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Foodie Goodie | Penne Alfredo with Smoked Salmon.

I'm not the most religious person, but having been born and raised as a Catholic, I've been accustomed to 'no-meat-Fridays' during the Lenten season. In observance of Good Friday, we won't be having meat on the menu. But we do have fish and pasta - because not having meat doesn't exactly mean you can't enjoy good food.

Penne Alfredo with Smoked Salmon


1 pound dried penne
1 cup green peas
4 tablespoons butter
1 cup heavy cream
2/3 cup Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
1/2 teaspoon salt
Pinch of nutmeg (freshly ground, if available)
Black pepper, freshly ground
1 to 1 1/2 kg smoked salmon fillets, cut into pieces

1. Boil the penne according to the directions on the package. In the last minute of boiling, add the peas to the pot.
2. While waiting for the pasta to cook, begin preparing the Alfredo sauce. In a medium pot, bring the butter and cream to a boil and immediately lower the heat so that the mixture gently simmers.
3. Stir the mixture occasionally for about 4 minutes or until it leaves a thick coating on the spoon.
4. Add the grated cheese, salt, and nutmeg.
5. Drain the penne and peas and top it with Alfredo sauce. Serve warm.

As seen on Spoonful. Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday.

Compare Mobile Phone Insurance.

The increasing number of people searching for mobile phone insurance online is simply unbelievable. With brands like Protect your Bubble and Gadget Buddy all offering insurance policies including loss and accidental damage cover, finding the right company to insure our mobile phones has become a task in itself.

Whilst searching online today looking for mobile insurance for my new phone I found a comparison site offering nothing else other than mobile insurance -

I found the site fairly easy to navigate, the home page has a compare your handset button which directs you to a page with a number of mobile phone brands including Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung.

The next stage is to select the value of your phone, I chose £400 -£500 and then pressed the next button in order for a comparison table to appear, a few seconds later a long list of insurance companies were in full view.

Fantastic I thought, a simple list with prices and details of insurance cover. The companies I had seen advertising on TV were on the list as were a couple of insurance companies I had never heard of. It only took a few minutes and I had made my choice. £5.99 a month, full cover including loss and accidental damage. On direct debit, I'm covered from today. (One of the sites didn't cover me until 30 days). Vodafone wanted to charge me £14.99 a month. Big saving...yipee!

Like me, If you are looking for insurance for a mobile phone or want to check to see if you can make a saving on your current insurance provider, give this site a look— mobile phone insurance comparison.

Note: This is a guest post.

Winter Conservatory Care.

After high levels of rain and snowfall during the Winter season, your conservatory is likely to have been on the receiving end of a lot of punishment. Here are a few simple jobs that help return your conservatory to good condition after the frostier months.

Check Window Seals 
The seals around the glass panels of your conservatory can perish after a long battle with the elements. This will cause heat to escape and draughts to blow in, playing havoc with your heating bill. Check all the seals at the end of Winter for the early signs of this damage, the sooner you spot it the cheaper it will be to repair.

Check Roof Glass
This Winter saw lots of heavy snowfall which would have lay of the top panels of your conservatory. Snow is surprisingly heavy and is quite a load for the glass to bear. A small crack can be repaired, however, if you ignore it then it may expand and comprise the insulating properties of the glazing. If this happens you might have to have the whole pane replaced.

Varnish & Paint
A wooden conservatory requires regular preservation. If it is not frequently repainted or varnished, rot will eventually settle in. This will be cause the panes to become loose as well as being detrimental to the overall look. A fresh coat of paint or varnish will also help waterproof a conservatory and protect the timber from UV light damage.
Clear Out Guttering
This also needs to be done after Autumn as your conservatory’s guttering is likely to be blocked with fallen leaves. You may assume that this biodegradable matter will eventually shift itself, however it is then likely to build up and block the downpipe.

The guttering needs to be performing at its best during winter so you should scrape away any leaves at the end of Autumn. When spring arrives it will be full of debris taken from the roof by rain and snow so will need a second going over.

Blocked guttering will cause water to build up which will leak in over time . The leaves themselves make a nice home for insects which might make a home in the timber sooner or later.

Clean Glass
Make the most of the sun by cleaning the glass in time for summer. Rain will have deposited debris from the roof over the glass panels causing them to block out light. By freshening them up you can allow more light to flood into your home which will help brighten it up after a long Winter.

Author Bio: Joe is a blogger for Force8 doors and windows who writes about property, home improvement, interior design and green living.


