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ONE FC: Rise of Heroes | Lisita Promises All-Action Fight against Kawanago.

Australian featherweight contender Rob “Ruthless” Lisita has promised a great, all-action fight against former Legend FC Featherweight champion Yusuke Kawanago, a battle “which the fans will truly enjoy,” on May 2 in ONE Fighting Championship’s Rise of Heroes at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena.

Fans can expect ruthless aggression, a dog fight, a good scrap,” Lisita said as he seeks revenge against his former tormentor who won via a close decision when the two brawled in August 2012 under another MMA organization.

After that fight, which Lisita believed he won, the Australian has won three in a row, all by way of stoppage. In his last bout, he was the first fighter to ever beat Japanese mixed martial arts legend “Lion” Takeshi Inoue via stoppage. He said MMA fans will enjoy it more this time. “Our first fight was good; we have both improved, we are gonna trade punches, and I always come to fight. It’s gonna be a great fight.

Lisita sees his winning streak intact after May 2 as he predicts a victory over Kawanago. “I’m gonna put my fist on his chin and get my hand raised. I believe I have the power to knock him out; but it’s a fight anything can happen. I will do my best, and I think my best is better than his best.

Since his fight with Kawanago, the Australian has done nearly all his training camps at Phuket Top Team, considered one of the best MMA training facilities in Asia today, which gave him access to quality sparring partners and coaching instructors.

I have grown more in every aspect of mixed martial arts and have shown it in my fights. I am so motivated for this fight,” he said, adding: “I’m a different animal now. It’s my time.
Yusuke Kawanago vs Rob Lisita.
Lisita’s style is expected to please the fans as he carries his aggressiveness to the cage and will not hesitate to bring the fight to his opponent. That’s the reason he got the monicker “Ruthless.” In his own words, Lisita calls himself a “pitbull, someone who attacks and will fight to the death.” He said the fans can expect a ruthless Lisita on May 2.

If Lisita needed any more motivation for his bout against Kawanago, he received it at the press conference at the MOA last March 18. While on the podium for his turn to talk, the Japanese confidently stated that his opponent is not as good as him and that he will knock him out on May 2. That obviously got Lisita hot under the collar and the duo had an intense staredown after the press conference.

Speaking to reporters after the press conference, Lisita said: “I think those words (of Kawanago) are spoken out of fear. We trained together after our first fight. He knows who the better guy is and I’ll prove it when I knock him out.
ONE FC Press Conference at the Mall of Asia Atrium.
Both fighters have a habit of putting on exciting bouts and many pundits believe this bout has the potential to steal the show. Lisita agrees with the assessment, putting down a challenge to Kawanago “I’m going to be standing in the middle ready to stand and trade. Will you meet me there, or will you be scared and run?” 

Both fighters are new acquisitions by ONE FC as the organization secures the top mixed martial arts fighters across the world. They will be looking to make an immediate impact in the ONE FC Featherweight division as a victory will propel them to the shortlist of contenders for the World Championship belt currently held by Japanese Koji Oishi.

For Rob, signing with ONE FC is a dream as he gets to chase a world championship. “Everything about ONE FC is world-class. The production, the people, the fans, it's all a whole new world to me and I can't wait to showcase just what I can do. After this fight in May everybody will be talking about Rob Lisita and calling for me to fight for the title.

About ONE FC
With a 90%+ market share in Asia, ONE Fighting Championship is Asia's largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization. Headquartered in Singapore, the world’s most exciting mixed martial arts organization hosts the best Asian mixed martial artists and world champions, all signed to exclusive contracts, on the largest media broadcast in Asia. ONE Fighting Championship™ has partnered with FOX and STAR Sports for an unprecedented 10-year cable television deal with a coverage that spans 70+ countries across the world.


Brave the Trails with the Globe Cordillera Challenge 5.

Heads up, biking enthusiasts! Globe has something for you! In partnership with the Cordillera Conservation Trust, Globe Telecom brings you the Globe Cordillera Challenge 5 - a biking event that promises its participants a scenic but grueling 90-kilometer ride from Tublay to Kapangan in Benguet and back.

While the most picturesque among the routes prepared for the challenge since its launch in 2010, this year's trail also involves more technical climbs with total ascent of 3,390 meters and total descent of 3,404 meters. Maximum slope going up and down is 30 percent grade with about 20-25 kms of dirt road going down continuously. Lowest elevation is 522 meters above sea level while the highest elevation is 1,780 meters. 

