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Gun Safety Basics.

Guns can be used for a variety of activities besides self-defense, such as hunting, riflery, or skeet shooting. Whether you're new to guns or an old pro, it's important to know some basic safety rules before using your weapon. This goes beyond storing rifles in a safe or keeping your handguns in blackhawk holsters. Although these are both good practices, there are a few principles everyone with a firearm should follow at all times to keep both themselves and others safe.

Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun, 2016.

Be Aware of Your Direction
Especially when someone is comfortable holding their firearm, it can be easy to feel safe with it pointed in any direction. This can be incredibly dangerous though in case the gun goes off or misfires; it could seriously injure someone. That's why the first and possibly most important rule of handling a gun is to always point the barrel down and away from others. This ensures any accidents or malfunctions won't harm anyone nearby.

Jo Jung Suk in Two Cops, 2017.

Don't Keep It Loaded
You shouldn't have your gun loaded unless you're using it. That means when you get home from a hunting trip or day at the range, you should make sure to remove all ammunition—including anything that may be in the chamber of your gun—to prevent accidents. It's much safer to show people your guns or handle them in the house when they aren't loaded and there's no risk of it accidentally firing.

Lee Joon Gi in Gunman in Joseon, 2014.

Treat Every Gun Like It's Loaded
Some people rely on their gun's safety features to tell them when it's safe to handle the weapon in a perhaps hazardous manner. This isn't good practice. You should always treat every gun as if it could go off at any moment, whether it's loaded or not and even if the safety is on. This mechanism is a fail-safe feature to help make handling easier, but should not be treated as a perfect safety solution. Along with this rule of thumb, it's wise to stay away from the trigger of a gun unless you intend to shoot it. Even if you think you've removed all the bullets and the safety is on, there is always a chance something could go wrong, so staying away from the trigger is best practice.

These are just a few of many gun safety rules, but they'll help novices learn good behaviors around firearms and remind experts accidents can still happen.


Cooking with my Air Fryer | Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe.

If there's one snack that this house never runs out of (aside from Fuji apples and yogurt drinks), it has got to be cookies. Whether it's inside the fridge, in the cookie jar, or somewhere in the pantry, there has got to be cookies at my house almost all the time. And now that I have learned how to bake them myself, there's no way that this house will run out of Yue's favorite snack henceforth.

I've made cookies from scratch a few times since I got my air fryer, and after a few tweaks in the ingredients and some adjustments in the temperature, I can finally say that I have nailed this thing. Here's how I made my Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 large egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg (optional)

1. Preheat the air fryer to 170° Celsius.
2. Heat the butter in a small skillet until about half of it is melted. Turn off the heat and continue whisking the butter until it is melted entirely. Let the butter cool for about 3-5 minutes.
3. In a large bowl, mix the butter with the white and brown sugar until well-combined.
4. Stir in the egg and vanilla until incorporated.
5. Add the flour, baking soda, salt, and nutmeg.
6. Mix the dough until just combined. Do not overmix!
7. Fold in the chocolate chips.
8. Scoop out 1 1/2 tablespoons of the dough and place 2 inches apart on a baking sheet.
9. Set your air fryer to Bake mode and bake at 170°C for 10 minutes. Switch to Convection Broil for 3-5 minutes to make the cookies look more brown. (Kindly make adjustments to the temperature settings if you're using a conventional oven.)

Choose your mix-ins! :)
I use unsalted butter for baking. You may use salted butter if you prefer.
You may use other variants of chocolate chips. You can use dark, semisweet, white chocolate chips, or any combination of these types.
You may also use other mix-ins such as chopped peanuts, M&M's, or chopped chocolate bars.


5 Tips for Setting Effective Fitness Goals.

So you want to get in shape. Congratulations! The first step towards a healthier lifestyle is deciding to make a change.

However, as you likely know from experience, it can be hard to stick to your decision. With constant temptation from Netflix and Reese’s, not to mention the countless tasks of modern life, it’s easy to get derailed.

Worry not! Even if your fitness goals have floundered in the past, there’s still hope. Follow our 5 tips for setting effective fitness goals to keep moving forward. 

