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Last weekend was all about family. Saturday morning, my sibs, their better halves, and the kids all went together to a family gathering.

No, they're not twins.
Bro-in-law with his niece Wayen, my sister with our niece Maggie.
It was a thanksgiving party for my (second) cousins who recently passed the Nursing Licensure Exams.

My grandpa's garden has the lushest greens.
Now we have two new Florence Nightingales to our clan of RN's.

Yes, they're sisters. No, they're not twins.
Later that day, we made a quick trip to the mall. With the kids, of course.

Smile, kids!

Yue: Hey Maggie, why aren't you smiling?

Yue coaxing Maggie to smile.
My sister needed to go to the department store to have her defective wine rack replaced, while my brother lined up at the bank to pay bills. The little man had even more pressing matters to attend to.
Like how he will carry this huge Angry Bird plush couch all the way to the counter.

Yue: I should be the one who's angry, you know. You're awfully heavy!

And which candies will last all the way until Easter Sunday.

Decisions, decisions.

He ended up with strawberry wafer sticks instead.

The yum!

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Today's Look | Inspired by Cha Seo Yeong.

Watching Ojakgyo Brothers (I'm on episode 48 as of this writing) has made me pay closer attention to Choi Jung Yoon. I've seen her before in Smile,You as Seo Jung Kyung, but I wasn't too fond of her Miss Goody-Two-Shoes role. Hence, I didn't care about her that much.

She turned the tables around this time with her role as Cha Soo Yeong, who happens to be my favorite character in Ojakgyo.

Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo Young.
Feisty, fearless, and filial - three words that best describe the character that is Cha Soo Yeong. Always dressed to the nines, Soo Yeong makes news reporting a very chic job. And her makeup? Elegant, refined, and glamorous.

Vintage glam - illuminating complexion, defined cheekbones, and traffic-stopping lips.
 Which is actually the inspiration for my look.

Summer pastels! :)
It's summer here, so lighter shades are more appropriate for the season.

Don't forget the Cleopatra eyes! :)
Pink and green is my favorite combination these days. I wear them quite often whenever the little man and I go out.

Here's what I used for this look:

L'Oreal Base Magique Primer
Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream # 21
Avon Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation in Shell
Avon Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Liner in Brown
Almay Intense i-Color Trio for Greens
Avon Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Avon Gel Eyeliner in White Fawn
Avon Super Curlacious Waterproof Mascara in Black
Sleek Makeup Blush in Pomegranate
Jordana Double Length Lip Liner in Rose
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

And I'm squeezing in this creative B&W shot for In the Picture.

Now back to my Ojakgyo marathon! I still have ten episodes more to go!

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Foodie Goodie | Reese's PBC Ice Cream!

Who needs Magnum

when you have this?

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Join | Chris' Birthday Giveaway!

Chris Kendall is turning six years old come March 31! In celebration, Mommy Gen and a pool of bloggers (including me!) prepared a special treat for our readers - a birthday giveaway!

Up for grabs are the following:
Prize number 1- a gold plated, 3-changeable gemstone necklace;
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From Korea with Love.

Cousin-in-law and his Korean wife were in town for a short vacation - so short that they're actually flying back to Seoul this afternoon. They came bearing gifts from none other than my dear husband.

From Daddy with love! :)
Pororo is for Yue, of course. Everything else is mine.

Ya, Pororo da! (Korean for 'Hey, it's Pororo!'
The blue box is actually a surprise for me. It's also the most precious item in this loot.

Nan choegoui nampyeon-eul gajigo. (Korean for 'I have the best husband in the world.'
I'll post about this in separate entry. In the meantime, you can take a stab at guessing what's inside. :)

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Project Lee Jun Ki | Virgin Snow.

Oh yes, his name finally showed up on my blog again! With all these giveaways, sponsor spotlights and product reviews going on in my blog, I didn't even had the chance to spazz about Deucer and Joongi's promotional activities in Japan.

Coming Back, March 16-20, 2012.
Joongi-ssi, if you're reading this (and I hope you are!), mianhe. Chongmal mianhe. I may not be writing about you as often as before, but that doesn't mean I'm not keeping tabs with what you're doing. I'm even trying to figure out the ropes of Weibo, just to fulfill your birthday wish.

Anyway, on with this post.
This came in the mail about two weeks ago.

Latest addition to my Joongi filmography! :)
My very own DVD copy of Virgin Snow (insert fangirl screams here) - Lee Jun Ki and Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki's film from way back 2007.  This is the limited edition Korea version, which I got from where else but YesAsia. It's a rare find; so rare that the moment I checked my order out, the Korea version ran out of stock. That's what I call 'The Last of the Mohicans'.

Virgin Snow (Hatsuyuki no koi in Japan) is the story of Min (played by Jun Ki), a Korean boy who migrates to Japan because of his father's work, and Nanae (played by Aoi), an aspiring painter who goes to the same school as Min. It was love at first sight for Min, and despite the language barrier (and awkward conversations), a warm friendship blossomed between the two.

