison site offering nothing else other than mobile insurance -

I found the site fairly easy to navigate, the home page has a compare your handset button which directs you to a page with a number of mobile phone brands including Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung.

The next stage is to select the value of your phone, I chose £400 -£500 and then pressed the next button in order for a comparison table to appear, a few seconds later a long list of insurance companies were in full view.

Fantastic I thought, a simple list with prices and details of insurance cover. The companies I had seen advertising on TV were on the list as were a couple of insurance companies I had never heard of. It only took a few minutes and I had made my choice. £5.99 a month, full cover including loss and accidental damage. On direct debit, I'm covered from today. (One of the sites didn't cover me until 30 days). Vodafone wanted to charge me £14.99 a month. Big saving...yipee!

Like me, If you are looking for insurance for a mobile phone or want to check to see if you can make a saving on your current insurance provider, give this site a look— mobile phone insurance comparison.

Note: This is a guest post.

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