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The 'Have it Your Way' Giveaway events have become quite a hit with my readers, mostly because it gives them the freedom to choose the prize they want. Whether it's a Visa Gift, an Amazon gift card, or even an item from online shopping sites, name it and you can have it!

But before we get started, I'd like to know if you've heard of Sweepstake!Max? If not, you're missing out!

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They truly took it one step further, and made the process that much easier for those of you who like to enter. Head on over and check them out at

Giveaway will go live on June 28, 2013 at 12:01 EST and run until July 31, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. 
One lucky person will choose their prize valued at $500. 
Winner can choose anything they like valued up to $500, with the exception of PayPal Cash. 
 If you choose an item where shipping is included, please note that you prize is only $500 
and you will be responsible for any shipping costs above $500. 
Giveaway is open worldwide, must be 18 years old to enter, and use the Rafflecopter form below.

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Make Way for the ICON!

Singer, actor, and former TRAX member No Min Woo has a new name. He will now be known as ‘ICON’, and he has formed a three man band together with drummer Monster and DJ Disco. The band will be releasing a new single album, ‘Iconic Oh Disco Rockstar’ with the song ‘Rockstar’ as its title track.

The teaser MV for the said track has been released, with ICON showcasing his impressive guitar skills, akin to that of Japanese 'samurai guitarist' Miyavi. Aside from being a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist, ICON was also greatly involved in the making of their single album, where he was also the producer, composer, lyricist, and arranger.

ICON will be releasing the title track ‘Rockstar’ on July 1.

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Foodie Goodie | Peanut Butter Cup Brownies.

Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a crazy, stressful week at school (my little man's school, to be exact) and I just was not in the mood to write for the past couple of days. I'm thankful for the weekend - time off from school, and I get two days to rest at home, update my blog, do the laundry, and watch my favorite Kdramas.

And I can get to experiment in the kitchen, too! Here's another recipe using my all-time favorite spread. And you know I'm talking about peanut butter. :)

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

1 batch brownies batter, made without nuts
1/3 cup smooth peanut butter
1 1/2 ounces soft cream cheese
1 large egg
1/4 cup sugar

1. Line 18 to 20 cups of a standard muffin tin with bake cups.
2. Combine the filling ingredients in a medium-size bowl and beat them with an electric mixer until evenly blended. The texture should be like whipped peanut butter. If it's not stiff enough, add some more peanut butter.
3. Fill each muffin cup about halfway with brownie batter.
4. Spoon about 2 teaspoons of peanut butter filling into the center, pushing it down slightly into the batter.
5. Cover the filling with another spoonful of batter, making sure that the cups are no more than about two thirds to three quarters full.
6. Bake for 15 to 17 minutes, just until well risen and cracked on top.
7. Transfer the pans to a wire rack and cool for 30 minutes.
8. Remove the brownies from the pan and place them directly on the wire rack. Allow them to cool before serving.

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Shared with Food Friday and Food Trip Friday.


The Top 5 Online Coupon Sites to Help You Save Money.

While always popular in the US, it seems like Australia has been a little slower in catching on to the incredible phenomenon that is buying via coupons. Fortunately, there are now a great range of sites that offer coupons to cater for every taste and budget, whether you want to experience some fine dining or scoop up a bargain on clothes. Here are a few of the best online coupon sites to help you save money.
Photo credit: Christine's Coupons
Scoopon is one of the biggest coupon sites available, and is a highly popular way of getting amazing experiences and hot items for less. Its huge popularity can be attributed to the fantastic range of coupons on offer from leading brands and service providers. The site is well presented and easy to navigate, which is a problem on some of the other bargain coupon sites. You can choose to view nationwide deals, or focus on each state or region to find the deals that best relate to you. It’s easy to subscribe, which will send you all of the top coupons of the day straight to your email inbox.

There are amazing deals on cafes, bistros and fine dining restaurants which allow you to enjoy a lavish meal at a fraction of the price. Fashionistas will be impressed by the range of clothes, shoes and accessories that are routinely on offer. If you’re looking for home improvement, there are always amazing bargains to be had on cleaning appliances, hardware kits and even top quality linens for the bedroom. Where Scoopon really stands apart from the competition is with its incredible travel deals. You can find trips to exotic destinations worldwide that are inclusive of flights, meals and accommodation for up to 70% off! If you’re looking for the best deals on Australian coupons, make sure you stop by the Scoopon website and check out what is on offer in your area.