Spotlight | Tough Love by Human Nature.

Sometime last month, (yes, I have that much blog backlog - sorry!) I had the honor of receiving this package from Human Nature. Inside the box were the Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid and the Tough Love Natural Liquid Detergent - two of the latest additions to Human Nature's continuously growing product line.
Tough Love!
Launched in the first quarter of 2013, Tough Love is the home care brand of Human Nature that's 'tough where it matters and loving where it counts'. In other words, these Tough Love products work well against grease, dirt and stains but are mild on the skin, safe for your family's health, and for our environment, too.
Tough Love Natural Liquid Detergent.
It's a known fact that laundry detergents, despite their ability to remove dirt and stains on your laundry, have poisonous effects that can cause substantial damage to marine life. With Tough Love Natural Liquid Detergent, you can garb your family in clean clothes without causing harm to the environment.

I personally love its refreshing citrus smell. The scent is so distinct that my four-year-old, who was then watching the telly in the living room, was able to smell it from afar. He loved the scent, too, and even thought that I was making juice when in fact, I was washing his dirty underpants in the bathroom.

If you have uber sensitive skin like mine, you'll love how gentle this all-natural detergent is to your skin. No more allergies caused by chemical-laden detergent bars and powders!

Cruelty-free, made from natural ingredients, safe on baby clothes, too!
One thing though - Tough Love's consistency isn't as thick and syrupy as the brands we usually see in the supermarkets. Hence, I tend to use a little bit more than the amount indicated in the measuring guide.

The 950mL jug of Tough Love Liquid Detergent retails for Php 299.75 (at present it comes in one size only) and is available online, and at all Human Nature branches.

As for the Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid, it has a grapefruit orange scent that can perk up the senses. The Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid has just about the same consistency as the liquid detergent (not so thick, not too syrupy) and is also free of phosphates, chlorine, bleach, dyes, enzymes, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners, and other chemicals that are detrimental to one's health and harmful to the environment.
Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid.
It cuts through grease and leaves your kitchen utensils squeaky clean without the slimy, soapy residue. Doesn't dry your hands, too!
Read the label! :)
It now comes in two sizes - the 250mL bottle for Php 99.75, the 500mL bottle at Php 169.75. Available at Human Nature's online store, and at your local Human Nature branches.

Need a little more convincing as to why you should ditch those chemical-laden cleaning products? Here's a little something for you to read. Please click on the image to enlarge.
Hope you're all having a meaningful Holy Week, everyone! Stay safe if you're on the road! :)

5 Fun Swimming Pool Games for your Kids.

Beat the heat by spending the day splashing away in your very own swimming pool. Because kids can become bored quite easily and may not enjoy simply wading in the water, it's a fantastic idea to introduce them to some new, fun swimming pool games that will keep them amused and active for hours. With some simple supplies and a little bit of imagination, your kids and their friends will remember these games for years to come.

The Noodle Race
What kid doesn't know what a noodle is? These flotation devices made out of foam are long, skinny and are the perfect thing to ride around on in the pool. Collect enough noodles for all of your kids to each have one and instruct them to mount the noodle as though that are riding a horse. This should easily allow them to float in the water while their legs dangle on each side of the noodle. Without using your arms, bob, sway and kick your legs to make yourself and your noodle ride around the pool. Whoever completes their designated number of laps first is the new noodle race winner. Switch up the game by blindfolding players, only allowing them to use certain motions and more.

Bumper Boats with Floats
As long as you have a few different tubes, it's easy and tons of fun to play bumper boats in the swimming pool. If you are familiar with the Bumper Cars ride that you find at most amusement parks, you may have an idea of how this game will be played. Each kid should sit in their tube without falling through the hole. Using their feet to kick off around the pool, players will bump into each other, trying to knock the other players off of their "boat". The last player left on their tube wins the game. Be sure to include important rules such as no hitting or pushing.

Treasure Hunt
Kids love to be able to use their imagination and that's just what they'll do in the game of Treasure Hunt. Gather up lots of coins and toss them into the pool. Be sure to spread them out evenly. Send all kids into the swimming pool and tell them that they're on a hunt for buried treasure. Children must then dive down into the pool and retrieve coins. Allow the kids to keep their winnings and see who collects the most.

Water Basketball
With just a tube and a ball, kids will love playing water basketball. Set up teams and swim, jump and paddle around the pool to get the ball and throw it into the tube to score points. Players can pass the ball to other members of their team or simply practice free throws from across the pool.

