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Straightforward Tips to Reduce the Risk of Bathtub Falls

Are you worried about bathroom falls because you have experienced one before, or because you are inviting a new resident who is vulnerable to the risk of falling? No matter the cause for your increased interested in bathroom safety, this quick guide will help you reduce the risk of injuries in the tub through the use of a few smart modifications.

Entering, Exiting, and Using the Bathtub Safely
The most dangerous part of bathing or showering often comes when you climb in or out of the tub. A single slip can cause significant injury. Grab bars are a great investment to begin with – you'll want one on the inside of the tub to provide stability while showering or standing up from a bath, and you'll want another grab bar on the outside of the tub to provide stability while you're climbing in or out.

Consider a walk-in conversion kit. These kits will either lower the tub wall a few inches, or will lower the wall all the way down to an inch or two above floor level. These conversion kits are perfect for people with stiff knees, bad hips, or poor balance.

Do you have trouble getting from the seated position after taking a nice long soak bath? Grab bars are helpful, but sometimes they do not quite get the whole job done. Bath lifts are a great solution for people who have a condition that contributes to weakness, sore joints, or difficulty balancing. A bath lift will raise or lower you to tub wall level at the touch of a button.

Bath chairs are another great option for fans of baths and showers alike. A sturdy shower chair, when combined with a handheld shower sprayer, is a huge boon for safety. You can't fall if you're already sitting down!
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Invest in an All-Encompassing Solution
The options mentioned thus far are great for people who have some time to spend shopping for adaptability products or remodeling the bathroom, but we know that some homeowners would rather invest in a one-size-fits-all solution that will provide safe and comfortable bathing for years to come. Instead of a regular walk-in tub, look for a complete walk-in bath system.

Complete walk-in tubs combine the best of a stable sitting surface with the breeze of a walk-in entry. They have that convenient little door to keep water inside if you want to soak, and have a built-in seat so that you don't have to worry about a shower bench slipping around. The basic models come with a spot for a hand-held shower sprayer, and the high-end models have fancy features ranging from heated massage jets to shower enclosure extensions.

These "all-encompassing" walk-in tubs are marketed under a variety of names. They're sometimes called king size tubs, walk-in soakers, deluxe walk-in bathtubs, etc. We know them as tubs that put safety first – because that is exactly what these innovative designs do.

Are you ready to get started? Bathroom safety is for everyone. Falling in the bathtub is a dangerous situation regardless of age or physical ability, and any actions taken to reduce those risks are investments well made.

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