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Create Delicious Food (And Four Other Money Saving Tips) on a Budget.

For everything from getting a better mattress, buying clothes, upgrading your beard trimmer, going out for a day of fun, and even hiring a home cleaning service, there is a way to do it while on a tight budget. So, if you are finding yourself in a tight spot money-wise and aren’t sure how to still enjoy the things that you live while on a budget, this list is for you. Here are some tips and tricks to create delicious food (and four other money saving tips) on a budget:

1. Budget Cooking
One of the best things to do for your wallet is to cook at home. When you are always eating out, it is a huge waste of money on food that you could be cooking at home. Even if you are the worst cook in the world, there are always going to be simple yet delicious recipes that you can make for yourself and your family at home.
Homemade Pot Roast by Good Cheap Eats.
The key to cooking at home on a budget is to focus on cheap, yet healthy ingredients. Beans, canned tomatoes, and frozen vegetables are great examples of healthy ingredients that can be bought inexpensively and used in a wide variety of meals.

Here is a list of healthy, yet filling, and delicious meals that can be made on a shoestring budget:

  • Lentil stew
  • Oatmeal with banana
  • Pot roast with veggies
  • Burritos 

2. Shop the Trends for Cheap
Trends may come and go, but your budget is forever. There is no use in breaking the bank for clothing that will probably just go out of style soon anyways. Instead, shop for trends at thrift or consignment stores, and spend your money on sturdy wardrobe staples that will last you a long time and never go out of style. Of course, some stuff, like quality hiking apparel, is not something you can or should go too cheap on, but you can still find ways to shop the trends for cheap.

This is the smartest way to shop due to the cyclical nature of trends. If something is trendy, chances are it will go out of style and then back into style in a few years. Because of this, a lot of people will have donated their old trends to thrift stores, which you can then find at a dirt cheap price tag when the trend comes back around.
Children's Museum at the War Memorial of Korea.
3. Have Fun without Spending Money
A lot of museums will offer free or reduced admission prices for state residents, and a lot of national parks are free or very cheap for admission. Why not pack a picnic and go to a park? Or take a walk and look at all of the architecture that your city has offer? There are always great choices for cheap or free activities in your city.

4. Save for Something Fun - or Necessary
Saving money is so much for fun if you’re saving for something that you love or want to do. If you have the ability to, put aside a little bit of money each week for something fun. Maybe it’s a vacation, or a new video game, or something else that’s fun that you’ve been wanting for a while.

If you are also saving money for something that you want or somewhere that you want to go, then you are more likely to implement good saving habits in your everyday life. You should set both long term and short term savings goals, including saving for something like a car or a tooth crown in addition to a fun vacation or something else fun.
Saving up! :)
5. Find the Right Money Saving Tool for You
Saving money is so much easier when you have a great money saving tool to help you out. Obviously, opening a savings account is the best first step. Shop around for a savings account with the best interest rate for the amount of money that you will have to put away each month.

In addition to a good savings account, there are some awesome budgeting and investment tools that you can use. Check out features such as Bank of America’s round up tool, which rounds your spending up to the nearest dollar and puts the difference in your savings account, or an app like Acorns that allows you to round up to the nearest dollar and invest your change.

You can also be your own money-saving “tool” by checking your spending to see if there are areas where you can cut costs. If you think you are spending too much on your web hosting service, shop for more affordable web hosts. For business owners, this can also mean finding a SEO agency with better rates than the one you currently work with.

Being on a budget does not mean that you have to be scraping by. Instead, rethink the way that you look at saving and the way that you spend money to be able to save money in ways that you may have never thought about. Saving money can be fun and easy with our money saving tips.


Amazing Tips to Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin.

Remember Kate Winslet in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Her powerful, yet eccentric character beautifully complemented by changing colors of her hair, from electric blue to fiery red, Kate Winslet set the trend for hair colors back in the days.

A piece of trivia about the movie - she did not dye her hair but used different color wigs for the role. Imagine the amount of dye that would’ve stained her skin had she dyed her hair? Since dye stains are literally annoying in their stubbornness, maybe that was one of the reasons the director avoided using hair dyes.
Blue-haired Clementine.
If you have colored even some of your hair, you know how tricky these pesky hair dye stains can be. They make you hole up in your house until you have gotten rid of them. Your social life gets affected and god forbid if you have an interview, meeting, or presentation at the office.

If you were to know some amazing tips to remove hair dye from the skin, wouldn’t it make your life a little bit easier?

