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Sneak Peek | Laneige x PLAYNOMORE My Darling, Shygirl Collection.

I just realized I have not updated my blog in almost two weeks!
The little man and I got sick two Saturdays ago (nasty combination of cough, colds, and fever) and last week we were pretty busy with lots of things - his first summative exams, Intramurals at school, and his karate training. I've been too out and about these days that I don't even have the time to watch my Kdramas! (And you know how my day can never be complete without watching an episode or two of them Korean dramas.)

Speaking of Korean dramas, I've got some exciting news for all the Kdrama/Kpop/Kbeauty fans out there! Laneige Meets Fashion - a yearly collaboration between Laneige and an up-and-coming fashion brand - is back, and this year they're teaming up with PLAYNOMORE, a Korean label that's all about 'having fun with fashion'.

Launched in 2014, PLAYNOMORE illustrates contrasting concepts such as luxury versus affordability, and masculinity versus femininity with contemporary wit. The brand gained recognition with the release of the SHYGIRL bag, now an iconic 'it' bag in Korean fashion. A minimal square tote bag, the SHYGIRL is decorated with cute comic book style eyes in sequins and comes in various bright colours.

For this collaboration, the signature SHYGIRL logo was given a makeover, adding a pink heart to the eyes of SHYGIRL. Hence, the birth of the My Darling, Shygirl - a makeup collection that screams of cuteness and femininity.
Let's take a look at what this collection has to offer.
Sneak peek after the jump! :)


Playing Online While Traveling to Sydney.

Have you heard of Sydney, Australia?
It is the capital of the country and continent of Australia. This is a beautiful city that many thousands and millions of people travel to each year. You must get there by plane if you are coming from United States, Canada, or Europe (and other places as well like China or Japan), and the plane ride is quite long most of the time. But the travel can be fun if you know how to plan your trip in the right way. In this article, we will be helping you to have the most possible fun on your trip by helping you learn how to plan it right and how to take advantage of playing some fun online games while you are traveling to Sydney, Australia.
Photo credit: Sydney Opera House.
Playing Games Online for Beginners
Whether you are a native Australian going back home to Sydney, or somewhere around Sydney from another place in the world, or someone who is traveling to Sydney just for fun or maybe for business, online casino games for Australians are always available to play on your trip.

There are different types of online games that you can play while traveling to Sydney. Some of the games are able to help you win some money. This is great because you can save money on your traveling by actually making money in the air. Most people cannot make money while they travel and are being mobile, but you can if you know the right games to play. It is mostly a matter of just finding the games that is the tough part. Some of them are better than others to be sure just like most things in life.
Photo credit: Fine Art America.
Getting the Right Device to Play Your Games on
In addition to finding the right games to play, you'll need to have the correct technological device to play your games on. In the air on a plane, you should be able to use your technological devices like smart phones, tablet devices, personal laptop computers or other small portable devices.

Of course, you will not be able to use personalized desktop computer because that is simply too big. But these other devices are getting smaller and smaller and more mobile everyday, so you should be able to find a quality made smaller device that you can play games with. Just make sure that the device is in airplane mode when you're in the air if the stewardesses tell you this.

Sometimes, there are Wi-Fi connections on these flights, but it often is not available if you are over the ocean. Just pay attention on the flight, and have fun with your games whenever you can to pass the time on your trip to Sydney!


Sneak Peek | Etude House x High Cheeks Bling Me Prism Collection.

I get super excited whenever there's news about my favorite Korean makeup brands teaming up with another brand. All the more if it's a fashion brand. There's this sense of anticipation that they'll be coming up with a collection that's fun, funky, and screaming with creativity.

And true enough, Etude House's latest collaboration does not disappoint. This time, they teamed up with High Cheeks, a hip and trendy Korean jewelry brand popular among Kpop idols and Korean fashion magazines.
Etude House x High Cheeks.
Together, they came up with the 'Bling Me Prism' - a makeup collection with stunning colors and quirky, eye-catching designs. This will officially be Etude House's Summer Collection, and will hit the stores in Korea tomorrow, July 15.

