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Foodie Goodie | Sweet Bunch Cookies!

'Round here, everybody loves cookies. The kids (my son and my niece) feast on them each chance they get, while the adults (me and everybody else) indulge in a piece or two after meals, oftentimes paired with a cup of coffee.

This love for cookies paved the way to my discovery of Sweet Bunch, a home-based baking business that currently opened shop on Instagram.  Owned by mompreneur Joey Gaspar, Sweet Bunch offers a wide-range of homemade goodies such as cookies, crinkles, cupcakes, and other sweet delights. These tasty treats are made-to-order and baked fresh using quality ingredients.

I had the privilege of trying Sweet Bunch's goodies, thanks to Joey's daughter, Mars. She reached out to me via email, asking if she could me some samples of her mom's products. And who am I to say no to cookies? Of course, I said yes!

This box was delivered to my doorstep last week, and inside was an assortment of Sweet Bunch products.
Thanks, Sweet Bunch!
Truly, a sweet bunch.
Here's a closer look at the goodies that I received.
Chocolate Crinkles, Php 100/pack (8 pcs).
Fudgy and chewy with just the right sweetness, Sweet Bunch's Chocolate Crinkles are tucked with a white chocolate medallion inside. An added bonus for your sweet tooth!
Chunky Choco Chips Cookies, Php 100/pack (8pcs).
True to its name, the Chunky Choco Chips Cookies were indeed chunky! Meaning, each piece contained a generous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chunks. The cookie itself was soft and chewy, much to my son's delight. He finished two pieces in one sitting, but was kind enough to leave one piece for me to enjoy. Haha!
Choco Oatmeal Cookies, Php 100/pack (8 pcs).
For those who love the combination of chocolate chips and natural oats, this one's for you. Well, it's for me, too since I'm a fan of this yummy combination myself. Sweet Bunch's Choco Oatmeal Cookies are a bit crispy on the outside, but are soft and chewy, and filled with tasty oats and chocolate chips inside.
Ghirardelli Choco Oatmeal Cookies, Php 120/pack (8 pcs).
Now here's a fun twist to the classic choco oatmeal cookie. A combination of dark sweet choco chips and 70% cacao Ghirardelli chocolates, the Ghirardelli Choco Oatmeal Cookies are quite popular among chocoholics. Not surprising, since this variant is really packed with flavor. For me, it was love at first bite!
Oreo Choco Chip Cookies, Php 100/pack (8 pcs).
Here's another interesting variant - the Oreo Choco Chip Cookies. They're pillow-like chocolate chip cookies with mini Oreos inside. It's basically a cookie within a cookie!
Oreo Cheesecake Cookies, Php 100/pack (8 pcs).
Equally delicious are the Oreo Cheesecake Cookies. They're Oreo cheesecakes transformed into cookies, with chocolate chips added in the mix.
Brookies, Php 125/pack (5 pcs).
Finally, there's the Brookies, a Sweet Bunch original. This is a 'hybrid' between a brownie - that's the chocolate-y part on top, and a cookie - the soft and chewy part on the bottom.
Feasting on Brookies!
The Brookies were so yummy that I'm thinking of ordering two or three packs of this from Sweet Bunch. Oh, and yes, they actually deliver to San Pablo City, and nationwide for that matter. Orders from Luzon are usually delivered the next day, while those in the Metro can also opt for meet-ups in specific areas (Pasig, Eastwood, MRT stations).
Ah, the good stuff. :)
Aside from these cookies, Sweet Bunch's menu also includes Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls, Chocolate Banana Loaf, Sugarless Banana Loaf, Yema Loaf, and Chocolate Cupcakes.

To know more about Sweet Bunch, like them on Facebook and/or follow them on Instagram. For orders, you can text them at 09156635555, or send them a Viber message at 09279401535. Rush orders and bulk orders are accepted, and they're open to resellers as well.

Creative Ideas for Using Christmas Lights.