Bottle Toss
Using a clear water bottle with the label removed, fill the bottle with water and allow it to sink to the bottom of the pool without the kids watching. Send the kids out into the water to find the bottle. Whoever finds it first wins. Swimming pools can provide many hours of fun for kids throughout the Summer months – However be sure to maintain a safe swimming environment. Never let your kids swim unsupervised, be sure to install a pool fence with a locking gate and make sure your pool cleaning schedule is actioned regularly.


Wordless Wednesday #31 | Moving Up!

School is officially over as the little man's Moving Up Ceremony was held last Saturday, March 23, at The Coco Palace Hotel.
Waiting for his turn.
Ten months in Kindergarten sure went by so fast.
Receiving his awards.
That angelic face. :)
Receiving his Kindergarten diploma.
Take a bow, baby!
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Teacher Love, his Kindergarten teacher, for taking good care of my son and for turning him into a refined little man. (On good days, at least. Lol.)
Thank you, Teacher Love!
Though we won't be seeing each other again next school year (the little man will be transferring to my Alma Mater, St. Joseph School), Yue will always have fond memories of you. After all, you are his first school teacher. One never forgets his (or her) first teacher. Never ever. We will surely miss you!


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Types of Tea and Their Positive Effect.

Tea is both extremely soothing as well as therapeutic. There are numerous types of tea out there, and each one of them can help you for different problems. The 'tradition' of drinking tea dates back hundreds (if not thousands) of years in the past. Apart from being healthy, tea is also really tasty. So, for those of you that might wonder what the best tea for them is, here is a short overview of some types of tea and what they can do for you. types of tea_1

1.Green tea 
It is becoming really popular, especially with people that need an energy boost or those that wish to lose a couple of pounds. That sort of tea uses unoxidized leaves, meaning that once the leaves are picked, they get heated up, which gets them rid of the oxidizing enzymes. The green tea is really good when one needs antioxidants, so this is one extremely healthy alternative. Some green teas are heavily scented with flowers or are mixed with fruits in order to create flavored teas. This type of coffee has just 5% - 10% the caffeine that is in a cup of coffee. Green tea is also good for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and for good teeth and skin.

2.Black tea 
The type of tea most people know, since they have grown up dipping tea bags of this tea in their cups. It is fully fermented and has about 20% of the caffeine that is in a cup of coffee. Black tea is often used in order to maintain a healthy circulatory system as well as to maintain the cardiovascular system. types of tea_2

3.Chamomile tea 
Chamomile tea is a widely used herbal tea, for it has a good many soothing properties, which makes it helpful for various problems. It can relieve your stress and your anxiety whenever you are tense, for it actually works as a type of natural sedative. It also fights insomnia and restlessness.

4.Oolong tea
The oolong tea usually comes from Taiwan and China and its name means 'black dragon'. It's a semi- fermented tea and a cross between black and green teas and is often prized for its digestive qualities. Also, if you adhere to a weight-loss diet, you can implement oolong tea in your eating plan.

5.White tea
The purest type of tea. It is also the rarest one, for it can be picked only for a couple of weeks every year. The white tea that is considered authentic is only grown in China, in the Fujian province. The exact procession method is kept as a secret. They also contain plenty of healthy antioxidants and are good for one's skin and complexion. types of tea_3

6.Rooibos tea 
Also known as red tea, rooibos tea is made of a specific red bush, found only in South Africa. It is a premium tea, rich in minerals and vitamins, containing a lot of antioxidants. Rooibos teas are caffeine free and can help you with your digestive system. They also support the immune system, promote healthy skin as well as teeth and is good for the bones. Rooibos tea is equally tasty hot as well as iced.

7.Mate tea
Also known as the coffee lovers' favorite tea. It is made of the twigs and leaves of the yerba mate plant. Mate tea can give you the same energy as coffee, minus the jitters. It can also curb your appetite, as it contains 21 minerals and vitamins.

Article was written for Carpet Cleaning Winchmore Hill

Discovering Napoleon.

"Not to prime is a crime!" This according to Napoleon Perdis, a Greek Australian makeup artist who entered the beauty business in the 1990s. He catapulted to fame soon after he opened his very first concept store in Sydney.