Here's what you can expect from the Bling Me Prism collection.
Sneak peek after the jump!


Foodie Goodie | Minions Cupcakes.

Bello! :)
(That's the Minions' way of saying 'Hello'.)
We're a little Minion-crazy right now (and by 'we' I mean my little man and I, and his friends from school and their moms, too), all the more after watching the prequel to the 'Despicable Me' franchise. We just got home from the cinema and my son is still reeling from all that yellow cuteness. Haha!

And because we can't get enough of these banana-loving creatures, here's a recipe to celebrate the Minions' very own full-length movie!

Minions Cupcakes


1 box Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ cake mix (any flavor)
Water, oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
1 container Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting
Yellow liquid or gel food color
16 large marshmallows
32 brown candy-coated milk chocolate candies
Betty Crocker™ black decorating gel


1. Heat oven to 350°F. Make and bake cake mix as directed on box for 24 cupcakes.
2. Cool cupcakes completely on cooling rack, about 15 minutes.
3. Reserve 2 tablespoons frosting. Place remaining frosting in medium bowl; tint with yellow food color. Frost cupcakes with yellow frosting.
4. Use kitchen scissors to cut 1/4-inch circles off both ends of 16 marshmallows to make 32 total rounds.
5. Use reserved frosting to stick milk chocolate candies to marshmallows. Place marshmallow eyes on cupcakes, placing two eyes on some cupcakes and one eye on others.
6. Use black decorating gel to draw the the bands on each side of the eye, and to pipe a mouth on to each cupcake.

As seen on Betty Crocker.


Wordless Wednesday #138 | Way Back When.

Found my husband's old wallet while rummaging through the drawers.
Inside were a few dollars, an expired credit card, my 2002 UPLB grad photo,
our studio pics from 2003, and old love letters. How cheesy! :)


For the Love of Jewels.

Women love jewelry for many different reasons. Sometimes they want a necklace or a pair of earrings to accentuate an outfit. In some instances, they want to build an outfit around a particular piece of jewelry they love.

Jewelry comes in numerous styles and with dozens of possible objects to enhance their splendor. If you're looking for real semiprecious stones, there are many locations that sell a wide variety of jewelry made with topaz, turquoise and other striking settings. Each jeweler has a unique style, making for practically limitless possibilities.
Photo credit; WeddBook.
Semiprecious jewelry for all occasions is available at stores such as Such stores offer several important categories to choose from, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and many sub-categories for assorted types of each thing. Everything from statement necklaces to multi-tiered necklaces to Y-shaped necklaces and more are available with many different stones. Crystal, abalone, cats eye, mother of pearl and quartz are only some of the stones featured among the varieties of necklaces, earrings and other jewelry types.

While some of the jewelry are specifically for more casual purposes, there are also many beautiful kinds for special, more formal occasions. If you're looking for something fabulous to dress up your wedding party, for instance, there are hundreds of gorgeous styles and colors appropriate for this life-changing event. From bridesmaid necklaces in pendant, tier and Melinda styles to drop earrings in a wide splash of memorable hues, there is something to match any wedding colors. They're also ideal for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. Perhaps the best part is that while these lovely fashions are formal enough for weddings, they are also perfectly reasonable as everyday wear, so they won't be worn only once.

It only takes a bit of searching to uncover many amazing treasures in the jewelry world. Whether you're an avid collector of striking pieces or just beginning to explore what's available, you won't be disappointed. Semiprecious stones are fascinating things that accentuate any piece of jewelry without breaking the bank. You may have one favorite stone or enjoy them all equally; each one is meaningful.


Fashion Pulse | Vintage Watches.

In this age of digital media and all the advancements in technology, it is surprising that vintage timepieces have made their way back into mainstream fashion magazines. Even with the new smart watches making headlines, there are troves of avid vintage timepiece and pocket watch collectors always looking for quality heirloom or inspired pieces with a history and a distinct classic design.