Christmas time, oh, Christmas time… it’s that season that you just could not wait to come. With all the events and festivities, you just do not want the happy times to end. The joy of the season does not have to end as the year comes to a close. You can keep the cheer with you the whole year round. And what better way to brighten up your days than with Christmas lights. Most people take down their Christmas trees, ornaments, trinkets, Christmas lights, etc. after the New Year celebrations. Although you cannot leave your holly dotted upholstery on your furniture for the rest of the year, you can certainly leave your strings of Christmas lights out of their storage boxes.
Photo credit: Defend Christmas.
Your colorful lights can keep the festive mood going in your home even after Santa has gone back to the North Pole to oversee the production of goodies for the next Christmas. If you often host parties at home, you can use these lights to add spark to your parties. Strings of smaller white bulbs can work well as outdoor lighting, mimicking the stars. It lends a romantic touch to your outdoor spaces too. Alternatively, you can sling the strands on branches to have a waterfall of lights dropping from your trees. Just make sure that the Christmas lights that you are using are made for outdoor use when you do this. They have to be resistant to the elements such as heat and water.
Multi-colored satin lights for your patio.
You can get more Christmas lights for your decorating needs. There are stores, both online and offline, that sell these fixtures all year. Some stores even offer discounts on these items during off-season. You can check out what’s available and get creative with decorating your indoor and outdoor spaces so you can enjoy the brightness and happiness of Christmas in your home every day.


The wonders of Classic Shaving.

Every man wants a close, comfortable shave. Shaving is a daily task that must be performed, and it makes sense that the tools used should be classic. That is where Classic Shaving works wonders. The website has a wonderful selection of shaving tools that any man would be proud to own.

A quality razor provides a shave that will take a gentleman through the longest day. has a wide selection of razors, including such tools as safety, straight, Hart Steel and Thiers-Issard razors. These shaving supplies are of the highest quality and made to last.
Thiers-Issard razor.
Any woman with a special man in their lives will want to present him with a thoughtful and useful gift and will enjoy browsing through the available inventory on the site to find the perfect shaving tool. Besides razors, other supplies are also available and include such items as brushes, shaving cream, cologne, hair and skin care products, shaving mugs, strops and gift sets. The website has everything that a well-groomed man could want.

Complete shaving set.
Shaving implements are offered to fit every man’s taste. Gift ideas are also presented on the site ranging from under $25 to under $300. Online shoppers will have no trouble finding the perfect razor for their needs.

Unique shaving tools never go out of style. A razor that is of high quality will last for many years and will provide a close, smooth shave every time. Men who take pride in their shaving implements will have tools that never disappoint.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Suites.

Bathroom suites are made of various materials and designs to make every nook of your bathroom clutter-free and convenient to use. Each morning you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and bathe with all the comforts similar to a luxury hotel. It does not matter if your house has the simplest design for as long as you have the best suites for the bathroom; your daily hygiene is well taken care of.

There are many bathroom suites that you can opt for to make your physical regimen easy and comfortable. They can be designed traditionally, contemporary or ultra-modern to suit the architectural design of your home. These bathroom fixtures will satisfy your physical needs every time you use them.
Contemporary bathroom suite.
When you plan to upgrade your bathroom fixtures make sure you have to choose the finest bathroom suite design that is within your budget range. Before purchasing them, you should measure the size of the bathroom and determine where to place the bath tub, toilet, wash basin and the cabinet. Consider the height of the bathroom door so it can accommodate them and not cause inconvenience during delivery and installation. This is a common mistake of some homeowners and before they know it, the bathroom suites of their choice don’t fit in the door.
Oslo Wenge 80cm mirror.
Choosing the right color for your bathroom suites should also be considered to serve its purpose. If you want your bathroom look wider and brighter, choose light colors. Dark colors make your bathroom look elegant and intimate. They give an aura of romance and make the bathroom look smaller than their actual size.

Oslo Walnut Vanity Unit.
Wash basins come in a variety of forms and decide what type you want for your bathroom. You can pick a counter top, hand rinse, under mounted or wash basin that is mounted on a pedestal or a semi-pedestal. Some can be hung on the wall or they are semi-recessed. There are myriads of bathroom vanities, mirrors and cabinets that are available in online stores and their design options are endless.


Wordless Wednesday #88 | Coffee Break!

Pit stop at the nearest Starbucks!
Caramel Macchiato for my sis, Mocha Frappe for my bro and sis-in-law...
And Strawberry Cheesecake for me! :)


5 Great Gifts For The Jayhawk Fan In Your Life.

Do your friends bleed red and blue? Would they be happier with a bird hat than a hunk of gold? Here are just a few ideas to turn any birthday or anniversary into a Jayhawk extravaganza.
1. Umbrella
A little moisture won't stop a true Jayhawk fan, but just in case you don't feel like catching a cold from your roommate after a rainy game, offer them an umbrella protected by the face of Jayhawk himself.

2. ID Holders
Is your buddy constantly carded at the concession stand? Save him the time and trouble of fumbling around in his pockets when you give him a portable ID holder that identifies him as a righteous KU fan.