If my memory serves me right, I first came across the name Napoleon Perdis while reading Christine's popular beauty blog, Temptalia. As many of my readers know, I have a strong bias for Asian cosmetic brands (Korean brands, in particular). But every once in awhile I'd come across western or European brands that would pique my curiosity and eventually get my seal of approval. Like this one, for instance.
Napoleon Perdis Tropical Heat Collection in Sand.
In the summer of 2011, Napoleon Perdis released the Tropical Heat Collection - a multi-kit that includes a Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad, a Cheek to Chic Blush Duo, and a Prismatic Lip Veil. I can't remember the regular price of this set, but I got this at a discounted price of $39. Not bad considering you're actually paying for three different products. The collection comes in three shade selections - Ocean, Coral, and Sand. The latter, as depicted above, easily became my favorite.

For some reason this set got relegated to the bottom of my makeup stash; I reckon it has something to do with my going gaga over dark eyeshadows and smokey eyes last year, haha. But now that I'm leaning towards nudes and neutrals and looks that are 'school-friendly' (as in something that I can wear to my son's school functions or PTA meetings), I find myself reaching for the eyeshadow palette and the blush quite often these days. And although this collection was intended for summer, the colors can pretty much be worn anytime of the year.

Now I'm not so sure if this collection has been discontinued or not. After all, it's been two years since its release. But I do know Napoleon Perdis has just released its Spring 2013 collection, and I'm already eyeing a few lippies from the DeVine Goddess line! :)


Foodie Goodie | Tacos Deluxe.

What to do with left-over ground beef? Make tacos, of course! Tacos are perhaps one of the easiest dishes to make, plus you call the shots on what to put in it.
Me want tacos!
Tacos Deluxe

1/2 kilo ground beef
1 cup crushed tomatoes
1 cup salsa
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
16 hard taco shells
Iceberg lettuce, shredded
Grated cheese
Sour cream

1. In a small bowl, mix chili powder, garlic, cumin, salt, coriander, paprika and black pepper.
2. In large skillet, heat oil until it shimmers. Add onion and cook 4-5 minutes or until translucent.
3. Add the seasoning mix, stir it so it combines with the onion. Cook for about a minute.
4. Add the beef, make sure you break the chunks so it cooks through properly.
5. Once the beef is cooked, drop the tomatoes and salsa, stirring to combine. Cook for about a minute, or until heated through.
6. Heat taco shells according to packaging directions.
7. Divide meat mixture among shells.
8. Serve with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.

As seen on Spoonful.
Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday.


Show the world what you're made of in the OraCare Ang Galing Challenge!

Whether it's singing or dancing or playing an instrument, or some extreme stunt, let the world see how talented you are by joining the OraCare Ang Galing Challenge! Your talent may just win you some cold, hard cash, or the latest Apple gadgets!

Be confident and show off your Ang Galing! talent with OraCare - a no alcohol, no sting mouthwash with Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide that gets rid of bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds which cause strong mouth odors.
Showcase your skills!
Here's how it works:
1. Like the OraCare Facebook fan page.
2. Click the OraCare Ang Galing Challenge tab (found just below the cover photo) and allow access to your profile.
3. Accomplish the registration form by indicating your full name, email address, mailing address, and contact number.
4. Head over to YouTube, upload your audition video in your YouTube account, and share the link of your video in the OraCare Ang Galing Challenge app. Don't forget to write a short description of your video, and the talent that you're showcasing.

Video submissions will be from March 20 to April 12, 2013.

Participants whose videos passed the auditions will be notified, and they will form part of the Eliminations Round. Their videos will then be uploaded in the OraCare Talent Gallery, and will be eligible for voting. The ten videos with the most votes will move on to the Finals Round, hence the contestants are encouraged to promote their videos and get as much likes as they can.

In the Finals, the ten videos will still be eligible for voting. At the end of the campaign period, the video with the highest number of votes will be declared the Grand Winner. Four runner-ups will also be chosen.

As for the prizes, here they are:
Grand Prize - Php 25,000
1st Runner Up - iPad 2
2nd Runner-Up - iPod Nano
3rd and 4th Runner-Up - 1 iPod Shuffle each

So what are you waiting for? Visit the OraCare Facebook fan page now and send in your audition videos!

Join | Big Little Me Giveaway!

How about a giveaway for the little ones this time around? It's been awhile since The Rebel Sweetheart hosted one, and this event is just perfect for mommies with infants, and twins, too!

Multiple birth is a joyous occasion that is understood and cherished by Little Me. Understanding that expecting a multiple birth is both a magical and a worrisome time in your life; they would like to help you focus on the double, triple, quadruple… adorable smiles and giggles you’ll have coming to you times many!
Little Me is offering a “Welcome to the World” gift after your multiple child birth. 
To receive your free gift please register for the Multiple Birth Program.

