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How Black Mold Can Devastate a Home.

Many homeowners are forced to deal with mold in the home at one point or another. Mold grows in areas in which light is scarce, and moisture is present. Oftentimes, black mold growth within the home, and particularly within and attic is likely going to be a result of a leaky roof, or damaged windows, which has allowed moisture to enter the home, and cause mold growth. Black mold in particular, can be particularly devastating to a home, and even have potential health effects in the long-term. A few ways in which mold can devastate a home and things to take into consideration after mold has taken hold include;

Roof and Attic Damage 

Mold is most commonly found within a home in the attic. This is because the most common way for mold to enter a home is through the roof, which is responsible for shielding the home from the brunt of the moisture. However, roof and attic damage can be one of a number of causes for the growth of black mold. Mold that is found in the attic is most likely to be caused by damage or leaks in the roof.

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Wood Rot 
Once mold begins to grow, because its spores spread through the air, it can be very difficult to get rid of and often requires some type of for mediation service. Once mold begins growing on what, that would will rot in a very short amount of time. This makes it incredibly important that you are constantly checking the attic beams for mold growth, in order to catch the problems while they are still fresh, and before they cause more serious damage.

Potentially Toxic 
Some types of black mold are potentially toxic. This makes it incredibly important that you are constantly checking the attic, and keeping an eye on the rooms within your house that are constantly exposed to moisture such as the bathroom, and the kitchen, in order to ensure that black mold is not growing. Certain types of black mold are toxic when breathed in, and when it is discovered in the home it is vitally important that it is removed hastily.

Photo credit: Brett Sayles on Pexels.

Removal and Remediation

Although it is possible to remove mold yourself, it is generally recommended that you seek out a professional company in order to help you to remove it with as little risk to your health as possible, and also leaving you with the least likelihood that the mold will return. Professional companies possess the proper tools to effectively remove mold, remediate Mold Damage, and keep the spores from spreading during the removal process.

Mold, and black mold in particular, can potentially lead to catastrophic damage within the home if you are not properly inspecting your home on a regular basis. Make sure to check the attic frequently as that is a common place for mold growth in many homes. Also conduct a thorough roof inspection if you find mold in your attic, in order to pinpoint the leak and source of the moisture.

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