Park Seo Joon in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)

#1: Be Specific
If your goal is simply to “get fit,” you may not be sure where to start. Should you start prepping for a 5k, or train for a marathon? Should you be doing yoga for strength and flexibility? Should you eat keto or restrict your calories?

This is why you need to get specific. Which is closest to your actual goal? 
● Experience less pain in a specific body part (lower back, shoulders)
● Feel stronger
● Improve balance, stability, and coordination
● Build endurance and stamina
● Change a “problem area”
● Lose weight
● Complete a race

Your specific goal will influence your choices. For example, if you want to improve balance, you’ll start with leg and core strengthening routines. To lose weight, you might up your cardio game. Have several goals? Figure out a way to address each one—but don’t overwhelm yourself right out of the gate.
Choi Siwon of Super Junior.

#2: Start Small
If you envision getting shredded from head to toe, remember that that will take months of consistent effort, and changes in just about every area of your life. It can get discouraging when your goal is still far off in the distance after weeks of effort.

How can you avoid getting overwhelmed? Set achievable short-term goals. 
Examples include: 
● Complete 10 Pilates classes in a month
● Lose 5 lbs.
● Run 1 mile
● Bench 10 more pounds than last month

Once you’ve checked this small goal off your to-do list, enjoy your achievement! Then, set a bigger goal for the next month. 
Lee Joon Gi's sculpted abs.

#3: Make a Plan for Muscle Recovery
If your quads burn for a week after your first trip to the gym, you probably won’t be heading back anytime soon. Remember, we advised you to start small—try not to overdo it right away!

However, you can also take concrete steps to recover from post-exercise inflammation.
These include:
● Taking CBD drops after your workout
● Drinking plenty of water
● Getting adequate vitamins and minerals

Eat healthy like Kim Seok Jin!

#4 Eat to Support Your New Habits
Speaking of those adequate vitamins… remember that a supplement can only go so far. In order to find the energy for your next workout (and the next, and the next), you need to eat a healthy diet. That means:
● Whole grains
● Lean proteins (fish, eggs, nuts, beans)
● Leafy greens
● Vegetables
● Fruits
● Adequate healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado oil)

Interested in the Mediterranean diet or Whole 30? Don’t let us stop you. The most important thing is sticking to a realistic diet rather than ping-ponging between healthy eating and trips to McDonalds.

Starting small? Try to eat at least one fresh meal a day. Once you see the benefits, you may be inspired to up your cooking game! Just remember to put jam on your toast every now and then (you deserve it).

BTS exercising together in Burn the Stage.

#5: Create Support Systems
It’s easier to stick to goals when you create some accountability. You could:
● Form an accountability group with friends. Check in weekly or create a group chat and stay in constant contact!
● Ask your family members to support your goal. Some may even want to follow your new diet or join you on runs.
● Download a planning app to keep track of your goals. When you meet one, reward yourself with a massage or spa trip.

You may slip up from time to time. Having a support system in place helps you forgive yourself and move on. The sooner you get back to work on your goal, the sooner you can enjoy the rewards—emotional and otherwise!

Consistency is Key
Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Kim Kardashian’s body built overnight. When it comes to major changes in appearance, endurance, and overall health, there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. (At least none available through natural methods.)

When you set achievable fitness goals, you’ll see and feel incremental change. Once you pass a milestone, keep on going! Your effort is already paying off, and by keeping consistent, you’ll create new habits that become easier and easier to sustain.


Cooking with my Air Fryer | Easy Sushi Bake Recipe.

It's been more than two months since I got my air fryer and so far, my adventures with this nifty kitchen gadget has been nothing short of amazing. If you're following me on Facebook or on Instagram, then you've probably seen the different dishes that I have made with my air fryer - from something as simple as tofu, to viands that are a bit more complex ('pangmalakasan' as the husband puts it) such as smoked ribs and crispy pata.

These days, I'm also dabbling in baking because hey, everyone seems to be doing it as a means of de-stressing during these trying times. I've baked brownies, muffins, cookies... mostly snacks that my little man (well, not-so-little now since he's entering junior high) loves. My latest experiment is something that I've always wanted to try (and by that I mean eat) since it started trending during the quarantine - Sushi Bake. Basically, it's a deconstructed version of the sushi roll. Instead of rolling the rice and other ingredients inside large sheets of roasted seaweed using a bamboo mat, you just spread everything in a pan and bake it into a casserole. 