Living Social
This is another great coupon site with high online appeal thanks to great presentation and ease of use. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the night life and restaurants in your area, make sure you subscribe to Living Social. They always have amazing deals on meals to truly make an evening out something special, whether you’re looking for romance or just want to catch up with some friends.They also offer a great range of quality health and beauty services at highly discounted prices.

Red Balloon
Red Balloon is the perfect place to pick up an experience with a difference. Red Balloon specialise in deals that will get the heart racing, adrenaline pumping and help you to experience the best of the Australian outdoors. From the thrill of sky diving to a romantic hot air balloon adventure, you are bound to find an experience to suit every occasion on Red Balloon.

Take Control of Your Finances
Saving money can be hard, and sometimes even with the help of sites such as these you might still be struggling with your finances. If this is the case, consider speaking to a professional debt solutions specialist. Whether you’re looking for a debt consolidation loan or simply some help to get your budget sorted, there is quality help available.

When searching for a bargain, make sure you check out these top Australian coupon sites. Whether you want to take an exotic tropical holiday, spend a day unwinding in a health spa, experiencing the outdoors with some rock-climbing or going out for a sumptuous dinner, there’s a coupon for everyone. Discover this fun and simple way to save money, and enjoy the incredible experiences that your coupons can bring!


Discovering Asian Secrets.

I've seen women flock over this product at Watson's, and I've read quite a handful of positive reviews for this online. Even one of my fellow mommies at school has nothing but praises for this product, so I've been wondering - what is it with Asian Secrets that makes it all the rave?

Luckily, I have been tapped by Unilab to give this product a try - a chance to finally satisfy my curiosity. I received this package last week, and inside were two huge tubs (250 grams) of Asian Secrets.
Asian Secrets!
One tub is the Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract variant, while the other is the Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E variant.
Licorice + Mulberry Leaf Extract on the left, Seaweed Extract + Vitamin E on the right.
Here's what the packaging says about the product:
Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub is a beauty treatment which originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and is inspired by a ritual called lulur. Lulur was originally intended for the bride-to-be in order to beautify, smoothen, and whiten her skin before the wedding day.

And the benefits of using it:
- Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to make the skin smooth and glowing.
- Continued use reduces skin pigmentation and evens out skin tone.
- Moisturizes the skin and leaves it with a fragrant smell.

Now here's how the product looks like. At first glance you'd think it's vanilla ice cream, haha! It's thick and creamy, with very, very fine exfoliating beads in it. Both variants smell wonderful, too. The Mulberry Extract variant has a floral scent, while the Seaweed Extract variant smells citrusy to me.
Like a tub of vanilla ice cream. :)
To use, simply take a dollop and scrub all over, paying particular attention on dark areas of your body (e.g. elbows, knees, armpits).
Take a dollop and then scrub away!
Make sure you scrub this while your skin is dry.
The beads come out as you scrub.
Leave the product on your skin for at least ten minutes before washing off. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Lulur beads on my skin.
What I love:
- The scent! Not overpowering, smells good, and lingers on the skin.
- Makes the skin smooth and soft to touch.
- No allergic reactions considering I have very sensitive skin.
- Affordable (Php 139 for the 250g tub, the smaller tub costs somewhere around Php 80 I think).
- Available at Watson's and most supermarkets.

What you might not like:
- I've always had issues with products that come in jars and tubs. I find it unsanitary, so the best thing to do is use a spatula when scooping it out (especially if you're sharing it with other people at home).

As for the whitening effect of this product, I have yet to use it for a few more weeks before I can attest to it. Will let you know once the color on my arms finally even out, haha! :)

Disclaimer: Product was sent to The Rebel Sweetheart for review. Thoughts and opinions expressed above are entirely my own.


A Secret Revealed | Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream.

Just when you thought you've seen it all when it comes to BB (blemish balm) creams, cosmetic innovators from the Land of the Morning Calm (ergo, South Korea) have come up with an offshoot and decided to move to the next letter of the alphabet.

