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5 Pick-Me-Up Tips to Lift Up Your Spirits.

In an ideal world, things will always go your way. There will be no traffic jam, the train will never be late nor packed, you can always buy whatever you want, and you will never gain a pound or two despite indulging your sweet tooth. But alas, an ideal world doesn’t truly exist and our daily reality can sometimes be tougher to navigate than how we hope it to be.

The thing is, experiencing these little bumps doesn’t exactly make life bad. Instead, you can think of them as little bursts of flavor that make your adventure a little bit more interesting! The way that we take pitfalls in stride is what makes the world of difference in how we manage them and so is giving in sometimes to situations instead of fighting them off.

If you need a little refresher that feeling BAD is not really all that BAD, then here are a few daily reminders that will surely turn that frown into a smile.

1. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. – Dennis S. Brown

Could this be any more true? It may sound cliche or even too idealistic, but it is how we take and give in to things that change the way we view and feel them.

2. Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. -Robert Louis Stevenson

This is the perfect reminder to all of us who can be a little tough on ourselves when we fall short of our expectations. Sometimes you win. Other times you just get to be a step closer to your goal. Both are okay.

3. Sometimes you need those bad days, to help you appreciate the good ones. – Unknown

Read that again. If every day is perfect, then what makes a good day… good? Appreciating your wins is so much sweeter when you’ve experienced losses, too.

4. I am learning to trust the journey even when I do not understand it. – Mila Bron

Not ultimately knowing where you are going or what’s coming next may be one of the most terrifying things in life. But it’s the element of surprise and the way that we enjoy the ride that makes life all the more special.

5. If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes, flavor. All the limitations we put on ourselves to make sure everything goes our way are the roadblocks that can make life black and white. Live truly and honestly by going through flavors. Bitter, sweet, or both, all are important in the great recipe of life.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to just ‘give in?' When you feel like the day is tougher than usual, tap on your inner child and remember how you used to handle your big emotions. For a lot of us, it is simply allowing ourselves to FEEL. That, or a bite or two of simply good ice cream.

The next time you are feeling down, get yourself your favorite Nestlé Ice Cream cold treat. The leading ice cream brand has never failed to make anyone smile with its quality flavors, one bite of which can turn a bad day into a good one.

Being the true champ that it is, Nestlé Ice Cream is making everyone’s summer extra special with its Great Ice Cream Sale. The promo, which will run until June 30 gives big discounts to cult favorites like Nestlé Temptations (Strawberries & Cream, Almond Brownie Fudge, Double Dutch, Cookies & Cream, Rocky Road, Mocha & Cashew), Nestlé Drumstick (Double Choco Vanilla and Ube Cheesecake), and Nobrelli (Choco-Keso-Ube, Choco-Manga-Ube, Choco-Pandan-Ube). This special treat is available when you buy in all leading supermarkets and Nestlé Ice Cream’s official Lazada store: Ice Cream Party PH.

If that is not a good sign that it is time for you to give yourself a break, then we don’t know what is. After all, ice cream makes everything so much better—though should you really wait for a bad day to have some? Go ahead. Indulge.

To stay updated on other promos, follow Nestlé Ice Cream Philippines and Nestlé Temptations on Facebook. You can also follow Nestlé Temptations on Instagram to add a little sweetness to your feed.


Gatorade No Sugar fuels Filipinos forward this summer.

Hello, summer! Hello to fun activities under the sun!
With the bright and sunny weather, more Filipinos embrace the great outdoors to spend time with family and friends or learn new skills and sports. But with the sweltering heat, the body loses not only water, but also valuable nutrients to regulate basic functions are used up at quicker rates.

Medical journals and health experts warn that the likelihood of getting dehydrated is high during summertime. If not addressed immediately, the effects of dehydration may be irreparable and require lifelong treatment. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) reminds everyone to hydrate regularly and pay close attention to how much sugar is consumed during the dry season.

Photo credit: Enric Cruz on Pexels.

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI), the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country, supports this call by encouraging Filipinos to fight dehydration while staying fit and active with Gatorade No Sugar. This electrolyte drink helps recover the body’s lost minerals without the unnecessary calories from sugar.

Electrolytes are key to one’s physical performance and overall well-being, as they help balance the amount of water and nutrients in the body. They regulate nervous, motor, and cardiovascular functions so that mind and body perform as they should.