I was thinking of ordering it online at first, but eventually I decided to just make my own from scratch. And because my first attempt was a success (my neighbors can attest to that, haha), I'd like to share with you my easy peasy Sushi Bake recipe. 

Sushi Bake
Sushi Rice
3 cups cooked rice (Japanese rice or Dinorado)
3 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

2 cups kani, shredded or cut into chunks
1 large ripe mango, diced
1 medium cucumber, diced
1 cup cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup Japanese mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Sriracha 
2 packs Aji Savor on Rice (used as furikake)
3 packs Korean roasted seaweed (nori) sheets

1. In a small bowl, mix the rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Mix well, and make sure that both the salt and sugar are completely dissolved.
2. Pour the mixture over the rice and toss until the rice is well-coated. 
3. In a separate bowl, combine the cream cheese, Japanese mayonnaise, and Sriracha. Mix well.
4. Add the kani, half of the mango, and half of the cucumber to the mixture. Add a bit of salt to taste and stir until well-combined.
5. Spread the sushi rice evenly in an oven safe pan. 
6. Sprinkle a thin layer of the Aji Savor on Rice on top of the rice until fully-covered.
7. Add the topping by spreading it evenly. Sprinkle the remaining cucumber and mango bits on top, and a bit more furikake if desired.
8. Drizzle with a bit of Japanese mayonnaise and Sriracha before baking.
9. Set your air fryer to Bake mode and bake at 170° C for 17 minutes. (Take note that this setting is for the Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven. Kindly make adjustments if you're using a conventional oven.)
10. Serve by scooping into nori sheets.

My very own Sushi Bake!
I baked this on my air fryer!

Please look forward to more air fryer recipes on my blog! :)


9 Best Seller Tony Moly Lip Products to Try.

Tony Moly is a highly popular Korean skincare and cosmetics brand. It aims to be a source of high-quality beauty products packed with natural ingredients. With over 400 stores in South Korea alone, it prides itself on its trendy and unique packaging aesthetic and collaboration with high-profile brand spokespersons, such as the K-Pop group JYJ and actress Min Hyo Rin. Click here to check out their wide range of products from lippies to face masks.
JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong) for Tony Moly.

Here are some of the brand's best selling lip products: 

1. Perfect Lips Shocking Lip
The Perfect Lips Shocking Lip highly-innovative lip color has been enriched with vibrant pigments and moisturizing oils that provide a high-impact, and long-lasting color. This highly-pigmented lip tint puts vivid colors on your lips minus the sticky finish. Vitamin E keeps your lips moisturized, while Safflower, Jojoba, and Argan Oil plus Shea Butter locks in moisture, keeping your lips soft for hours and vibrant color that stays all day.
Tony Moly Perfect Lips Shocking Lip.

2. Liptone Get It Tint S #06 Chili Pepper
A K-beauty collaboration with MONSTA X, this special lip tint offers a smooth, spicy color on your lips that MONSTA X fans will surely love. Its oil-based formula also keeps your lips soft and glossy all day long. This highly pigmented lip tint produces a deep red shade that doesn't quickly lose color, and its buildable texture enables you to adjust color intensity and application easily.

Using the applicator, apply to your lips' inner part for a gradient look or fill the entire area for a bold look.
Wonho of Monsta X wears Tony Moly.

3. Perfect Lips Lip Cashmere
Tony Moly Perfect Lips Lip Cashmere is a velvet matte lipstick that smoothly glides on your lips; it feels like wearing cashmere on your lips. Comfortable to wear and long-lasting, this velvety lipstick contains Jojoba Esters and Sunflower Seed Oil to moisturize your lips with a good color payoff without getting dry. Smoothly glides on your lips upon application.
Tony Moly Perfect Lips Lip Cashmere.

4. Delight Tony Tint
With its sweet-smelling, fruity scent, this lightweight tint gives lips a sheer hint of color and its Rosehip, Jojoba, Argan Oil, and Shea Butter infusions create a moisturizing luster on your lips. With Rose Flower Extracts, Cranberry Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Acai Extract, and Cacao Extract, this lip tint gives a yummy scent and makes for pleasing lip makeup. Apply a moderate amount from the inside to the outside lip for a polished look.
Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint.