Enter the CC cream, otherwise known as the 'color control' or 'color corrector' cream. Created and developed in South Korea, the CC cream not only acts as a skincare product but also gives the skin a more effective, natural-looking coverage.
Sells at Php 948 each. :)
This (and more) is what the Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream does - and it has finally made its way to the Philippines. The product - dubbed as the 'Celebrities' Secret' was officially launched last Tuesday, at the Tony Moly branch in Market! Market!, Taguig City.

The event was hosted by Ms. Bianca Valerio, who was also the makeup artist for the day. She did a makeup demo, where the attendees got to see the Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream in action.

And where we got to see the seven key features/benefits from this smart, all-in-one cream. These features include: color correction, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, UV protection, improves complexion, and conceals imperfections.
With the many skincare issues the Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream can address, it's no surprise that this product sold like hotcakes the first time it landed on Philippine shores. It's almost always out-of-stock whenever I drop by Tony Moly stores and attempt to buy one, haha!

And now, let me end this post with some eye-candy.
Yoochun is love! :)
Many thanks to Tony Moly Philippines for inviting The Rebel Sweetheart to this event. ;)

When (Financial) Crisis Strikes...

Payday is my favorite day of the month, and I'm sure any salaried worker would share the same sentiment as me. There are instances however, when emergency expenditures would come up (e.g., your child got sick, you need to pay for a school project, the roof is leaking and needs to be repaired) and payday seems like an eternity away.

The solution? Cash advance loans. More specifically, cash advance loans coursed through UStatesLoans- a company that specializes in the collection and analysis of information about legally working payday lenders throughout the United States.

Getting a loan is easy. First, you fill-out an application form online. The details on your application form will be matched to a payday lender that lives within your area. A representative of the lending company will then contact you regarding your application.

Now while other types of loans take forever to be approved, cash advance loans are usually approved within a short period of time. There are no fussy credit checks, and credit scores have no bearing when it comes to cash advance loans.

Once your application is approved, and you have been notified, you will be able to receive the money via your bank account within 24 hours.

The next step, of course, is repayment of your loan. This usually happens on the next payday of the borrower, where the lender will simply withdraw from the borrower's account the total loan sum plus the interest.

Should an emergency financial problem arise, it would be best to seek the help of companies like UStatesLoans. Not only do they provide immediate financial assistance, they also pay close attention to security issues, observe the best lending practices, and abide by the governing law.


Mama, Yes You Can! | Emancipating Moms from Common Pregnancy Myths.

Last month, The Rebel Sweetheart was invited to Wyeth's Mama, Yes You Can event. Held at Lolo Dad's in Makati, the event was attended by TV/radio personalities, pregnancy experts, as well as fellow mommy bloggers.

Discussed that afternoon were topics on pregnancy, conception, and maternal health. The highlight of the said event were the pregnancy myths that we usually hear from our elders and how the modern Filipina mom can be empowered against them.

When you're pregnant, you have to eat for two.
You can't run, swim, or do yoga for the benefit of a baby's health.
Coffee can increase your risk of miscarriage.

These may sound logical; but believe it or not, these are some of the most common pregnancy myths around. Once you’ve announced your pregnancy, you’re sure to be bombarded with homespun advice from family, friends and even strangers who base their beliefs on hearsay or accepted ideologies.

So how do you distinguish fact from myth?
Listening to Wyeth ProMama’s team of Fit and Fab Mamas Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Delamar Arias and Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion is a good place to start.  The team is joined by respected pregnancy experts Dra. Christia Padolina and Dra. Angel Bandola, who are tasked to empower expectant moms against pregnancy myths and misconceptions.  The road from feeling fat to being PHAT – pregnant, hot and trendy— begins now.

One big pregnancy myth
“Pregnant mothers hear things like ‘You can’t exercise’ or ‘You can’t travel because it may harm your baby.’ These are things that confuse first time moms, making them believe that there are so many ‘Can’ts’ during pregnancy,” says ProMama product manager Gino Anonuevo. 