7 Tips to Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin
A bit of lemon is like a universal solution to so many skin related ailments. The citric acid in lemon helps to break down the complex dye molecules and dissolves them.

Fabhow says that all you need to do is cut a lemon in half and rub one half over the stain for some time. In a minute you will notice the dye breaking down and getting off.

Containing a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide - both effective stain removing ingredients - your simple white toothpaste is effective in removing dye stain. Moreover, it won’t irritate your skin. Apply some toothpaste on the affected area and use a cotton pad to remove the stains.

Oil based removers
Always to the rescue of people with sensitive skin are oil based removers. Simply put, you can use products like petroleum jelly or olive/baby oil to remove stains from temporary and permanent dyes respectively. They do not affect the sensitive skin or your face.

Dip the cotton ball in olive or baby oil and rub it continuously on the stain for some time. Don’t use bare hands to rub the olive oil (or any oil based product) as it might stain your hand. After some time you will notice that it is breaking down the dye, even the most stubborn one.
Photo credit: WikiHow.
Baking Soda and Dishwashing Liquid
This combination is recommended if you have to apply it on your hands but not on your face. Also, people with sensitive skin can avoid this if they have a reaction to baking soda.

Add equal amounts of baking soda and dishwashing liquid and make a paste out of them. Apply the paste gently on the stain and use a cotton ball/ pad to scrub it gently. After some time when you feel the dye is off, rinse the skin with warm water.

Rubbing alcohol/ Hand Sanitizer
Using rubbing alcohol is another effective strategy to counter any stubborn stains on your skin. First, try rubbing it a little on your skin and see if your skin is sensitive to it. If your skin is not sensitive to it, then you’ll have no problem in getting rid of the stains. Just dab a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the stain for some time and you will see it coming off.

If your skin is sensitive to rubbing alcohol you can try the same with hand sanitizer. Remember, only use a simple alcohol-based sanitizer, not a fancy one like those with aloe vera extracts or any other ingredient. Do not use either of the remedies on your face.

Nail Polish Remover
Those who do not have sensitive skin can try using this - but only as a last resort since acetone can be harmful if it stays on the skin for a long duration. Wash it off at the first sign of irritation. The application method is the same. Apply some on a cotton ball and as you remove your nail polish, just rub the acetone-laced cotton ball over the stain. The stain will definitely come off.

Cigarette Ash 
Now, this can be a really gross or equally intriguing method to get rid of the stains. It totally depends on whether or not you can stand the smell of cigarette ash. As this old wives' tale is not junk, it really works.

If you can withstand the smell, dilute the cigarette ash with a bit of water and apply the mixture to the stain. Use a cotton ball to rub it over the stain. You will see the stain coming off in a few minutes. Wash your skin with mild soap and warm water.
Photo credit: Style Caster.
  • In any case, do not use any of the above remedies near your eyes. The eyes are the most sensitive organs, so keep it away from any stain-removing remedies. Make sure the dye does not get in any area surrounding your eyes.
  • If you have sensitive skin, refrain from using any remedies that are harsh on the skin like nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Specifically avoid industrial solvents like turpentine oil or kerosene.
  • Put boundary of any kind between hairline and the skin that does not allow the dye to trickle down.
  • Put petroleum jelly or conditioner in vulnerable areas to avoid them getting stained in the first place.
  • Use gloves while dyeing your hair and the same goes for when dyeing a fabric.
  • Patience is the best remedy, as every dye stain eventually rubs off. 


Tupperware Brands for a Happy New Me!

Xin nian kuaile! Sae hae bok mani baduseyo! Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!
Today is a special holiday here in the Philippines, and the long weekend is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family - go on a road trip perhaps, or take the kids to somewhere fun.

We were supposed to hie off to Playa Laiya today for some much-needed Vitamin Sea, but Mum wasn't feeling too well when she woke up this morning so we had to cancel our beach trip at the last minute. The kids were slightly disappointed that they couldn't go for a swim, but Mum managed to cheer them up by ordering pizza (lol). As for me, I'm using this extra time to catch up on my work backlog and take product photos for the blog.