5. Perfect Lips Curving Lipstick
Thanks to its ergonomic applicator, this unique lipstick is designed to match your lips' curve to deliver a smooth, long-lasting vivid color. It is enriched with Rose Extract, Rosehip Oil, and Avocado Oil to moisturize your lips deeply. Because of its curved design, it easily creates gorgeous and vivid lips without lumping. Apply moderate amounts from the inside to outside lips gently.
Tony Moly Perfect Lips Curving Lipstick.

6. Perfect Lips Rouge Gloss
Achieve smackingly sexy lips with this lip gloss! Formulated with Lavender Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and Fermented Yeast Filtrate, this lip gloss offers moisture and added nutrition to your lips. Perfect Lips Rouge Gloss is also designed with a unique oil film that locks in moisture within your lips to maintain the vibrant color and keep it plump for hours.
Tony Moly Perfect Lips Rouge Gloss.

7. Spoiler Sheer Matte Lip Pencil
Enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B, this matte lip pencil adds moisture and nourishment to your lips and leaves a soft, velvety finish and vibrant color that lasts for hours. This creamy, textured lip pencil is also very easy to apply for a smooth focus. Apply the lip pencil from your inside to outside lips, carefully following along your natural lip contour.
Tony Moly Spoiler Sheer Matte Lip Pencil.

8. Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner
This creamy, extremely easy to use auto lip liner contains Argan Oil for an extra moisturization boost. Forego manually sharpening your lip liners with this smudge-resistant lip liner that applies smoothly on your lips. Simply outline the natural edge of your lips, then fill or layer with a lipstick or lip gloss. This creamy lip liner is blendable and can easily match into your lipstick or lip gloss.
Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Lip Liner.

9. Perfect Lips Rouge Intense
Create a glamorous, HD-like lip finish with this highly-pigmented lipstick with bold, dramatic color in one swipe. This lipstick is also infused with botanical extracts, Collagen, Glycerin, and Sodium Hyaluronate for a unique, super boosted hydration. Enriched with Rose Flower Extracts and Calendula Flower Extract, Perfect Lips Rouge Intense keeps your lips soothed and moisturized. At the same time, the added Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate delivers intense hydration to your lips. As a final treat, its added Collagen helps keep your lips firm and a must-try for lipstick enthusiasts.
Tony Moly Perfect Lips Rouge Intense.

Final Thoughts
Whether you're going for a sassy, sophisticated, or natural look, you should purchase cosmetics from trusted makeup brands like Tony Moly. Lip products can complete or ruin your face makeup, so it's important to buy those that suit your skin tone best.


Hair Extensions and You | Things to Consider.

Hair extensions are artificial integrations that add length and fullness to human hair. Not everyone is blessed with a head full of hair, due to various reasons, some people have very thin hair that tends to recede, making them go bald much earlier than expected. To counter this, hair extensions were created.

For many, hair is a source of confidence, and the lack of it causes most even to avoid stepping outside. Hair extensions have been used for ages to make people feel good about themselves and spot any look that they want. The hair extension market is vast with so many brands, each of them promising the best results. Before going out to buy some for yourself, here are the factors you need to put into consideration.
IU, Palette.
IU, Palette.
The market is saturated with knockoff products that can do more harm than good. When it comes to hair extensions, you need to go for quality for various reasons. First, they look better on the head, knockoff variations never maintain the shine for long, a few minutes under the sun, and they get fizzled up.

Secondly, quality hair extensions are durable. You can rock them for long without them losing their shape or getting tangled up. Make it a habit to buy hair extensions from suppliers who source them from the best hair product manufacturer in the market.
The Length
You have to first know the length of the extension you wish to buy. Hair extensions come in different lengths, from short ones that barely touch the shoulders to longer ones that reach the lower back area. To determine the length of the extension, measurements are taken starting from the center of the tips.
Photo credit: NikolayFrolochkin on Pixabay.