“One of the biggest pregnancy myths is that a mother’s life should take a backseat to her child’s. When a woman’s belly grows, the mom may begin to feel more like a vessel than a woman. Many give in to the mindset that beauty, youth, and energy—all those things that make up a woman’s femininity—are no longer theirs.

“This doesn’t have to be the case. Expectant mothers can say, ‘Yes!’ to a lot of things that they feel or have heard they can’t.”

The ProMama council of fit and fab moms Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Delamar Arias and Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion are walking testaments to the fact that life is further enriched by pregnancy. Tricia, a known health enthusiast, still continues on with her fit lifestyle that includes running a couple of miles a day in spite of expecting her second child this September; Delamar who’s part of a popular radio show, doesn’t let morning sickness or hormones tone done her natural exuberance and humor in hosting her program; and finally, 2-time mom Amanda Griffin-Jacob hasn’t succumbed to what she calls the “mommy meltdown” and is still considered to be one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine showbiz.

To a fit and fab pregnancy
If there’s one thing that’s definitely not a myth, it’s the fact that pregnant women should take special care of their nutritional needs.

Wyeth Nutrition, makers of ProMama, understands this, and wants every woman to fully enjoy the journey of pregnancy. A nutritional milk drink designed to support women—and not just the unborn baby—during pregnancy.  ProMama focuses on the life giver to address the needs of both mother and child.

“The fulcrum of each family is the mother. Without her, the family would fall apart—emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically. Wyeth Nutrition fully acknowledges these values with ProMama, the milk that takes care of mothers so they can take care of their children,” says Anonuevo.

Only ProMama contains the Pro-Nutri Builders, ingredients that support the health and development of both mother and child during pregnancy.  These include Maternal Immunity Enhancers like Beta Carotene, which has antioxidant and immunostimulatory properties, and Vitamins C, E and A, which also helps promote good vision and cellular growth.

Pro-Nutri Builders are also targeted for the growing baby. ProMama has Mental Enhancers like DHA, a nutrient important for a child’s visual and mental development; Folic Acid, which is essential for the development of the nervous system and in preventing neural tube defects; and Zinc, which assists in fetal neurodevelopment. ProMama’s formula also contains Bone and Muscle Builders such as Vitamin D, important for calcium metabolism and to support an unborn baby’s bone and teeth development; Protein, the building block of all tissues; and Calcium, which supports bone development.

ProMama, which is available in Vanilla Delight Flavor, has only 15 percent of calories from fat. Just two servings of ProMama daily can help promote appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.

Yes You Can

The road to dispelling the biggest pregnancy myth of them all is now on the rise – and Wyeth Nutrition hopes that expecting mothers will eventually embrace the value of putting effort into looking and feeling great during pregnancy.

“When I was pregnant, nothing stopped me from doing yoga, wearing heels, hosting my TV show, travelling and even wearing a bikini. I enjoyed life as much as I enjoyed my pregnancy and it paid off. My 2 boys are happy and healthy,” shares Amanda. There’s nothing quite like experiencing motherhood firsthand.”

“When moms are healthy and happy, so are their babies—even while they’re still in the womb. Moms should not be afraid to say 'Yes!' to form-fitting clothes, traveling to experience the world, wearing heels, and even exercising. Getting through the roadblock of feeling fat to feeling pregnant, hot and tempting aids in a healthy, beautiful pregnancy," adds Amanda.

About Wyeth Nutrition
Wyeth Nutrition, formerly Pfizer Nutrition, is part of Nestlé S.A.  Wyeth Nutrition develops premium-quality nutritional products scientifically-designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, pregnant and lactating mothers, and adults. As pioneers in infant nutritional science, our mission is to provide the best nutritional support for future healthy outcomes. For nearly a century, Wyeth Nutrition has leveraged scientific research, world class manufacturing and product safety standards to drive scientifically-sound solutions that offer parents confidence, help nourish children and support their healthy futures. It employs the same level of excellence in delivering nutrient-rich products to adults.

Everything Zen.

Two weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to go to the spa and get a massage. And I say rare because 'me-time' is a little difficult to come by when you're a work-at-home mom, especially when're the only one who does the chores at home and have no one else to look after your child.