3. Magnets
They're one of those things that no one ever thinks about until they need them, but a few Jayhawk magnets will be useful, affordable and stylish on the refrigerator.

4. Technology Cases
Let your friend show their spirit every time they use their iPhone when you buy them a smartphone case emblazoned with the Jayhawk logo. You can also find iPod, iPad and a half-dozen other cases for even more gadgets.

5. Football
Nothing says "fan" like a football in red and blue. Throw around a pigskin infused with the spirit of a jayhawk for a gift that will keep on giving!

Whether you're a proud student at KU or just an alumni who still remembers the glory days, these are five gifts that are sure to make a splash among Jayhawk fans. Go team go!

Adobo Cup and the World Cup | For the love of football.

I have not been getting much sleep lately, thanks to the World Cup. It's either I sleep really, really late just so I can finish the 12 am match, or wake up really, really early so I can catch the first half of the 4 am match. Can you imagine what I have to go through for an entire month every four years? If you're a fan of the sport, I'm pretty sure you can empathize with me.

And as if the action and excitement in Brazil is not enough, here comes the Adobo Cup - a 5-side football tournament organized by Adobo Magazine. Now on its seventh year, this event brings together personalities from the advertising, media, and production industries.
Action at the Adobo Cup.
The 2014 Adobo Cup will take place at the Gatorade-Chelsea FC Blue Pitch at Circuit Makati on June 28, 2014.

Globe Telecom supports this year’s tourney as part of the company’s CSR program “Football Para Sa Bayan,” a grassroots campaign which advocates football as a tool to transform the lives of underprivileged children through by encouraging athletic excellence and providing educational opportunities.

Since its launch in 2013, the program has catered to more than 6,000 children around the country. By including the Adobo Cup in its efforts, Globe hopes to create strong awareness of the program’s cause, particularly among advertising specialists and those within the private sector.

At the helm of Globe’s Football Para Sa Bayan campaign is Chieffy Caligdong, Green Archers United left winger and vice-captain of the Philippine Azkals. Here is a video of Chieffy coming home and giving back to his hometown Iloilo.

In addition, Globe is also donating football training equipment to FutKal FC, the beneficiary of the Adobo Cup. FutKal is a non-profit organization that promotes football in the Philippines at the grassroots level. This year’s proceeds will go to FutKal’s Field of Hope initiative to help rebuild the lives of Typhoon Haiyan survivors.


How To Enjoy Dubai Food When Vacationing.

Food in the UAE is a unique and exciting mix of Levantine, Arabic and Mediterranean dishes, and Dubai is known for its world-class restaurants. Dubai Marina restaurants are perfect for travellers and locals who want to enjoy good food in a grandiose and cosy atmosphere. Seafood features prominently in many dishes you can find here, but meat, dairy and a variety of vegetables also come together to give UAE dishes their exquisite taste.

Best Dishes to Try in Dubai
The UAE is famous for elaborate dishes such as stuffed and roasted camel, but you're unlikely to see this specialty on the menu unless you attend a traditional wedding ceremony. Most meals in the UAE will start off with pita bread and hummus, and you will have to restrain yourself from filling up on this delicious, chickpea-based dip. The real decision comes when it's time to choose your main course. Most restaurants in Dubai will serve some variety of shawarma, the most popular food in the country. This is a lamb or chicken dish, wrapped in bread, and served with tomatoes, pickles, and most often fries and a garlic sauce.
Photo credit: Wikipedia
If you want to get a little more adventurous, you can try al harees, a traditional meal of wheat and meat, cooked together until it reaches the consistency of porridge, and lightly flavoured with salt and herbs such as parsley. You can also try ghuzi, which is a signature Dubai dish made from roasted lamb, vegetables and nuts.

When it comes time for dessert, there are a few Dubai delights that you shouldn't leave unsampled. Chief among them are mahalabiya, a pudding flavoured with rosewater and pistachios, and esh esarya, which is a variety of cheese cake with a cream topping.

Getting By at Restaurants in Dubai
Depending on the restaurant you visit, you may get an English menu, and your server may speak English, but this isn't a guarantee, especially as you venture further afield from your hotel. You may find it difficult to communicate, but the key to enjoying yourself is to relax.
Photo credit: Masala.
Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, and people are used to visitors. It is an excellent idea to bring along a phrasebook, as you can quickly look up any menu item you're unfamiliar with. Dubai is a great place to embark on a culinary adventure, but the amount of choice available can be overwhelming. If you're not sure where you'd like to go for dinner, try taking a look at this online restaurant guides. You can search some of the best restaurants in Dubai by style and price, and get inspired before you head out to eat.


