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Ferns Café | For Your Next Food Adventure.

And just like that, another academic year is over. Yue is now officially on a school break, which means more time for him to eat, sleep, play video games, and repeat. As for me, I can finally catch up on my anime, Kdrama, and writing backlog, starting with this blog entry for my coffee shop series. This time, we're featuring Ferns Café, a fairly new coffee shop located on the outskirts of the city, along the busy and oftentimes traffic-filled stretch of Maharlika Highway. 

Ferns Café.

I've always been curious about this café, having seen this in passing a few times before. The place looks very chic and contemporary from the outside with its geometric facade, slanted roof, and large picture windows. As it turns out, Ferns Café is just as lovely inside with its classy lights and modern interiors. Plants of all shapes and sizes also decorate the place which give the café a sophisticated yet relaxing vibe. 

Ferns inside Ferns.

Modern look, homey vibe.

Despite coming at a busy hour, we didn't have trouble finding seats at Ferns as the place is pretty spacious. They even have a second floor which can accommodate large groups and can be rented out for events such as business meetings and wedding receptions. I didn't have the chance to explore the second floor though, as service was surprisingly fast at Ferns Café. Our appetizers were served in a little over five minutes, and less than ten minutes later our entrees were being wheeled to our table. Gordon Ramsay would have been so proud, haha! 

For starters, we had Clubhouse Sandwich and Fried Calamari. My aunt-in-law preferred wheat bread for the sandwich, and the staff was more than happy to comply with her request. 

Clubhouse Sandwich, Php 245.

My aunt-in-law also enjoyed the Fried Calamari. It was so good that we finished this plate right away and we had to order another serving, haha.

Fried Calamari, Php 295.

Yue had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, served with fries on the side. As you can see, the sandwich is packed with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber and comes with a tangy sauce. Yue loved this a lot and he says this is now his new favorite comfort food, lol.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Php 175.

He also had the Creamy Carbonara which was indeed creamy and flavorful. However, he didn't like the bacon and left most of it on the plate because they weren't crispy and had too much fat.

Creamy Carbonara, Php 220.

My sister-in-law, on the other hand, ordered the Lasagna, which according to her was meaty and flavorful, but a tad too oily. The serving was pretty huge, and despite the oil, she enjoyed the food anyway.

Lasagna, Php 275.

Another huge serving was the Chicken Cordon Bleu, which my niece had. Ferns Café offers a variety of rice meals on their menu, and this was one of them. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Php 285.

As for me, I had their bestseller Shrimp Aglio Olio. Despite being a very simple dish (it's made with olive oil and garlic and garnished with shrimp), this one is very aromatic and flavourful. My only gripe is that the serving was seemingly smaller compared to the lasagna and carbonara. 

Shrimp Aglio Olio, Php 185.

For sharing, we also had the Fern Seafood Pesto Pizza. The flavour combination may sound and look odd at first (like who puts mangoes on pizza?), but this pizza is surprisingly good! Even my aunt-in-law thought so, and she was glad that she got to try this out-of-the-box pizza flavour.

Fern Seafood Pesto Pizza, Php 405 (family size).

We also had coffee, of course. Ferns is known for their good coffee, and true enough, their brews did not disappoint. I like my coffee strong and with just a hint of sweetness, and this Choco Hazelnut Latte definitely had that kick. 

Choco Hazelnut Latte, Php 155 (grande).
Hot Chocolate, Php 130 (tall).

If you're a bit adventurous when it comes to food, Ferns Café is a must-try. Their wide variety of food choices will definitely pop your taste buds and fill your tummy. On top of that, every nook and cranny of this café is picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy. I'd say it's a must-visit if you're a coffee addict plauntie (plantita) like me!

Ferns at night.

Km 85 Maharlika Highway,
Brgy. San Ignacio, San Pablo City
+63 920 944 0895


HP Back-to-School Promo | Get up to Php 6000 GCash cashback rewards!

As part of its annual back-to-school promotions, HP is once again offering an exciting opportunity for students, parents, and individuals who are on the hunt for the perfect PC and printer as we begin a new school year. With the HP Back-to-School Promo, you can get GCash cashback rewards of up to Php 6,000 and reinvest them for other school needs, like textbooks, uniforms, and more. 

Victus 15 by HP: solid option for students
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HP Smart Tank 750: empowering students with convenient printing
This exclusive promo has made owning an HP Smart Tank 750 printer at home more accessible. With the convenience of wireless printing and the all-in-one functionality of the HP Smart App, students can scan, save, and print using a single app. The HP Smart Tank 750 fits families and students with printing needs, providing outstanding print quality, automatic two-sided printing, and shortcuts in the best-in-class HP Smart App. Say goodbye to printing hassles and hello to seamless productivity.