"Bikers would be able to see some very nice rice terraces. Most people equate the rice terraces to Ifugao but we have it in Benguet as well. There's also a shallow river where they can stop and take a dip. But since it is the Cordillera Challenge, there's an extra element. It will be a bit tricky. There are also more rough roads instead of highways. We want everyone to explore and experience the Cordillera province. It's all about seeing what we have, and seeing why we have to protect all these areas," said JP Alipio, Executive Director of Cordillera Conservation Trust, partner-beneficiary of the event.

As part of Globe Telecom's journey to create a wonderful world, it is also the first time for Globe Business group to take the lead in the Cordillera Challenge 5.
Globe Corporate Social Responsibility OIC Fernando Esguerra (left) and Cordillera Conservation Trust Executive Director JP Alipio (right) encourage bikers to join the Globe Cordillera Challenge 5.
"We believe that it is high time for our corporate clients to join us in our advocacy for environmental sustainability. We want to engage them in addressing their social and environmental impact. What better way to do it than by encouraging them to be part of the Globe Cordillera Challenge which has always enjoyed enormous success in creating environmental awareness among the public," said Nikko Acosta, Head of Globe Enterprise Group.

Scheduled to take place on May 10, 2014, the event will have its first turnaround point at 20 kms from the starting line; this will be composed of purely paved roads. There will be sweeper trucks assigned in specific areas to bring bikers back to the finish line. The bike ride will start at exactly 5:00am at Tublay Municipal Hall and is expected to end there at 4:00pm.

Braving the trails.
The Globe Cordillera Challenge is not a race but a timed event designed for recreational bikers to be able to measure their performance and explore the local environment. It also showcases the ecosystem and culture of the Cordillera region and raises awareness on the need to protect and rebuild the mountains' forest areas.

Interested bikers can register at
It entails a donation of P1,000 to the Cordillera Conservation Trust. The amount shall be deposited directly to the ff:
BDO Account
Account Name: Tignayan Para Iti Konserbasyon Ti Kordilyera
Account Number: 5180031673

Upon deposit, scanned copy of the deposit slip with the name of the participant shall be emailed to An email confirmation will be sent by Globe within 24 hours.


Furnishing a New Home.

Congratulations! You purchased a brand new home. You now have room after room of empty space that can be decorated any way you desire.

If your tastes lead you to fine quality, hand-finished products that are reminiscent of the rich and beautiful wooden pieces of early Americana then you are looking for the craftsmanship of Henkel Harris Furniture.

Henkel Harris is a name that has been around since 1946. It was a business that was started by Carroll and Mary Henkel and John Harris. Their investment of time and craftsmanship in their company earned them a reputation for furniture that was known for its high quality and durability. The company grew and, despite Mary Henkel finding herself the sole proprietor in 1969 - a time when successful female business owners were few and far between, it continues to flourish to this day. Now owned by the Gum family, Henkel Harris Furniture is still an American owned family business with a continuing commitment to beautiful products.

Henkel Harris furniture is more than an investment in room décor, each piece is a highly crafted work of art. They have furniture for every room. For your living room, they have elegant cocktail tables, end tables, and coffee tables. Each table is resting upon either gracefully curving legs reminiscent of Queen Anne or Chippendale styles or the elegant fluted look of the Sheraton or Federal style. They also have beautiful finished credenzas on which you could sit a flat panel television.
Photo credit: Henkel Harris Furniture.
In the dining room, you might be interested in purchasing any of their elegant chairs which feature the aforementioned stylish legs, elegantly patterned quilted seats, and intricately carved backs. The chairs can be placed around large double pedestal dining tables that ensure you will have room for your entire family to celebrate special occasions together. Complete the look with a sideboard, credenza, or stately china cabinet.

Photo credit: Henkel Harris Furniture.
Bedrooms are not immune to the Henkel Harris furniture treatment. Storage can be provided with a selection of bedside chests. Rest your reading materials on beautiful night stands. Stretch out on a stylish king or queen-sized bed. Their four-poster beds just invite you to adorn them with soft canopies, allowing you the feeling of extravagance and privacy like royalty of old. If your bedroom is large enough, adding a beautiful connoisseur cabinet is a stylish way to show off that special collection that is near and dear to your heart.
Photo credit: Henkel Harris Furniture.
However you choose to decorate your new house, Henkel Harris furniture is sure to have a few pieces of beautiful furnishings, each piece carefully crafted and stunningly finished. This line can be found at Boyles Furniture and Rugs, with showroom locations in North Carolina and Connecticut, as well an engaging website.