“We lose more than water when we sweat, and we must take the necessary steps to continue nourishing our bodies to keep healthy. Gatorade No Sugar is packed with electrolytes and essential nutrients to replenish our bodies’ supply especially during the humid Philippine summer,” said PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong.

Gatorade No Sugar.

Gatorade No Sugar helps ensure that more Filipinos get to enjoy being active this summer without compromising their health. It is available in leading convenience stores, supermarkets, and drug stores nationwide.

Aside from Gatorade, PCPPI also manufactures and distributes well-loved brands such as Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Sting, Tropicana, Lipton Iced Tea, Milkis, Chum Churum Soonhari, and Premier Purified Water. For more information about PCPPI and its products, please visit


Mother's Day Specials from Max's Restaurant.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and as we all know, it's also the busiest day of the year for restaurants and food establishments. After all, it's the day when we all want to take our moms out for lunch or dinner so that she wouldn't have to cook, clean, or slave away in the kitchen.

If you want to avoid crowded places or long restaurant waits on Mother's Day, how about ordering from Max's Restaurant and opt for delivery instead?

Mother's Day Bundle, Php 1899.

For this special occasion, Max's Restaurant is offering a Mother's Day Bundle and it comes with Max's bestsellers and crowd favorites - Regular Whole Fried Chicken, Lechon Kawali Kare-kare, Lumpiang Shanghai, Large Plain Rice, a tub of Buko Pandan, and 4 bottles of Sago't Gulaman

Regular Whole Fried Chicken.

Lechon Kawali Kare-kare.

Lumpiang Shanghai.

The price for this bundle starts at Php 1,899 and will be available at all Max's Restaurant branches from now until May 31. 

From the Max's Corner Bakery. :)

Aside from the Mother's Day Bundle, you can also show your love for your mom by surprising her with the Max's Troubador Cake. This soft and buttery cake is finally making a comeback on the Max's Corner Bakery menu just in time for Mother's Day, and I'm hoping this fluffy and yummy cake is here to stay. 

Max's Troubador Cake, Php 799.

This cake retails for Php 799 and you can also have this delivered as well. Orders can be made through the Max's Delivery website, or you can call directly to their stores. Check out Max's official Facebook page for the contact numbers and Viber hotlines.

If you still want to keep up with the timeless tradition of taking mom out to eat this Sunday, you'd be glad to know that both the Mother's Day Bundle and the Troubador Cake are also available for dine-in and take out.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and Happy Mother's Day!


Cravings Satisfied at Krāv Café.

Another coffee shop that has been on my radar for quite sometime now is Krāv Cafe. I would often see photos of my godparents dining here week after week together with their church friends, and this definitely piqued my curiosity. I was like, "Wow, the food must be really good for them to visit almost every Sunday."

After many weeks of curious thinking, I finally had the chance to try their food. Yue and I had late lunch yesterday at Krāv after running some errands and visiting the dentist for his monthly braces adjustment.

As we entered the place, the first thing I noticed was the huge glass windows which give the cafe a very inviting atmosphere. The interiors were just as impressive with its concrete walls, wood elements, and neutral color palette. I'm all for the minimalist industrial design, and Krāv is totally my style.

Huge glass windows.

Concrete walls and wood elements.

I also love how this place is spacious and well-lighted - perfect for lounging with friends, Sunday brunch with your family, or date nights with your loved one. 

Lots of space and electrical outlets.

Krāv also makes a great productivity hub for students and remote workers. They offer free (and fast) wi-fi to paying customers, and they have electrical outlets all over the place for your laptops and gadgets. 

When we visited Krāv, there was actually a group of students huddled in one corner with laptops and tablets in tow. It was quite nice to see them enjoying their cakes and coffee while getting actual work done. (I sort of overheard their conversation and they were brainstorming for a performance task.)

Speaking of coffee, Krāv has a wide selection of them on their menu. They also have fruit juices and tea, and some alcoholic beverages, too. I'm not sure if they serve the latter all day like their breakfast menu, but I do know that they do not serve alcohol to minors. Pasta and sandwiches are also present on the Krāv menu, as well as finger foods for starters and cakes for desserts.

The Krāv menu.

Cakes and coffee.