A range of participating HP laptop PCs and printers
Apart from the Victus 15 by HP and the HP Smart Tank 750, the HP Gcash back-to-school promo includes various participating HP laptop PCs and printers. HP has the perfect solution whether you're looking for a laptop PC that combines power and portability, or a printer that delivers exceptional quality and convenience. Explore the promo and discover the ideal PC and print products that suit your needs and budget.

To maximize your back-to-school budget, the cashback you get from the promo can be used to purchase school supplies, pay school fees, or even buy other school-essential gadgets such as an HP laptop PC.

Make the smart decision
Don't miss HP's massive GCash cashback rewards available exclusively in the HP Back-to-School Promo. Get the Victus 15 by HP, the HP Smart Tank 750, or other participating HP products and enjoy the benefits of powerful performance and huge savings. This promo will run until July 31, 2023 only, so hurry and grab this cashback opportunity now!

Disclaimer: Promo details and availability may vary. Please refer to HP Philippines Facebook page for more information. Promo is from May 25 until July 31, 2023, with DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-167737 Series of 2023.


Make Time To Be A Dad | Luis Manzano's Thoughts on Fatherhood.

Fatherhood is one of life’s greatest blessings but along with it comes great responsibility, perhaps the greatest in any man's life. It is a role which nobody can really prepare for 100%.

Now a first-time dad, Luis Manzano shares his new journey of being a father to Peanut. Although he is famous for his funny jokes and punchlines (after all, he is a comedian aside from being an actor and TV host), Luis takes his daddy role very seriously.

Photo credit: Luis Manzano on Instagram.

“Being a Dad, it’s truly a surreal feeling," Luis candidly shared. "I don’t think one can ever be prepared on being a parent. It’s easy to say that you’re ready, you’re set, na lahat kayang- kaya, but once na andiyan na talaga, it’s something you work for each day.”

One major adjustment for Luis as a first-time father is having another top priority in life. Before, his wife Jessy and his work are his priorities, but now Luis makes sure to not simply have quality time with Peanut but also quantity of time even if it means he has to sacrifice some other things. Luis’ Daddy duties are mangulit during playtime with Peanut, reading her books, and putting her to sleep sometimes.

When asked what his advice for other first-time Dads is, Luis shared, “There is no one formula on being a dad, each child is different so each one deserves their own brand of fatherhood. A realization for me from my Dad is that its not simply about quality of time. Madami ang nagsasabi na its always about quality not quantity. No, I think quantity is also as important as quality. And of course, be healthy. We want to spend time with our children. Specially, if nabigyan ka ng blessing na medyo may edad ka na. There are so many things we want to do with them. For that, you need to eat right and to get proper rest.”

Luis Manzano for Ajinomoto Crispy Fry.

Dads play an active role in caring for children and it’s essential to keep up their energy levels. That’s why protein is crucial to the diet. It boosts the immune system and helps the body function the way you need it to.

Struggling to prep protein meals due to time constraints? Check out Ajinomoto Crispy Fry® breading mix! It’s so easy to use, just coat and fry, and in no time, you’ll have crispy delicious protein-packed fried chicken or even fried fish.

Being a new parent is truly a challenge, but raising a family is also one of the best jobs out there! Remember Luis’s advice and take the time to get to spend time with your child, play with them, prioritize them, and be there for them no matter what. Do that and you’ll do great. 

Take care of yourself, eat well and live well with the people you love.


Breeze through your day with the long-lasting scent of Rose Gold Perfume.

Let's face it, nothing beats the fragrant scent of freshly laundered clothes. It's even better when the scent lingers after washing. And who doesn't love wearing stain-free clothes? Especially today, when looking our best is important.

Photo credit: Trunggom on Pixabay.

This is a season for all fun activities, but homemakers want to ensure that their family's clothes remain clean despite all sweat and dirt the comes with it. Whether it's building sandcastles at the beach, hiking through the mountains, kids playing at the park, or baking sweets at home, Breeze has got you covered!

Formulated with EcoClean Technology, it can easily remove tough stains such as chocolate, mud, ketchup, juice, and ink in just one wash*. But that's not all - Breeze also has a Rose Gold Perfume that provides a long-lasting fragrance, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean after washing**.

Breeze Rose Gold Perfume.

Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to long-lasting fragrance with Breeze's Rose Gold Perfume**. Try it today and experience our ultimate laundry solution for Filipino moms. Matindi sa mantsa, may long lasting fragrance pa!

For more information about the product, visit Breeze Philippines' YouTube channel. Breeze Rose Gold is available on Unilever Home Care's Shopee and Lazada pages.

*Based on lab test on polyester 
**post-wash, pre-wear


Camella Manors Upstate launches Showroom with Dear Joe's 25th branch opening.