While some collectors prefer the authenticity and nostalgia of a genuine vintage wind-up watch from the 1920s or a classic 1950s pocket watch with a chain, many modern watch collectors seek the look of an antique timepiece with modern quartz or Japanese movement. Authentic vintage watches are becoming incredibly difficult to track down. Auction houses, estate sales and pawn shops are some of the best places to find authentic turn-of-the-century timepieces, but their price tag often reflects the rarity of the pieces.
Photo credit: Leather Soul.
Many top watch manufacturers of today are able to replicate the look and feel of these vintage timepieces at a fraction of the price. While the watches may have that distinct vintage look and design, they are often hand-crafted with modern materials and workmanship. Collectors purchasing modern replica watches can look forward to owning a timeless piece built with both longevity and simplicity in mind.

Most watch collectors prefer to shop online for replica timepieces. The vast majority of brick-and-mortar jewelry stores offer a limited availability and selection of inspired watches. Circa Watch Company is just one example of a professional business offering luxury vintage-inspired timepieces. Offering a wide range of formal, casual and unisex designs, you can choose the perfect timepiece from your favorite design era: an art deco-inspired piece from the 1920s, a round chronograph-style watch from the 1950s, or a rectangular timepiece that was popular during the 1940s. A manufacturer like Circa Watch Company understands that collectors want affordable timepieces offering durability, uniqueness and an authentic era-influenced design.


Three Marketing Strategies To Help Optimize Your Business.

In a certain sense, marketing is magic. Through the innovative use of words and images, marketing professionals construct effective campaigns that communicate the value of the client's brand. This work captures the attention of the target market and turns them into loyal customers. If you're ready to put this important business-building process in motion, consider the value of implementing the following marketing techniques:

Photo credit: John Chow.

1. Custom Clothing Labels.
One of the best ways to advertise your brand is through clothing. Since this is the case, it's a good idea to invest in clothing labels that feature the motto or logo of your brand. When you start your search for the perfect company to provide you with the labels, consider Xpresa Labels. The company offers fast service, free shipping, and low minimums. Click here ( to learn more about how they can help you build your business.

2. Invest In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.
It's no secret that eCommerce is an effective way through which to build a business, but that doesn't mean that every corporate leader is taking advantage of this reality. Make sure that you do by using a domain name search to optimize your business name and ensure you don't sound too similar to your competitors. As you start the process of finding the ideal team of internet marketing experts, remember that search engine optimization (SEO) services are a must. These services (which include things like research, keyword analysis, local SEO, content creation, link building, and social media optimization (SMO)) help ensure that your brand gains ever-increasing visibility. As a precursor to conversion, visibility empowers you to generate the level of brand familiarity necessary to keep prospective clients interested in your goods and services.

3. Don't Forget The Power Of Offline Marketing.
While online advertising is bigger than ever, this doesn't mean that traditional, offline modes of marketing have become irrelevant. Since this is the case, make sure that your company capitalizes on all advertising venues by looking into things like radio and print ads. Billboards and smaller forms of signage may also be appropriate and advantageous to facilitate curiosity and brand familiarity.

While many business owners understand that consistent, effective marketing strategies are the key to conversion, not all of these corporate leaders are systematically implementing advertising techniques that work. Don't let this be the case for you. Instead, utilize some or all of the marketing techniques listed here so you can build your brand on solid ground.


Wordless Wednesday #137 | Training the Dragon.

The little man enjoyed karate so much that he decided this is going to be a long-time thing and not just a summer activity. Which is good, since I want my son to be completely bully-proof.
Learning side kicks...
So now, our Saturday mornings are spent at K2LC, where the boy (still) trains with Sensei Danny and Senpai Louie.
And finally, a roundhouse!
The kids are now learning the ropes of front kicks, side kicks, and roundhouse kicks. I can't wait to see my little dragon do a proper spinning roundhouse in the future! :)
Senpai Louie, the Little Dragon, and Sensei Danny.
Karate teaches that the real enemy lies within. Get interested in the pursuit, not just the possession. The race, not just the goal. Effort is everything. - Chotoku Kyan