But thanks to my 'balikbayan' cousins, who were in town for a quick vacation and practically took Yue wherever they went, I had the chance to pamper myself a bit at Lake Zen The Medical Spa.

Fairly new in the business, Lake Zen has been operational since March and is owned by the husband and wife team of Dr. Cathy Villero, an OB-Gyn, and Dr. Reden Villero, an orthopedic surgeon.

I guess it's their professions that inspired them to open a spa such as theirs. After all, a spa can only be called a 'medical spa' if it is operated under the supervision of a medical doctor. (In their case, it's doctors.)
Also, what sets a medical spa apart from the traditional day spas is that the former not only offers rest and relaxation, but also focuses on long-term healing and beautifying treatments that require a doctor’s expertise.
At the waiting area of Lake Zen.
Some of the services offered by Lake Zen include traditional massages (e.g. full body massage, hot stone massage, reflexology), treatment massages (e.g. pregnancy massage, infertility massage, baby massage), and aesthetical procedures such as facials and slimming massage. They also offer hand and foot spas, manicure and pedicure - with nail art, even.
Isn't this cute? :)
I went for the Traditional Full Body Massage (Php 250), which lasted for one hour. I forgot to tell the spa consultant beforehand that I would like Moroccan Rose Oil (additional Php 50 for essential oils) to be used for my massage - my bad. And to think their collection of oils were impossible to miss as they were just sitting in the counter, lol.
Essential oils, take your pick.
Oh well, there is always a next time. After that pleasant first visit to Lake Zen - with their warm and accommodating staff plus the soothing and relaxing massage - I will definitely be coming back for another round of R&R. The curious cat in me is dying to try their Slimming Massage (Php 400), so I might give that a try the next time I visit.

Oh, and I heard that Lake Zen has a lot of stuff happening this July. They've announced that they'll be expanding, so I guess that's additional floor area to accommodate more customers and to cater to bigger spa parties. They'll also be launching their Loyalty Card, with a special treat for its repeat customers. Now that, I want. Haha!

For updates on promos and special spa packages, like Lake Zen The Medical Spa's official Facebook page.

Lake Zen The Medical Spa
GMC II Bldg, Unit 4 20 Barleta St., 
San Pablo City, Laguna
(049) 5736744/ 0922-8871513/ 0906-3544800


The Latest in Interior Design Trends.

It has never been easier to transform your home into the environment that makes you and your family most at ease. There are so many styles, designs and trends that can completely alter the look and feel of your home and with so much emphasis placed on appearance, more and more people are becoming interior design enthusiasts to ensure they keep up to date with the latest trends and make sure there home is the envy of friends and neighbours.

Your home is a place of sanctuary and needs to be styled in a way that not only fills you with satisfaction when you walk through the door but also in a way that is practical to the people that live within the home. Interior design is similar in many ways to that of regular fashion as the trends evolve and develop every year and there are simply so many followers that have a desire to be ‘fashionable’.

2013 saw some trends reappear from eras such as the 60’s. The trends may not to be everyone’s personal tastes and many simply cannot be put together, they are merely suggestions and favoured styles that can transform the look and feel of your personal environment.

2013 the bold and the beautiful…

  • Bold geometric patterns, bright colours and eye-catching furnishings are reminiscent of the 1960’s era and the trends have made a come back in spectacular fashion. They can be done subtly or boldly depending on your bravery. 
  • Copper, brass and glass are key design features this spring summer season with the items being used to create a feeling of light, elegance and expense. Done in simple ways they can be subtle focal points within any room.
  • Mirrors are the perfect accessories as they are ideal for any room. Not only for vanity purposes they can make a room appear larger and brighter and grouped mirrors do this is an effective and stylish way.
  • Floral fabrics come in a range of colours and styles and create a feeling of old fashioned class, again use just a hint of the pattern or go flower power mad for a breath taking room.
  • Antique wooden furniture is a trend that will never die and with so many furniture items in this style it is easy to incorporate the trend in any part of the home.
  • Flowers are a key look for this season and botanical patterns and accessories just highlights this.
  • Fixtures and fittings are something, which cannot be ignored as they perfectly finish the look of a room. Copper, brass, or chrome electrical switches are the ideal way to keep within the design of a room whilst incorporating practical fixtures.
  • Bright colours are a must as we say goodbye to magnolia and the neutral tones that have been popular for so long.
  • Embracing ethnicity is one of the most popular new trends of this year with the addition of screens and furniture items the ethnic style can be easily incorporated into any home.
  • Art has taken on a new lease of life with extreme and bold pieces being the style of choice. Graffiti and expressive art are now littering the walls of so many homes.