Yue, who was famished after an exhausting day at school, ordered the Breakfast Feast. This usually comes with two slices of bread and brewed coffee, but he opted to have it with fried rice instead. I was in the mood for pasta so I ordered their Pesto which also comes with sourdough bread.

Pesto, Breakfast Feast, Iced Chocolate.

Breakfast Feast, Php 275.

Pesto, Php 195.

Their Pesto is nutty and garlicky, just the way pesto should be. It's creamy and savory and has that nice, earthy flavor with hints of saltiness from the parmesan cheese. I wish they didn't over toast the bread, though. This plate would have been perfect if not for the sourdough bread that was bit too tough to bite.

Happy camper yet again.

Yue, on the other hand, had no complaints about his Breakfast Feast. He enjoyed it a lot, and would have ordered another if not for the power chain on his teeth. (His teeth started to hurt as soon as he was done eating.) He also liked their Iced Chocolate which, according to him, has the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. 

Of course, I had to have coffee and dessert. I ordered a 22oz cup of Spanish Latte and a slice of Carrot Cake. Their coffee is pretty good, while their cake tasted oddly familiar. Even Yue noticed it, too. Perhaps their cakes and the cakes from another restaurant are baked by the same patissier? Nonetheless, their Carrot Cake is yummy and a real eye-candy.

Spanish Latte 22oz, Php 140.
Carrot Cake, Php 13 per slice.

Overall, Yue and I enjoyed our first Krāv experience. The food may be a bit on the pricey side, but you definitely get your money's worth with the plating, presentation, and the taste. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff also makes this cafe worth visiting.

If you're looking for a nice co-working space that serves good food, Krāv is a must-try. You can even bring your pet/s along, as they're one of the few pet-friendly dining establishments here in the city. Plus points too for the spacious car park in front of their building. Now you can have coffee in peace without having to worry about your car getting scratched or dented while parked (or double parked, lol) along the busy streets of San Pablo.

Ground Flr. G5 Bldg.,
M. Brion St., Brgy. IV-C
San Pablo City


This Home Appliance Tops the List of Popular Mother's Day Gifts.

The month of flowers is also the month for mothers! The month of May is upon us again, which only means that the spotlight shines extra bright once more for us moms as we celebrate Mother’s Day. If you’re thinking of the right surprise to give to the number one lady in your life, allow me to give you a clue. It starts with an A and ends with an R. It’s a kitchen favorite, one that will help the number one chef flex her amazing cooking skills.

Drumroll please... it’s Air Fryers! Yes, it is still air fryers, at least according to the latest data from OnBuy . According to the latest report, there is a big surge of sales on this nifty appliance weeks before the annual celebration of Mother’s Day. This kitchen must-have has boomed in popularity in the last couple of years and for very good reasons. In this blog post, I’ll give you a rundown of all its benefits by putting the focus on one of the most powerful models in the market: The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer. Below are all the reasons why you should #BringBrevilleHome.

1. Air frying is a better alternative to traditional deep frying.

When you deep fry, oil is heated into high amounts that can lead to increased concentrations of inflammatory compounds that are absorbed by the food. With air frying, you minimize the use of oil or can even entirely remove it. The way it works is that it uses convection heat to cook food, similar to the way a fan oven works.

2. It can help you cook healthier versions of your favorite fried dishes.

Regular consumption of deep-fried food has been known to be correlated to the development of chronic ailments like cardiovascular disease. The use of convection heat to fry can create the same crispy exterior that we all love so much from our favorite fried treats. The result is healthier versions of meals with lower saturated fat that are better for our diets.

3. It’s versatile!

The versatility of this kitchen partner is something all cooking aficionados will definitely appreciate. The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer is a perfect example of this. On top of having a dedicated air frying setting, this unit from the premium home lifestyle brand comes with nine other cooking functions which include toast, roast, bake, crumpet, and even pizza. It’s like having 10 appliances, all in one powerful model.