Oh, Min! :)
The plot thickens when Min had to fly back to Korea because of his ailing grandmother, without Nanae even knowing. As soon as his grandmother recuperates, Min returns to Japan with hopes of rekindling his relationship with Nanae. Unfortunately, Nanae was nowhere to be found.

The DVD. 
Min's frantic search for Nanae was futile. He returned to Korea empty-handed and broken-hearted (I really hate it when girls make my Joongi cry, lol.).

The back panel.
Okay, okay, I won't spill the beans anymore. If you're a Joongi fan, you better watch this movie for yourself. The plot is pretty simple - a no-brainer, actually - but that's what I love about this film. Its simplicity makes it truly heartwarming.

But then again, I could be biased because it's Lee Jun Ki. Haha! :)

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Spotlight | Human Nature Baby Care.

When I chose to go organic some three years ago, one of the first all-natural products that my son got to try was Human Nature's Baby Wash in Aloe Vera and Chamomile.
Old packaging, 2009.
Back then, this baby wash was the only product in Human Nature's baby care line. Fast forward to 2012, and now they have these products - three steps to the safest and gentlest baby care.
Baby Oil, Baby Wash, & Baby Lotion.
The first step is gentle cleansing with Human Nature Baby Wash. It contains rosemary, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits. In addition, this baby wash is infused with lavender and chamomile scents that aids in soothing and relaxing your baby.
Step 1. Gentle cleansing.
Compared to adults, baby's skin loses moisture rapidly. Exposure to elements such as the wind and sun can speed this up even more. Babies are most uncomfortable when their skin is dry and irritated, and to avoid this discomfort, it is important to moisturize and nourish with Human Nature Baby Lotion. Made with avocado oil and sunflower oil, this lotion is packed with essential vitamins to relieve dryness and itchiness, and prevent skin damage.
Step 2. Moisturize and nourish.
The final step is Human Nature Baby Oil, whose primary purpose is to protect and nurture your baby's sensitive skin. Laden with sunflower oil, this product also helps in healing insect bites and boo boos, preventing diaper rash, and protecting against skin infections.
Step 3. Protect and nurture.
Human Nature has nothing but your baby's health and well-being in mind, which is why all these products are proven safe and dermatologist-tested. Most importantly, they are free from harmful chemicals such as mineral oil, phtalates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances - all of which have been linked to serious health problems. Sad to say, the commercially-available brands that we know of contain one or more of these toxic substances in their products.

When I switched to organic products in late 2009, my utmost concern was my son. Because these chemicals pose a great threat to the health and safety of my child (or any child, for that matter), avoiding them would be the best precautionary measure. Once I got rid of the conventional brands and embraced the Human Nature advocacy, there was certainly no turning back. I was happy with this choice, and my little man is just as happy, too.
At the Human Nature Laguna branch. :)
For my upcoming Ooh Baby Baby even, I'll be giving away an assortment of Human Nature products. One lucky winner will receive this loot containing some of my - and Yue's - favorite Human Nature items. Many thanks to Human Nature Laguna for providing these awesome prizes! Oh, and finding a quality baby mattress important, too! Thanks to Kokopax for helping us!

Human Nature products can be bought online, through dealer networks, or at branches near you.

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Human Nature, and the Joy of Sharing.

Stocking up on toiletries and skin care products has become a habit for me.

Perhaps it's that tiny obsessive compulsive voice telling me to replenish items before they run out. "Buy more shampoo, because you wouldn't want to run out of it while you're in the middle of taking a bath," "The hand soaps are buy one take one! Go hoard!" or something like that.

Or is that an instinct common to most moms?

Anyway, whether it's my OC-ness, or the shopping bug biting, or it's a mommy thing, nothing was able to stop me from buying these the other day.

Human Nature Haul!
See? I got two bottles of the Healthy Lotion - just because. And then there's Yue's favorite yummy shampoo - which is now added to my stockpile of toiletries - and the Moisturizing Night Cream, which I will be featuring in a separate blog entry.

Now here's the best part.

And another haul!
Human Nature Laguna gave all of these items as a prize for my upcoming giveaway. Yes, another giveaway! After two successful runs, I've developed an affinity for hosting giveaways and joining giveaway hops. As you can see, I have quite a bunch lined-up until June.

Certified Human Nature baby.
And it's not just for the sake of numbers or a wider social network, mind you. It's also the opportunity to share my blessings and have the chance to make other people happy.

The joy of sharing.
Like what they say, joy is doubled when shared. And I can't wait to share more happiness with all of you. :)

Heartfelt thanks to my friend Elaine for sponsoring my Ooh Baby Baby Giveaway. Happening from April 1-15, people! Save the date so you can own a stock of baby products like mine! :)

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