Spotlight | MosRepel Anti-Mosquito Bracelet.

Dengue is a scary thing. For the first half of 2013 alone, there had been more than 42,000 reported dengue cases in the Philippines - 193 of them fatal. And just the fact that dengue can lead to hospitalization is enough to make me paranoid.

So don't be surprised if you see all sorts of anti-mosquito repellent stuff inside my home. From aerosol sprays to electric mats, from lotions to essential oils - name it, and I probably have it or have tried it before.

A few weeks ago, I have been tapped by Cudsly - an online store that sells practically everything you need for your babies and kids  - to review one of their products. I chose MosRepel, because I know this would come in handy once my son now that my son goes back to school.
Thank you, Cudsly!
As you can see, MosRepel is a bracelet that wards away mosquitoes, and other insects as well.
One pack contains two bracelets, which each bracelet good for up to 180 hours of use. Since my son stays in school for eight hours a day, one bracelet would be good for at least 22 days. 
Resealable container.
It comes in a resealable container, where you can store the bracelet when not in use.
MosRepel bracelets.
The rubber bracelets are laced with the strong scent of citronella, which is the most common natural ingredient used in formulating mosquito repellents. 
Button fastener.
These bracelets are water-proof and fit all sizes. I tried one on, and it fits. They come in a variety of colors, too. 
Ours come with a cartoon clip, too!
The pack that we received even had a cartoon clip, which the little man really loved. I reckon there are other clip designs, because the little man told me that his classmate was wearing one with a mosquito clip. 
MosRepel on Yue.
What I love about MosRepel:
- It works! 
- Waterproof.
- Adjustable, fits all sizes.
- Comes in a variety of colors.
- Affordable at Php 240 for a pack of two.
- Economical, since my son can use one bracelet for up to 22 (school) days.
- Safe for kids.
- DEET-free!
Little man showing off his airplane clip.
MosRepel Anti-Mosquito Bracelets are available at Cudsly, the one-stop destination for all your parenting needs. They ship nationwide, and offer free shipping for orders worth Php 1000 and above. 


Foodie Goodie | Nestle KIMY Ice Cream.

A bagful of goodies from Nestle Ice Cream arrived at my doorstep today.
Thank you, Nestle Ice Cream! :)
And when I say 'bagful', I mean it literally. This insulated bag was filled to the brim with the all-new flavors of Nestle KIMY.
KIMY overload! :)
This ice cream range offers the benefit of being good for the kids' health as their products are compliant to nutrition recommendation. Meaning, these ice cream products contain adequate levels of sugar, fat, and sodium, and have no artificial flavors.
A closer look.
Aside from that, Nestle KIMY come in unique shapes, eye-catching colors, and yummy flavors that kids will surely love. Here's a rundown of the KIMY variants that I received:
Top to bottom: KIMY Jelly Tongue, KIMY Krazy Banana,
KIMY Lollifuns, KIMY Chill Blast, and KIMY Popstar.
KIMY Chill Blast - The latest addition to the KIMY range, the Chill Blast is a refreshing, dual-layered, grape-flavored ice lollipop with a blast of cooling effect. One pack contains two lollies, with each lolly containing only 42 calories.

KIMY Popstar - Ice lolly with white chocolate coating and popping candies.

KIMY Krazy Banana - Vanilla ice cream covered with grape-flavored jelly peel.

KIMY Lollifuns - Multi-flavored ice pops that come in fun shapes and colors.

KIMY Jelly Tongue - Apple-flavored jelly pops.

My family and I enjoyed these fruit-flavored treats a lot. Even my grandmother, who usually stays away from overly sweet things, loved how these ice pops 'tasted like fruit, and had just the right sweetness'. But it was my niece who enjoyed the experience most of all. She had fun identifying the colors of the ice pops and eating them at the same time. Haha!

Many thanks to Nestle KIMY Philppines, and my friends from EON for these yummy gifts! :)
Little Miss Maggie and her 'gween' Lollifun.
Nestle KIMY products are available nationwide. They can also be ordered via Nestle's Party Package service if you want Nestle KIMY and other Nestle Ice Cream products delivered straight to your party or gathering. For more info, like Nestle KIMY's Facebook page or visit the Party Package website.