5 Great Jewels For Engagement Rings.

Ready to pop the question? Not sure which ring is the right one for your special lady? Here are five gems that make unforgettable engagement rings.

1. Sapphires
Popularized by Princess Diana and other royal brides, sapphires create breathtaking pieces of jewelry, especially if they're cut with white gold or glittering diamonds. Your intended won't be able to turn down a sapphire ring.
Princess Diana's famous sapphire ring.
2. Rubies
Long considered the jewel of love and passion, rubies are a popular centerpiece for engagement rings. Their history makes them a fitting choice; their blood-red beauty makes them a gorgeous one.

3. Diamonds
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds are forever. You've heard all the cliches, but their legendary status is valid: No woman will ever say no to a diamond engagement ring.

4. Emeralds
Emeralds have become a hot item in recent years, but their prevalence can actually be traced all the way back to Edward VIII, who addicted his throne to marry the woman he loved. He gave the lucky lady an emerald ring with a personalized inscription. Swoon!
Photo credit: Faycullen
5. Moissanite
Moissanite is a more affordable alternative to diamonds, so if you're trying to shop discount engagement rings, this is the rock for you. Strong and pure, it offers all the shine of a thousand-dollar piece but for a fraction of the cost.

While there are countless gems in the world, these are a few of the most popular for engagement rings. Remember, at the end of the day, it isn't about the size of the stone. It's about the love in your heart.


Spotlight | Tony Moly Black Bee Emulsion.

Although I have an established skincare routine, I make adjustments to it every once in awhile depending on my skin's needs and the current weather condition. For instance, whenever I feel that my skin looks unusually dry and lifeless, I use a brightening ampoule on top of my regular moisturizer. Or during the hot and humid summer months, when I replace my moisturizing cream with lotions or emulsions that feel lighter on the skin.

These days, I'm using the Tony Moly Black Bee Emulsion as my everyday moisturizer. I received this as a gift from Tony Moly Philippines about a month ago, but it wasn't until mid-March that I started to use it.
Black Bee Emulsion.
Like most Tony Moly products, the Black Bee Emulsion comes in a simple, straightforward, yet sophisticated packaging. The gold text against the black honeycomb design on the box create a stunning contrast, while the shiny gold aluminum collar looks elegant with the black pump bottle.
Gold pump, black bottle.
Full-sized bottle at 140 mL.
Written on the box are the product description, active ingredients, and directions for use. There's Hangul text at the back of the box, while the English translations are on the side panel.
Hangul text at the beck.
English text on the side.
The Black Bee Emulsion contains these natural ingredients - black bee propolis extract, hornet extract, and bee venom. They may sound a bit creepy, but these insect-derived ingredients actually work wonders for the skin.

Propolis - the sticky substance derived from tree resin that bees use to coat the hive - is known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects on the skin. It's rich in amino acids, bioflavonoids, vitamins, and minerals that help fight free radicals which can damage the skin. Bee venom, on the other hand, is creating a buzz these days in the world of skincare and cosmetics. It's been heralded as an ideal ingredient for skincare as it increases blood circulation, plumps out and firms the skin while filling and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. And then there's hornet extract, which helps relive skin irritation. Many believe that this amino acid-rich insect fluid help improve stamina and physical endurance, thus becoming the main ingredient of a popular sports drink in Japan.

Now here's how the product looks like.
Half a pump of the Black Bee Emulsion.
It has a light and runny consistency,  which is characteristic of most (if not all) emulsions. It becomes watery once you spread it, which allows for easy skin absorption. It's neither oily nor sticky, and doesn't leave an icky feel on the skin.
Light, runny, almost watery.
Now the scent is something I couldn't quite put my finger on. It has a warm, Oriental scent that's neither funky nor overpowering, but my olfactory senses tell me it's not light and refreshing either. I'm not bothered by the scent, I just couldn't find the right words to describe it. If you have used or tested this product before, you'll probably get my drift. 