Wordless Wednesday #43 | Off to Antipolo!

Every year, my parents-in-law would hie off to Antipolo City to visit and hear mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Peace and Voyage, more commonly known as the Antipolo Cathedral. They do this in commemoration of their wedding anniversary, and this year they just celebrated their 35th. :)


Free Airfare Promo from Tiger Airways!

As part of the launching of Tiger Airways Philippines, Filipino flyers will be given a rare chance to fly to their favorite destinations (local or international) for free. Yes, FREE!

“We at Tiger Airways Philippines embrace the simple belief that travel is about bringing people closer to their desires and experiences. One way of making air travel more accessible is through offerings such as the free fare promo,” says Olive Ramos, President and CEO of Tiger Airways Philippines.

Flights booked on from June 1 until June 30, 2013 and with travel dates from July 1 to September 30, 2013 can be availed for free. Among the destinations that Tiger Airways Philippines flies to are Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and local destinations such as Clark, Laoag, Bacolod, Kalibo, Cebu, Iloilo, Tacloban, and Puerto Princesa. It has also increased its flight frequency between Manila and Bacolod, and Cebu and Kalibo. A Singapore to Kalibo route will also be launched on July 18, making the carrier the only one to directly fly this route.

Travellers now have more freedom to choose an airline that is safe, reliable and seamless. We are offering this free fare promo for everyone to get a chance to experience the joy of finding a travel partner that understands their needs and truly cares for them.” Ramos adds.

Tiger Airways Philippines carries a distinguished regional brand that gives importance to safety and reliability, while offering the best value fare to travellers. The airline operates Airbus A320 and A319, with wider leg rooms to give added comfort to its passengers. For more details, log on to or like us on to Facebook at

Because sometimes, the best things in life, are still, FREE.  


Spotlight | Amethyst Teardrop Earrings from SuperJeweler.

Oh, happy day! The San Antonio Spurs won Game 5, Manu Ginobili played a colossal game and showed the fans what he was made of, and as if these were not enough, my package from SuperJeweler came in the mail today!
A gift from Super Jeweler! :)
SuperJeweler is a New York-based online jewelry store, and sometime last month they sent me an email asking if I would be interested in doing a product review. Any girl who has an affinity for jewelries, accessories, and gemstones would agree, which I of course did.

Stephanie, the store's representative, gave me the liberty to choose which piece of jewelry I would like to receive. I chose this pair of Amethyst Teardrop Earrings for several reasons: 1) Purple is my favorite color; 2) Amethyst is one of my favorite stones (not my birthstone, though); 3) I have a penchant for dangling/chandelier earrings.
Purple is love! :)
Crafted in sterling silver with 18k gold overlay, these earrings are guaranteed to draw attention and spice up even the most basic wardrobe. The earrings, which feel light as a feather when worn, hang by an inch. The stone itself is pear-shaped and weighs 15 ct. It even comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, as with all pieces purchased from SuperJeweler.
Lifetime warranty.
These Amethyst Teardrop Earrings, by the way, retail elsewhere for around $399. At SuperJeweler, they're priced a hundred dollars less. (Do the math, that's $299.)

If you're from the Philippines and would like to order at SuperJeweler, you'd be glad to know that they offer free shipping to anywhere in the world, via the US Postal Service. My gift took about three weeks to arrive, so expect yours to arrive within the same time frame should you place an order at their website.

To end this post, here's how I rocked my Amethyst Teardrop Earrings.
No, I'm not wearing false eyelashes. 
Thankful that I inherited my dad's long neck.
I used to hate my neck when I was a kid, haha.
Disclosure: The Rebel Sweetheart received the aforementioned product for review purposes, and was not compensated in any form. Thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.