The Cost
High-quality extensions cost a lot since they are made using superior methods and quality materials. Bigger extensions also cost a lot more than smaller ones. There also is the issue of real and synthetic extensions. Real extensions are costlier than synthetic ones. It all depends on what you need and your purchasing power. You can also go for the generic types that are not as good as the original products but can still get the job done all the same.
Dahyun of Twice.
The Color
By the time you decide to go for hair extensions, you already have a specific look in mind that you plan to pull off. Visualize it properly while considering your wardrobe. The hair extension color that you chose has to match with most of your clothes., The last thing you want is to pair a wild hair color with outfits that do not match, you will only stick out like a sore thumb.

Your Level of Commitment
Hair extensions require a lot of attention and care. The energy it takes to maintain them so they could last longer can take a toll on you if you are not used to that kind of lifestyle. You will need to properly tie it up before going to sleep, conditioning it now and then so that it does not tangle up on you and so on. You will also have to buy specific shampoos and conditioners that go well with each type of extension. That is an added cost that requires the highest level of commitment.

Hair extensions come in three main textures; straight, wavy, and curly. Each is designed for different personalities and functions. If you are looking for a formal look that is perfect for a job interview, then you should go for straight extensions. Wavy and Curly ones are designed for informal settings like parties or when going for a vacation.
Red Velvet.
Temporary vs. Permanent
The term permanent hair extension does not in any way mean that the hair is set in for life. It refers to hair extensions that can be worn for an extended period, up to 3 months. Temporary extensions include hair that uses clip-ins and flip-ins and is used for that quick event like a party invitation that came in unexpectedly. Temporary hair extensions can be attached in less than 10 minutes.

Ease of Use
It would help if you went for hair extensions that are easy to set up, the type that you can be able to handle on your own in case they come off. Some hair extensions can only be managed by your hairstylist, and this can be an inconvenience if you have to rush to the salon every few days. Temporary hair extensions are the most preferred since you can clip them back on any time they come off.

The Weight
Hair extensions come in different weights depending on the nature of your hair. The smallest one is 80g and is suited for those with thin hair. The next weight class is 100g and is suited for those looking to add some volume to their hair. The next weights are 120g, 160g, and 180g, which are for those with very thick hair but are looking to increase the length.
Photo credit: kaleido-dp on Pixabay.

The Salon
Once you have found the perfect hair extension, it is time to have it attached to your head. Everything you have done to this point will be for nothing if you end being attended to by a stylist who is out of their depth. Choosing the right salon for the set-up is as crucial as finding the right hair extension. A good hairstylist will even stock up on hair extensions that are right for you, thus saving you the trip of having to go searching in other places.

Beauty comes at a price; this is the reason the global hair extensions and wigs industry rakes in annual sales of over $10b. Narrowing down the hair products that suit you best is a hard task; you will have to sift through the many brands that are trying to conquer the ever-growing market. Keep these considerations in mind next time you go shopping for hair extensions.


Are Uniforms Vital With Work Using Custom Uniform Programs - Vancouver.

In most businesses, a dress code is implemented for the staff. Some incorporate a stringent professional attire, others allow casual business wear, and many are beginning to introduce custom uniforms for their employees.

Regardless of the requirements established in the business, the appearance of each individual in a company will determine the overall professional presence. Attire speaks volumes, creating an instant perception regarding character, abilities, and the position held within the establishment. For the pros and cons of initiating a uniform standard into the company dress code go to .
Hospital Playlist, 2020.
Once a client develops a negative determination, it doesn’t matter what changes are made or what kind of new regulations the business tries to initiate, a first impression sticks. It’s like when you see something, you just can’t unsee it.

The problem with this comes when the person delivering the ‘message’ represents the company as a whole. Now the company is poorly perceived. Usually that results in lost business - because of how someone is dressed.

How Important Is Appearance In The Workplace?
Many industries in the business world today are incorporating custom uniforms into their dress code policies to prevent employee-appearance problems. These often expand into company-wide issues affecting client relations. Physical appearance designates a certain air of professionalism within a workplace or lack thereof.