What I love:
- Simple and sophisticated packaging.
- Product is easy to dispense.
- Easily absorbed by the skin.
- Lightweight, and doesn't leave the skin with an icky feel.
- Makes the skin look healthy and radiant. 
- No breakouts or allergies while using this product.

What you might not like:
- The scent. It doesn't smell bad, but it's not very fragrant, either.
- Not recommended for people allergic to bee products.

The Black Bee Emulsion sells for Php 1398 (around $30), available at Tony Moly stores nationwide.


The Lowdown on Diamond Trade.

Diamonds are one of the most precious and rare resources on the planet. They can be worth up to millions of dollars for just one small rock. Due to their scarcity, there is always a market for those who are looking to sell their diamonds or trade them for cash or other valuables.
Photo credit: Rapgenius
When you look for someone to trade with or sell your diamonds to, you need to make sure that you are working with someone who is ethical. There are many traders and buyers out there who are not going to give you the best price for your goods. Instead, they are trying to convince you that your diamonds are not worth as much as you know that they are in an attempt to increase their own profit margin.

While there is nothing wrong with making a profit, both parties should be able to make a deal that is fair and meets their needs. If you are looking for a company that will give you a great deal whether you are buying or selling diamonds, you can go to sites such as While there, you will find exactly what you want for the right price if you are buying and a platform to sell your diamonds if that is what you want or need to do.


Foodie Goodie | Nestle Temptations Dutch Speculoos.

If I remember correctly, it was around this time last year when I first saw Flavors of the World in the ice cream section of the local supermarket. It's a range of premium ice cream under the Nestle Temptations line, with flavors featuring some of the best and most popular desserts around the world.

There are four different variants in the Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World line, including the newest addition - Dutch Speculoos. I had the chance to try this flavor, after receiving some samples from Nestle Ice Cream Philippines.
Goodies in the mail! :)
 They sent me two 800 mL tubs, plus an insulated messenger bag, and a post card.
Thank you, Nestle Philippines!
As the name implies, this variant features speculoos - spiced, shortcrust biscuits that originated from the Netherlands.
Dutch Speculoos.
Representing the Netherlands.
Tempting, indeed.
This speculoos-flavored ice cream is blended with ribbons of cookie butter ripple and cookie chunks. It's like your favorite cookie butter spread and cinnamon-spiced cookies rolled in a bed of creamy vanilla.
Cookie butter ripple smack dab in the middle. :)
It has a very creamy texture, with just the right amount of sweetness. Not over-the-top, not saccharine, and not cloying, either.
Ribbons and chunks.
Creamy! :)
So if you're doing the groceries this weekend, you might want to give this ice cream a try. It sells for Php 199 per tub, and is now available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday.


Spotlight | NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer.

Just like the skin, the hair also goes through certain changes as we age. These changes often develop gradually, and can be quite shocking when finally noticed.

One of these frightening changes is thinning hair. This can eventually lead to hair loss, although in most cases, hair loss is usually minor.  However, for women, losing their locks is actually more stressful and traumatic than merely seeing their hair turn gray.

Hair loss is usually attributed to low thyroid function, which is a common occurrence for women experiencing menopause. However, there are other factors that can contribute to hair loss, such as the fluctuations in hormone levels of women, and the emotional and physical stress brought about by getting older. In addition, the growth rate of the hair slows down as we age, meaning that when hairs are shed, they are more slowly replaced.

As if that dilemma is not enough, our hair also goes through changes in texture and overall condition. What once was soft, shiny, and bouncy eventually becomes dry, coarse, and brittle than before.

This is partly because the body’s production of sebum, a naturally-created lubricant of the skin and hair, slows down. Sebum production is estimated to decrease by 10% for every decade we live. As a result, the hair loses its elasticity.

This is where the Keratin Hair Volumizer comes in. Manufactured by NeoCell, this health supplement is a nutraceutical solution to dry, brittle, and thinning hair. It contains clinically-proven, all-natural ingredients to enhance hair strength and reduce hair loss.
NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer.
The NeoCell promise.
The key ingredients are the following:
Supplement facts.
Cynatine HNS Solubilized Keratin. A form of keratin that is easily absorbed by the body, and clinically-proven to increase hair luster and improve hair strength.

Hydrolyzed Super Collagen. A structural component of hair, skin and nail health. Super Collagen™ is a rich source of glycine, proline, alanine and hydroxyproline, which are the main constituents of collagen in the hair.