Welcome to the BIG Little Me Giveaway!
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Grand Prize $250 Little Me Gift Certificate
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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. The Rebel Sweetheart is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. 


A Peaceful Day at the Dental Clinic. Not!

Days are always crazy at the dental office, and today was no exception. The waiting room was buzzing as usual. The lady on my right was talking to gossiping with another lady across the room, and now everyone seated at the waiting area knows that their friend Cynthia is sort-of-having-an-affair with her son's swimming instructor.

Meanwhile, on my left, is a kid about my son's age who has been whining for the last thirty minutes or so. I can not, for the life of me, understand what he's complaining about as his stammer is completely unintelligible to me. On top of that, his voice is so shrill that everytime he spoke, it felt like a drill was boring holes into my molar.
Photo credit: Creative Smiles.
As if this madness is not enough, the dental assistant was practically all over the place - going inside and outside of the treatment room every five minutes or so, scurrying towards the stock room, making a beeline for the phone to answer a call, back to the stock room, and then back to the treatment room. Very distracting, really. If only they had dental office two way radios, her life would be a lot easier. Both she and my dentist would be able to work more efficiently with less turnaround time. Plus I can watch the telly in the waiting room in peace. No secretary or dental hygienist blocking my view of Arirang World. Haha!

Wordless Wednesday #30 | Because Stone Cold Said So.

Look who tweeted back!
I'm one happy fangirl. :)
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Home Improvement Tricks That Will Pay You Back.

Saving money around your house is one of the most important things a household is trying to deal with. Home improvements are actually the easiest way to solving that issue but the truth is that there are not too many people who can afford spending too much of their budget on investing in improvements. However, nowadays there is a plenty of small improvements that will definitely pay you back once you decide to invest in them.

The following lines will reveal a few secrets regarding the best choice of home improvements you can make. These ideas are taken from experts in the area of home improvements.  Home
Improvement Tricks_1

1. Replace your old fashion bulbs with fluorescent ones. This is a very tiny addition that will not cost you too much and will definitely pay you back. Fluorescent bulbs are proven to consume smaller amount of current compared to old fashion ones and hence your monthly bills will significantly decrease.

2. A showerhead that can control the water flow. Showerheads are the thing that consumes a great amount of water. That is why investing in a showerhead that can control the amount of water flow will save water and hence help you spend less amount of money on monthly bills.

3. The same rule applies for your toilet. As toilets are the next thing after showerheads that consume the greatest amount of water investing in a low flow toilet will help you reduce your bills costs.

4. Insulation. This is also a must when it comes to home improvements. In winter a significant amount of the heat in your home is lost through the walls, the floor and the roof. The same thing applies for summer when the cooling is also lost. This influences your bills a lot. That is why investing in attic insulation from a team like Imperial Building & Roofing Co will help you reduce their cost. Home Improvement Tricks_2

5. Buy sensitive switches for the lighting outside the home. Smart sensors that switch on only when there is someone around will help you reduce the bills for current. Moreover with the help of these switches you can easily guess if there is someone outside the house.

6. Invest in a home system for energy audit. It is a more serious investment and is a bit more expensive but once you have it installed you will find out how useful it is. It will help you to keep tracks of all the energy that is consumed and lost throughout the month. This will help you understand the points that lose more energy and fix them.

7. If your washing machine is old you should definitely replace it with a new one. Old machines consume too much water and energy and this reflects your bills. Investing in a new machine that can control the water flow is one of the most important home improvements that you need.

Written for Manand van Scotland


Plants vs Mommies.

My four-year-old son is a huge fan of Plants vs Zombies - the action-strategy game that took the world by storm. He loves the game so much that he can spend countless hours in front of the computer (or the tablet) planting sunflowers and battling zombies, much to my chagrin.

I don't want my son to become a gaming freak at his tender age, and so to pry him away from the computer, I asked him if we could do the planting ourselves - both of us, in real life, sans the zombies. Surprise, surprise! He agreed! And so earlier today, we spent a good three hours arranging tomato seedlings in a huge plant box. (Yay, three hours away from the computer, haha!)
Photo credit: Everything Tomatoes
Gardening is a fun bonding activity, and you too could enjoy this with your child. Here are some tips when gardening with young children:

- Wear old, comfortable clothes. You know how messy things could get, and we don't want to soil the 'good clothes'.
- Allow the kids to do things by themselves. Give them a small area to work on, sort of a space for them to call their own.
- When watering the plants, let them use a water gun. This makes the activity more fun for the kids. Plus it's too risky to let them use a hose or a watering can. There's a great possibility that the kids could drown the poor plants, haha.
- Remember to keep the gardening tools (hoes, shears, and the like) in a safe place. Waterloo tool boxes are a good place to store these tools once you're done gardening.