4. It’s perfect for busy bees.

Talking about power, the Smart Oven Air Fryer is also ideal for anyone who wants to be efficient with cooking. Its dual-speed convection feature reduces cooking time by 30 percent which is perfect for all busy moms out there. 5. It’s very user-friendly. Air frying food is a no-brainer because you can easily pick settings for your recipe. The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer takes this a notch higher with its Element IQ System which has a smart algorithm that creates the ideal cooking environment for a range of different cooking techniques. Forget about cold, uneven spots and ideal rack positions. This air fryer does it all for you and more, regardless of your cooking skills.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of innovation to the special woman in your life by turning their dream kitchen into a reality. We already know that our moms are geniuses when it comes to creating meals that we love, but it doesn’t hurt to bring home an equally smart partner that can help them make even more cooking wonders. If you’re into it, you can even go the extra mile and take a crack at cooking by bonding with her to make your own Mother’s Day feast.

It’s time to #BringBrevilleHome this Mother’s Day. Want to know more about the Smart Oven Air Fryer? Visit their website to get the full deets about this appliance. Don’t forget to also follow their official Facebook and Instagram to get updated on their other releases.


Folcon Cakery | The Return of the OG.

Foodwise, if there's one thing I've been really looking forward to this summer, it's the reopening of Folcon Cakery. You see, Folcon (formerly known as Folcon Baker and Coffee Shop) is a household name here in San Pablo City when it comes to cakes and coffee. It's one of the OG coffeeshops here in my hometown, and one of our favorite places to dine and hang out back when the husband and I were still dating. 

Even after getting married, we remained loyal customers of Folcon. In fact, during the first trimester of my pregnancy, I would often crave for Folcon's Chicken Cordon Bleu and Pasta Alfredo. My husband would buy them for me of course, because he had to satisfy his pregnant wife's food cravings no matter what, haha.

Fast forward to April 2023, Folcon finally reopened their physical store after almost three years of limited operations (i.e. taking orders online, doing meet-ups and deliveries) because of the pandemic. The best part? Their new location is just a few blocks away from our place!

Folcon Cakery - the return of the OG.
The new Folcon Cakery now has a kissaten (Japanese coffee shop) concept, a far cry from the old coffee shop's industrial look with brick walls and eclectic interiors. This new look is fresh, trendy, and very appealing, especially to the Gen Z crowd (aka my son's age group). Truth be told, I'm totally smitten by the new look because the store's facade reminds me a lot of Deux Copains, one of my favorite neighborhood bakeries in Hongdae

Look who's now hanging out at Folcon with me. :)

Similarly, Folcon Cakery's revamped menu is quite interesting because it's a fusion of old and new. Most of the food items are Folcon classics like the cakes and pasta. Their Baked Zitti, one of Folcon's all-time bestsellers, tastes exactly the way I remembered it from more than a decade ago. It's as meaty, cheesy, and delectable as it was, and that's because they still have the same cook. How awesome is that?

Baked Zitti, Php 230.

Salted Karameru (Hot), Php 119.

Even their cakes and pastries are just as yummy, because they're baked by the same patissier. 

Choco Caramel Tin Can Cakes, Php 199 (mini) and Php 399 (regular). 

Walnut Brownies, Php 20 per piece.

More cake options - Mocha Ganache and Double Chocolate.

The beverages, on the other hand, have quirky Japanese names like Salted Karameru (Salted Caramel) and Pichimangu Soda (Peach Mango Soda), to name a few. If you're a fan of anime or Jdrama, you'd have no trouble interpreting these Japanese names. If anything, you'd give yourself a pat on the back because you understand what they mean and what ingredients they're using. 

The Folcon Cakery menu.

While I enjoyed the Folcon classics, Yue preferred the new items on the menu. He's especially fond of the Kukki Dough (Cookie Dough) with its decadent chocolate base and generous cookie bits, and the Chicken Sando (Chicken Katsu Sandwich) - crunchy chicken fillet wedged between flavorful coleslaw and fluffy slices of bread. He recommended these to his friends, and they loved them as well.

Chicken Sando, Php 149.

Kukki Dough, Php 149.

Folcon Cakery's food options might be a little limited for now, but that's okay since they're still on their soft opening. They're planning to add more items in time for their grand opening this month. As a matter of fact, they've started serving Fettucine Carbonara and Ebi Sando (Shrimp Katsu Sandwich) just recently. Hopefully, they'll bring back my all-time favorite Chicken Cordon Bleu and add more coffee flavors as well.

Fettucine Carbonara.

