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What are my options when choosing a front door?

When it comes to choosing an exterior door, you want it to be perfect. It is the first impression that anyone will get of you and your house, and when choosing to replace or change your door, it can be difficult to know what is best.

You want it to suit your home perfectly and since you’ll be seeing it every day, you want to love it too - so what are your options?
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Some people opt for wooden front doors as they believe these to be more traditional than PVC varieties. They can sometimes look more appealing, particularly on an old build, although are often heavy and may bring you more problems than a plastic door if they are old and not cared for properly.

Of course, some people prefer PVC doors as they exude a modern look which is perfect for those in newer properties. They are sometimes viewed as being more secure too and this can be a massive incentive when it comes to making your decision.

Also, they can be easier to clean if you have children or pets as they boast a wipe clean service. They can be easier to care for and harder to damage which is especially beneficial for those in busy households.

Glass/No Glass?
Having glass in your door is great, especially if you have a dark hallway as this allows the maximum amount of light into your home. Glass can make your door look very appealing and can be frosted or patterned as you wish in order to give your door and home a more personal feel.

Some people opt to not have glass in their door though as they can see it as a security risk. Even though the glass if often toughened it can be seen as a spot of weakness and viewed as a potential vulnerability. This can put some people off for obvious reasons, although cases of burglary purely due to glass being in the door are extremely rare.

There are plenty of other choices with exterior doors but the above considerations are the two biggest questions which cause the most problems. Ultimately, you need to choose a door which is right for you and right for your home. This means thinking about which styles you prefer and then matching your chosen door to other features in your home.

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