Ready to have fun? Three, two, one... Start Adventure! :)


Keeping it Clean with Electrolux Refrigerator Filters.

When was the last time you replaced the filters in your fridge? If you haven't touched any of the filters since the time you bought your fridge, you may want to consider doing so now.

As a rule, both the water and air filters in your refrigerator should be replaced at least every six months. Not only does this keep your fridge in good working condition, but doing so also safeguards your and your family's health.
A well-stocked fridge!
You see, unfiltered water may contain lead and pesticides which can be hazardous to one's health - most especially that of young children. What's worse is that water pulled through a dirty filter is even dirtier than before it was filtered.

The same thing goes for refrigerator air filters. Replacing them regularly makes sure that it does its job of eliminating stench and foul odors from your fridge.

Now once you've seen it's time to install new filters, you can simply mouse over to this site and check out different types of refrigerators. You can also visit the Electrolux accessories store and purchase Electrolux refrigerator filter online. The store has a selection of air and water filtration systems available for your fridge, and these can be delivered straight to your doorstep within a few days' time. For replacement parts that require technical qualification prior to installation, Electrolux also has parts representatives that will be more than glad to answer queries and assist in ordering parts for your fridge.


Counting down to UFC 158!

I do no blog about the UFC that often (this entry, in fact, would be my first ever), but if you do follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram, you'll have an idea how much of a UFC fan I am. And who I'm rooting for this Saturday. (That's Sunday in the Philippines.)
This time it's personal.
Do I even have to say it? I'm all for Georges St. Pierre of course!

Canadian mixed martial artist and current Welterweight Champion (the title which he defended seven times, by the way), GSP is pretty much the one that got me hooked to UFC, mixed martial arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sure, my husband has been into MMA and the UFC even while we were still dating, but back then, I just watched matches in passing. Meaning, I wasn't really interested. It wasn't until GSP's fight against Josh Koscheck in UFC 74 some six years ago that made me pay close attention to the Rush, and the league in general.

Fast forward to this year, UFC 158, where the champion will be defending his title Nick Diaz - a BJJ black belter, former Strikeforce champion, and one of the meanest personalities in UFC today. He talks a lot, talks trash, and oh, did I mention that this is his comeback fight after being suspended for a year for failing a drug test and popping positive to marijuana? I'm not putting Diaz in bad light by saying these things, but it is what it is. Est quod est.

Anyhow, here's the fight card for tomorrow, and my picks on some of the matches.
UFC158 line-up.
Main Bouts (on Pay-Per-View):
-Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Nick Diaz (169) - GSP forever and ever and ever. Every time Nick Diaz opens his mouth, he spews garbage, and he deserves one hell of a beating. To quote a friend, "I don't mind if a fighter goes into comatose this time. Nick Diaz is an arrogant ****)

-Carlos Condit (169) vs. Johny Hendricks (171) - Hendricks! If not for this long overdue fight against Diaz, GSP would be defending his title against Hendricks - the number one contender at this time.

-Jake Ellenberger (170) vs. Nate Marquardt (171)
-Nick Ring (183) vs. Chris Camozzi (185)

-Mike Ricci (156) vs. Colin Fletcher (155) - Ricci! I was hoping he'd be the victor in his season of The Ultimate Fighter, but he eventually lost to Colton Smith. I'm freaking glad he's in the Montreal fight card, even if he's battling against the scary-looking Freak Show.

Preliminary Bouts (on FX):
-Patrick Cote (169) vs. Bobby Voelker (169)
-Antonio Carvalho (145) vs. Darren Elkins (145)
-Dan Miller (171) vs. Jordan Mein (170)
-John Makdessi (155) vs. Daron Cruickshank (155)

Preliminary Bouts (on Facebook):
-Rick Story (169) vs. Quinn Mulhern (168)
-T.J. Dillashaw (135) vs. Issei Tamura (135)
-George Roop (135) vs. Reuben Duran (135)

UFC President Dana White had to come in between at the weigh-in.
I'm super, super excited for tomorrow! I plan on finishing all my house chores today so I have nothing but GSP to focus on tomorrow. Expect me to be talking mostly about the UFC and GSP on my social media pages from today onwards. At least until UFC 158 is over. :)