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Spazz Saturday #16 | Lee Joongi's C+B+C!

No, that is not a Math equation. It's the title of my Lee Joongi's fourth mini-album, released simultaneously in Korea and Japan last January 29. The album created waves as soon as it was released, debuting at #2 in the Oricon chart.
C+B+C album cover.
C+B+C, which stands for 'Case by Case', showcases Lee Joongi's versatility as a singer as it contains five songs with varying genres. The title track 'Lost Frame' has a techno-industrial vibe to it, with its hypnotic synthesizer sounds, explosive drum beats, and powerful guitar riffs. Also included in the album is the Japanese title track 'Tonight', a sweet, easy-listening love song which Joongi penned himself. (And my most favorite track in the album.)
A preview of what's inside the album cover.
The album also features photos of Joongi sporting the smokey eye look - complete with heavily-rimmed waterlines. I know some fans are not too pleased, which kinda reminds me of the same 'WTH' reactions towards Joongi's J Style album cover. I, on the other hand, love how Joongi looks smoking hot despite all the quirkiness.

I can't wait to get my hands on the album and show you Joongi's pretty pictures. My copy of C+B+C will arrive together with Big Bang's 2012 Alive Tour in Seoul DVD - spazzing to the extreme and fangirling at its best for The Rebel Sweetheart! :)

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