Amla Extract. Known for its anti-aging properties, Amla provides high concentrations of Vitamin C and and has been revered for being a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin C. Acts as an antioxidant,  Vitamin C is also an important part of optimal collagen formation.

The Keratin Hair Volumizer comes in capsule form, which are to be taken twice daily. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for one-month consumption.
Tamper-sealed bottle.
I've been taking these capsules for two weeks now, together with the Beauty Bursts Collagen Chews that I've mentioned in my previous post. I wear my hair pretty short (as in a pixie cut), so I can't really assess if this product did 'volumize' my hair. However, I did notice a decrease in hair fall-out and an improvement in the texture and appearance of my hair.

If you're thinking of trying this product, you can purchase them at retail stores like GNC, Whole Foods, and Better Health. I believe they're being sold at $18 per bottle. Now if you're in the Philippines, you can purchase this at Power and Beauty, the official distributor of NeoCell products in the country.

Or you can just try your luck and join my ongoing giveaway. One of you, my friends and followers, will have the chance to try this Keratin Hair Volumizer and the Beauty Bursts Soft Collagen Chews for free! Big thanks to our friends at NeoCell! :)


Spotlight | NeoCell Beauty Bursts + Giveaway!

Women usually experience the first signs of aging once she hits her 30's. During this period, our body starts to lose its collagen, and the elastic fibers in our skin begin to crumble. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, and sallow, sagging skin become apparent.

This is the reason why I'm taking better care of my skin now, more than ever. Sure, aging is inevitable, but I certainly do not want to look old and wrinkly. Not when I'm only 32!

I have a skincare regimen that goes beyond the usual cleanser, toner, moisturizer. This includes an eye cream, a serum, a sleeping pack (which I use at least twice a week), a pore clay mask (which I use during weekends), and special mask sheets which I use as needed. And just recently, I've even added collagen supplements to my skincare routine.
Beauty Bursts from Neocell.
While most collagen supplements are either pills or lotions, Beauty Bursts come in a chewable, candy form. (Think Starbursts or Frutella.) They come in two different flavors, too - Fresh Mint Chocolate and Super Fruit Punch.
Check the label! :)
Manufactured by NeoCell - now the number 1 collagen brand in the world, these gourmet soft chews contain Collagen Type 1 and 3 (for firm, smooth skin, and strong hair and nails), Hyaluronic Acid (for skin hydration and renewal), and Vitamin C (which acts as collagen enhancer). These chews are made with an all-natural formula, and do not contain gluten, soy, palm oil, or artificial flavors.
Nutritional information.
One pack of Beauty Bursts contains 60 soft chews. That's good for one-month consumption, since the suggested intake is 2 chews per day. However, these chews taste so good, you'd be tempted to exceed the recommended dose. Lol.
2 chews = 2000 mg collagen.
I've been taking these chews for a little over two weeks now. In that short period of time, I noticed the fine lines under my eyes slowly diminishing, while my cheeks look plumper than the usual. And to think the stress of the past two weeks (i.e. my son and I both got sick, plus tons of school activities now that the academic year is about to end) should have ultimately taken toll on my skin! Also, in the span of two weeks, I've clipped my nails about three times. Meaning, my nails grew surprisingly fast - because on the average, I clip my nails every other week.

Now if you're thinking of adding collagen to your own skincare regimen, these Beauty Bursts are a good (and yummy) way to start. They sell for about $17 a pack, and can bought at retail stores such as GNC, Whole Foods, and Better Health.

Here in the Philippines, NeoCell products are distributed by Power and Beauty. You can purchase the Beauty Bursts through their online store, or you can visit their shop located at Trinoma Ayala Mall, Level 1. Each bag is sold at Php 1200.

One of my readers, however, will have the chance to try the Beauty Bursts for free. Yes, free!
Our friends from NeoCell will be giving away one pack of Beauty Bursts plus a bottle of Keratin Hair Volumizer (will talk more about this product in a separate post) to one of my loyal followers!
Keratin Hair Volumizer.
As always, this giveaway will be done via Rafflecopter. All of the mandatory tasks should be completed for your entries to be valid. You can earn more entries by completing the optional tasks. That simple. :)
Giveaway runs until April 15th, and is open worldwide.