Several days ago, I received this blogger mail from Tupperware Brands Philippines. It's the 'Happy New Me' package - a selection of beauty, skincare products, and fragrances developed to care for and indulge your skin and senses. Coming home to this wonderful gift after a harrowing, five-day stay at the hospital definitely made me smile - a happy new me, indeed!
Happy New Me package. Thank you, Tupperware Brands Philippines!
Included in this lovely bundle are the following products:
VitaClear Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser and VitaClear Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser for Men.
White Result Glutathione Hand & Body Lotion.
Possibilities Hand & Body Lotion.
Fruity Blooms in Frangipani & Brown Sugar.
Colorfull Summer Treats Lip Balm in Cool Peppermint and Cool Strawberry.
Colorfull Pink Glow Cheek Magix Cream.
A Little Romance Fragrance Rollette.
Colorfull Satin Lipstick in Midnight (left) and Fierce Red (right).
I love the cute and colorful packaging of the makeup items. They're the most eye-catching products in the bundle, and my favorite products in the bunch. Expect an extensive review of each item  - complete with swatches and all - in the coming days.

I also love how most of the products come in travel-friendly sizes. If you're a long-time follower of this blog and my social media pages, then you probably know that we travel quite often and that I never travel without my beauty and skin care essentials in tow. Looks like these products will be doing a bit of traveling very soon, especially the Vita Clear Facial Deep Cleanser for Men. I'll bring it along for my husband to try.

Yue, on the other hand, has called dibs on the Cool Peppermint Lip Balm. His perennially parched lips has made him an avid fan and regular user of lip balms, and he was thrilled at the sight of a new lip balm in his all-time favorite 'flavor', peppermint. The lip balm has now found a new home in the side pocket of his school bag, haha!

Many thanks to Tupperware Brands Philippines for sending products that I can share with my family!
Thank you, TWB! :)
Get to know more about Tupperware Brands and their products by following their social media pages:


Hitchhiking in the Garhwals.

For some of us avid travelers, the best way to get around new places is to set out for the road and see where it takes us. The best way to do this would be to read up ahead of time on your destination and make your train bookings well in advance. If it is the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand you wish to explore on a hitchhiking trip, there is a lot in store for you. Hitchhikers get from one place to another by thumbing rides on the road. You may not reach your destination in time or in the utmost comfort, but it is certainly easy on the pocket. Pick up great experiences on the way and stories to tell back home when you hitchhike in the Garhwal.

Hitchhiking is a perfectly plausible travel option if you adopt a few precautionary measures. Keep your handset charged at all times and carry a dongle for wi-fi connectivity. Google Maps are a great help when you are trying to find the shortest route to your destination. Keep a friend or family member updated on your whereabouts. Some of the most charming destinations in Garhwal are listed below. Adopt a few safety precautions to ensure that you arrive safely and in comfort.
Valley of Flowers National Park, West Himalayas.
Make sure you start early. Travelling by daylight is a better option for hitchhiking. No matter which part of the Garhwal you are travelling to - be it Chamoli or Uttarkashi, Dehradun or Rudraprayag, try to get there before sundown. If it is Auli you wish to reach from Haridwar, note that it is a distance of almost 204 km. Usually, it takes about 7 hours to get there. However, if you are hitchhiking, you might have to change your ride a number of times. Factor in the actual and the real road-time needed to reach Auli. All your efforts will be richly rewarded once you land up in Auli. Visit during the winter months of December and January to go skiing on its slopes.

On your way to Rishikesh from Dehradun, take the Rishikesh National Highway. Stand at a secure spot to thumb down a ride. It is a distance of about 45 km covered in an hour and a half, on a direct trip. At Rishikesh, explore the Rajaji National Park in the Ganga basin. It is a wildlife reserve with visitor cottages. Pilgrims flock to Triveni Ghat on the waterfront for spiritual baths. Rishikesh is also considered to be the Yoga capital of the world. Head for a yoga lesson when you hitchhike to Rishikesh.

Stay alert on the route and trust your first instinct. While locals can be helpful, it is best not to divulge too many personal details. There are many trains to Haridwar, the railway station closest to Chamoli. From Haridwar, reach Chamoli by hitchhiking. Also called the ‘Abode of the Gods’, Chamoli is home to the ‘Valley of Flowers’. Meadows of alpine blooms attract tourists to this National Park.

Hitchhiking may not hold a lot of appeal for travelers who play it by the book. Yet, hitchhikers brace themselves for the element of the unknown and embrace the freedom of flexibility. Plan your hitchhiking vacation in Garhwal today!


Battling Hair Loss the Natural Way.