Camella Manors Upstate in Bay, Laguna proudly presented a significant achievement for the year with the recent grand launch of their showroom alongside the inauguration of the 25th branch of the first-ever letter-writing cafe in the Philippines, Dear Joe.

The showroom of Camella Manors Upstate.

The milestone activity drew attention in the area, attracting a diverse audience of over a hundred individuals, including VIPs, valued business partners, proud homeowners, and enthusiastic investors.

The newly unveiled showroom holds importance as it serves as a dynamic space for sellers, where they can meet and answer to potential investors' needs. Moreover, the showcase area provides both the sellers and investors a visual appreciation of the condominium unit they will be investing in. It offers a platform for potential buyers to explore the meticulously crafted living spaces and immerse themselves in the envisioned ambiance of this upscale residential development.

The esteemed presence of Vista Land Chairman, Manny Villar, and Vista Land Chief Operating Officer, Jerylle Luz Quismundo, added an air of prestige and grandness to the event. Their attendance symbolized the commitment of the company's top leadership to the success of Camella Manors Upstate and further heightened the significance of the occasion.

Camella Manors Upstate : Pioneering an Elevated Living in Bay, Laguna

Camella Manors Upstate is poised to revolutionize the concept of living, redefining lifestyle, and promising an enhanced quality of life. Nestled in the enchanting municipality of Bay, this resort-themed condominium community will provide residents with an unparalleled living experience. It stands as the first lifestyle vertical village in Laguna, offering dream spaces and an array of resort-themed amenities that amplify the already refreshing ambiance of the locale.

The newly-unveiled fully-furnished condominium unit
in Camella Manors Upstate showroom.

Camella : Serving the Academe

The Camella Manors Upstate, near a spread of prestigious college and university campuses in Laguna, specifically caters to students who are in search for the ideal second home as they complete their education. It also provides the places and spaces intended to serve the academe and other business investors who wish to put a stake in the up and coming province.

Aiming for the Highs of Life in Camella Manors Upstate

The dynamic yet harmonious lifestyle offered by this vertical community ensures that each day is filled with relaxation and tranquility. Resort-themed lifestyle amenities and features include function halls and study halls, a swimming pool, jogging paths for, and a wellness area.

Back to back Camella Manors Upstate showroom launch
and Dear Joe's 24th branch's inauguration. 

The opening of a Dear Joe branch within the premises further enhances the serene and cozy vibe, with its brick walls adorned in green, gray, and off-white hues, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, conducive to learning.

The back to back showroom launch and Dear Joe's 25th branch's inauguration mark a remarkable milestone for Camella Manors Upstate and Vista Land. It signifies their commitment to delivering exceptional living spaces and unrivaled experiences to their discerning clientele. With their unwavering dedication to excellence, it is no surprise that Camella Manors Upstate is continuously generating excitement and anticipation within the real estate industry and beyond. 



Pru Life UK offers FREE select infectious diseases coverage to 175,000 newborns with PRUBabies.

Pru Life UK, a leading life insurance company, is celebrating its parent company Prudential plc’s 175th anniversary by giving Free PRUMedCare - Select Infectious Diseases coverage to 175,000 newborns with PRUBabies. This is a testament of PRU Love to many more Filipino families, helping parents to protect their newborns against the cost of getting infectious diseases.

With PRUBabies, parents will receive cash assistance for diagnosis and death due to any of the four common types of infectious diseases, including Dengue, Typhoid, Measles, and Malaria. The Department of Health has warned the public to watch out for these diseases, particularly during the summertime.

The DOH further reported that the number of dengue cases during the first quarter of 2023 rose to an alarming number of 31,459, which is 73 percent greater than 2022. Likewise, typhoid cases in the country during the first quarter of 2023 increased by 89 percent.

Eligible customers can sign up for the PRUBabies free coverage plan by scanning the QR code voucher provided by their Pru Life UK agent. The code will direct the customer to the campaign website to complete the application form.

“We celebrate life with Prudential plc in its 175 years of helping generations of families get the most out of life. And what better way to celebrate life than providing free 6-month health protection called PRUBabies for 175,000 newborns with cash assistance against the cost of getting infectious diseases (typhoid, dengue, measles or malaria) in the Philippines. This initiative continues to fuel our passion to further drive-up financial inclusion for our Filipino babies who deserve to be protected right from birth,” says Eng Teng Wong, Pru Life UK President and CEO.

Pru Life UK’s PRUBabies program aims to make life insurance more accessible to many more Filipino families, especially the unserved and underserved communities.

The program will run until September 30, or until all 175,000 free voucher codes have been given away. Meanwhile, the free product offer may be redeemed anytime from the beginning of the registration until the end of the year. Terms and Conditions apply.

Visit for more details. For more information about Pru Life UK's offerings and products, visit