The new location is also a bit small compared to the old coffee shop, but the last time I dropped by (which was yesterday), they're adding a few more touches to the store's facade and interiors and working on seats for al fresco dining. I can't wait to see the final look on my next coffee run!

Early dinner at Folcon Cakery.

Folcon Cakery at night.

Osmena St. cor Laurel St., 
City Subdivision,
San Pablo City
0917 132 9272


Summer Days, Summer Lice: Here are Tips to Make Your Child's Hair Kuto-Free and Smell Nice!

Summertime is one of the most exciting seasons for children. It is the perfect opportunity for them to go on vacations, embark on outdoor escapades, spend quality time with friends, and create the most cherished childhood memories. Playing outside under the sun for hours with both old and new friends is undoubtedly an activity that creates the fondest memories. In addition, it builds a child’s confidence, communication, and social skills.

Photo credit: Yulianto Poitier.

However, being exposed outdoors also poses harm to our children. In a study conducted by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of the Philippines, over 54.7% of the population of primary school children are infested by head lice, or kuto – a tiny parasite that feeds off human blood from the scalp of its host, which renders no benefit but rather pure discomfort, irritability, hassle, and other more serious conditions such as skin infection.

With the goal to continuously raise awareness on head lice infestation issues and promote prevention, Lamoiyan Corporation, maker of Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo shares tips and hacks to equip moms on how to achieve a kuto-free summer with their kids!

Tip #1 Minimize Head-to-Head Contact

Head lice do not fly, hop, or jump from one head to another. In fact, their only mode of transmission is through head-to-head contact and the sharing of personal hair accessories according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During playtime, children may naturally put their heads together, and a good way to minimize these interactions is to put long hair in a ponytail or braid. A small amount of hair spray can also help contain stray hairs. Children can also be taught the importance of privacy and ownership of personal belongings to maintain good hygiene. The best approach to instilling habits in children is to help them understand the underlying reasons – making it more likely they will follow through and eventually adopt the habits as their own.

Photo credit: Pexels.

Tip #2 Identifying the Problem

Always take precautions. A John Hopkins Medicine article shared that knowing that your child is infected as early as possible is already the first and most important step in helping them. One of the earliest and most common symptoms is your child's frequent head scratches which is due to the itchiness caused by the bites of the tiny parasites. The same CDC article said that the best way to confirm is to look for live lice. First, you must wet your child’s hair and dampen it a little bit, just enough to eliminate water from dripping. Then, use a special fine-toothed comb locally called “Suyod” to detect and remove lice.

Tip #3 Prevent Contamination

If a lice infestation is confirmed, containing the problem is needed to avoid its further spread according to the article from John Hopkins Medicine. Anyone is a possible host as long as their scalps are inhabitable for the lice to survive. This indicates that parents, people working in childcare, and entire families can be affected. Washing pillowcases, blankets, and any shared items that touch the head may help contain the lice. Nonetheless, head lice transmission through inanimate items is uncommon, but not impossible.

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto.

Tip #4 Reducing the Damage

While almost every Filipino household possesses a suyod, it is not a recommended tool for eradicating lice infestations. It may remove lice and nits that get stuck in the middle of the teeth of the comb, but it won’t essentially stop their spread. In fact, pagsusuyod should only be done moderately, as too much use of the comb may damage the scalp, causing open wounds that allow germs and bacteria to enter the body and cause more harm. It is advisable to use it right after using Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo to remove any remainders—if there are any!

Tip#5 Using the Right Treatment

Avoid home remedies and use scientifically proven treatments. Home remedies such as petroleum jelly, mayonnaise, kerosene, essential oils, or olive oil are ineffective and pose adverse effects such as skin irritation and inflammation. They can also reach the eyes of children, which can affect their eyesight. Using clinically proven products such as Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo exudes 100% confidence, backed by experts in safely eradicating lice in children—no side effects included. It contains pyrethrin, a natural active ingredient proven effective in eliminating head lice. Although it is indeed recommended to rely on natural treatments, it is always best to let scientists handle the science.
Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo.

While lice infestation is considered the second most common problem in children, it is neither inevitable nor untreatable. With enough preparation and the right knowledge, mommies can be assured of their children’s safety while having fun under the sun. Making sure that children experience their childhood as free and fun as it can be is one of the best ways to express love and affection to them.

To learn more about Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo, visit