Neatness is expected regardless of the industry, even those where casual attire is the code. Dressing ‘sloppy’ and presenting ‘messy,’ leads others to believe this is how you perform your tasks, unorganized without time, effort, or attention to detail. In many cases, people who show up looking this way garner little respect, with many instances of poor communication among their coworkers and leadership. This is true in the school setting as well which has led to many switching over to uniform requirements. Read here how this can help students.
Hotel del Luna, 2019.
There are many reasons businesses are considering company-wide custom uniforms. Appearance is a critical component of the work environment.
  • Image of The Company 
As representatives of the company, it's critical that employees present themselves in a professional light. The powerful impact each person has is enough to lose clientele for the business merely in the way clients believe the organization ‘allows’ their personnel to dress. Today, more industries are introducing uniforms and implementing grooming standards in an effort to preserve the image of the establishment.

Companies realize clients can range from trendy to traditional with varying standards and definitions regarding professionalism. Employees in specific industries are advised to cover visible tattoos and remove unusual piercings that may go against the image the company wants to portray.
Lee Kwang Soo in Live, 2018.
  • Perceived By Clients
An ideal way for a business to go into a business proposal with a new client is to perform thorough research in preparation for the meeting. A ‘cutting edge’ client with trendy ideas set on a company who will assist them in ‘moving forward’ into the future may not be impressed by a representative who appears traditional or stagnant. The company will come across with these values, causing the client to pass.

You want to develop a sense for the customer’s personality and their style before you actually meet them. A suggestion if you find there is a substantial difference in how you each choose to represent yourself is to present in a company uniform, which will prove beneficial. It’s safe and prevents any type of preconceived notion allowing the client to focus on whether the organization will be suitable and capable for their specific needs.
Jo Jung Seok in Oh My Ghost, 2015.
  • Progression
When companies incorporate uniforms with their staff, advancement is not based around how someone presents themselves to the leadership. Typically, in an organization, those who dress the part, are taken much more seriously and given better opportunities. Uniforms force those in charge to look at skills, qualifications, and talent.
Pegasus Market, 2019.
That doesn’t mean, though, that people wearing uniforms are immune from being eliminated based on how they look. Some staff members are slovenly even in assigned custom uniforms. These members arrive with wrinkled clothing, untucked shirts, or clothes that don’t fit them properly.

If you don’t look put together, even in a uniform, you will find that employers won’t take you seriously, and the team won’t take interest in ideas that you try to introduce into the organization.

It may seem unfortunate, but appearance and the way you look affects your reputation and, in turn, the company that you’re representing. That’s a lot of responsibility to place on staff. But it’s simply the way most types of industries operate.

This is why dress codes are implemented. Putting these in place actually takes some stress away from people because they’re told how they need to arrive. Uniforms are of even greater advantage, with everyone in the same outfit disallowing for societal pressures, financial issues, and disagreements over personal tastes. These allow for a professional appearance across the board. Your only responsibility is to remain neat and groomed from that point.

Final Word
People seem to get their feathers ruffled when companies initiate dress codes implying that it infringes on their personal rights. In actuality, you do represent their organization with the potential for losing business through personal decisions you make regarding your wardrobe.

Implementing a few guidelines to follow or creating a universal uniform programs through sites like, eliminates stress on both sides. It allows a more balanced, harmonious atmosphere.

There is also the possibility for employees to develop a sense of confidence because judgments in the office will now be based on talent. In that same vein, productivity increases once you realize you’re being taken seriously with the potential for moving forward strictly on qualifications.
Choi Siwon looking dapper in his police uniform, 2017.
As a whole, custom uniforms in all types of scenarios, even the playing field for everyone involved. There is no societal separation because you can’t determine any differences among the crowd

For leaders, there is a sea of prospects, all looking identical, capable of advancing. No one stands out over anyone else until an assessment reveals skills.  Dress codes, specifically uniforms, aren’t infringing on rights.

In a sense, they’re giving rights back, to the point you are being seen for what you can do rather than what you have or the quality of clothes you’re able to purchase. It’s just a matter of how you interpret the picture.


Jewelry Repairs | Things You Need to Know About Ring Resizing.

It can be daunting leaving your great-grandmother’s precious antique jewelry piece in the hands of a jewelry repairer. As much as they have years of experience, this is a one of a kind piece you cannot get again.

Wondering who or where to send your precious item to is something you need to consider in-depth and to research before making any hasty decisions.

I had a friend who received a great piece of jewelry from a now ex-partner and wanting to have it repaired and mended so she could pass it down to her daughter for her 21st birthday coming up, she rushed down the village center where she had seen a reasonably priced stand set up.
Photo credit: Pasja on Pixabay.
What she didn’t think to do was to have it insured before handing it over in return for a, what seemed like a slip printed at your home, receipt, and ended up going back the next week to find the stand and her pendant had packed up shop and disappeared.

My advice is always be safer than necessary, ‘prevention is better than cure’ as the old saying goes, see some handy advice in this link and take care of your ancestrally historic artifacts. Undoubtedly she was devastated, panicked, and mad at herself for being so naïve and irresponsible.

The silver lining to this tale thank goodness was the fact that this gentleman had tried this stunt in numerous venues with quite a successful track record mind you, but this one however topped the charts when he tried to sell it on. A red flag was raised and he was arrested, the pendant was returned, unrepaired, but thankfully back in safe hands.

Needless to say, she went to a reputable jewelry store the next time, paid more than she originally did, and has thanked her lucky stars since that day. A lesson she has drilled into her children since then too, much to their enjoyment, I mean isn’t this the reason we have children if not to drill them about our mistakes so they too don’t fall into the trap? Hilarious.
Diamonds are forever, so they say.
Jewelry Fit for Royalty
I have not had the luxury of going into a shop where the window display costs the same as our home, I have, however, spent many a day staring too closely and for too long steaming up the windows to the disgust of the sales clerk, at sparkles that seem to have been captured from an emperors treasure chest.

My friend, on the other hand, has a business husband who wants her to solely care for their home and children and not be on the work train of the 9-5, a luxury we have all wished for at one point in our lives I’ll admit.

She has confessed though after multiple gin and tonics that it can get very lonely and boring and as much as she loves the life of being able to travel anywhere whenever they feel like it, she always enjoys being home and in her haven.
Photo credit: Sara Graves from Pixabay.
Living the Good Life
On one such an outing after my work week and the start of a long weekend for the nation, we headed to the shops, she was tipsy and in the mood for a bit of bling. She had had her eye on a gorgeous birthstone ring since I can remember, and waiting for hubby to realize the one she wants could take a while, so she was being her own boss and purchasing it herself.

I, being the poor naïve side-kick, thought you could just go in, buy the prettiest one, and Bob’s your uncle, this is not the case. There are velvet pillows brought out, white gloves put on, and a set of keys pulled off a link tied to a manager’s belt to open the glass cabinet housing the ‘golden egg.’

The main objective is to have your ring custom fit to your finger, it’s not only safer as it won’t slide up and down and risk being lost, but it looks more sophisticated and not like you’re wearing your dad’s accessories.
The ever-so-popular engagement ring from 'Crash Landing on You'.
Professionals in the business will have the necessary equipment to make the process smooth and seamless, stress-free, and if on the higher tier of the brand awareness, a glass of chilled bubbly while you get measured.

If this is a service you feel you deserve, and I can say now I’m sure that you do, have a look at this handy guide on what is reputable jewelry company etiquette, and for advice on how both parties should act, because we give as good as we get, am I right?

We all work hard and treating ourselves once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about, you get out what you put in as my granny liked to say. And if this means a shiny stone blinding people as you walk on the sidewalk so be it.

Second Time Around
So you’ve lost a load of weight, you’re feeling great, you clearly look amazing, the trouble is your now skinny fingers are holding onto your precious rings like a kid with cake on his birthday. You need to head to the jewelers for a resize and quick, there can be nothing worse than a ring falling off never to be seen again.
Photo credit: The New York Times.
Having a ring resized is quite a common occurrence, even more so with engagement rings, as much as the men try their hardest to pick the right size for the moment, and the process takes around 2 weeks to complete. The metal is essentially stretched and molded to fit snugly but still comfortably, and your ring will need a small effort to pull off so it isn’t sliding around.

For an expert in the business visiting companies such as is a great way to ensure you are in safe hands when it comes to taking care of your ‘shine,’ and getting the job done right the first time around.

Life is too short to not wear bling, let’s at least make sure it’s the right fit.