Day-to-day, you rise up and there are tons of things to do like going to the office, finishing paperwork, and coming back home. This might be what you call your lonely and humdrum life. Everyday is a struggle for you. Your only defense against pollution, sleep deprivation and daily grind is to look best. With this, you can’t go to the battle ground unarmed. Tragically, your ammunition of beauty products is mostly made of hazardous chemicals; you win some, you lose some. Sooner or later, they shall take a toll on you.
Your answer to hair loss.
Don’t just go with the flow. Change your direction. Novuhair can show you the way, hence, it is dubbed as nature’s answer to hair loss. All its natural ingredients are scientifically proven to help promote hair growth. This way, you have no reason to go back to your old ways. Alter your regimen now if you can’t change the routine and finally admit that it’s time to part ways with chemically-laced products you keep in your vanity kit and say hello to Novuhair. You can never go wrong with nature. Choose natural!

Now, you can optimize your Novuhair experience with the Novuhair 3-in-1 pack (topical scalp lotion, herbal shampoo and conditioner) and enjoy an extra 200ml. bottle of Novuhair Herbal Shampoo for FREE exclusive at participating Watsons stores nationwide!

Avail the NOVUHAIR 3-IN-1 NEW YEAR PROMO PACK exclusive at the following participating WATSONS stores nationwide:
SM Mall of Asia 1, SM Megamall A, SM Megamall A3 Daimaru SM North Edsa Main 2, Fisher Mall, SM City Fairview Mall 1 SM Makati Mall 3, SM Makati Hypermarket, Oriental Gardens Makati, Market! Market! Robinsons Place Manila, SM San Lazaro Supermarket, SM San Lazaro Mall 1, Savemore Laong Laan 2, SM Sta. Mesa Mall 3, SM Sta. Mesa Centerpoint 3 SM Masinag, Savemore Rempson Marikina, SM Taytay Rizal SM Marilao Hypermarket, SM Pampanga Annex, SM Pampanga Mall 1, SM Clark Mall, Savemore Dinalupihan, Waltermart San Fernando Pampanga SM Southmall 5, SM Bicutan Mall B-2 Hypermarket, Festival Mall, Orofino Bldg. Dona Soledad SM Sta. Rosa Mall, SM Sta. Rosa Supermarket, Waltermart Sta. Rosa, SM Calamba, Waltermart Cabuyao SM Bacoor Mall 2, SM Dasmarinas Mall 3, Premier Plaza Mall Silang Cavite, Waltermart Trece Martires, Kadiwa Cavite Hypermarket, Lumina Point Cavite SM Lipa Mall, SM Lipa Supermarket, Waltermart Tanaunan, SM Batangas Mall 1, Waltermart Nasugbu SM Lucena, SM Naga Mall, J.S Arcilla Bldg. Tabaco Ayala Center Cebu SM Davao Mall 1

For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, visit NOVUHAIR Facebook Page (Novuhair Official) or website at


25 Math Short Cuts | Math Made Easy.

Perhaps two of the most meaningful gifts that Yue received last Christmas (at least in terms of educational purpose) were these books from MATH-Inic - Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic and 25 Math Short Cuts. 
Christmas gifts from MATH-Inic!
Yue and I only managed to flip through the pages of these books during the Christmas break as we had been too busy with family gatherings and stuff (it is the season of partying, after all). We finally had the time to read the books properly during our very recent 5-day stay hospital. Yue got admitted for pneumonia last Saturday, and one of the the things that kept him preoccupied whilst there - aside from eating and watching cartoons - (no gadgets for him during that time) was this book, 25 Math Short Cuts.
25 Math Short Cuts.
Written by Mr. Virgilio 'Ike' Y. Prudente, the creator and founder of MATH-Inic, this book was first published in 2014, in celebration of MSC's 25th Foundation Day. MSC is the first and only school in San Pablo City which specializes in Math, Science, and Computing - an institution also founded by Sir Ike.

Now on its fourth printing, this book contains practical algebra tricks for everyday use. For students, these simple tricks can help them solve problems and equations easily and might help in improving their grades.
An overview of the book and the author.
My initial thoughts as I skimmed through the pages of this book was, "Homaygad, numbers! I can't believe I'm seeing all these numbers again!"

You see, Math and I were never friends. I won't deny it - I struggled A LOT with Trigonometry and Calculus back in high school. I was probably the only student at UP Rural High School (or at least in my batch) to be part of both the Advanced English Class and the Math Remedial Class during my junior year, lol.  Also, that wretched 4-point-oh I got in Statistics back in college was the only eyesore in my otherwise nifty TOR.

But as Yue and I read the book carefully, understanding each short cut presented, and solving the exercises as we went along, I started to see Mathematics in a different light. I was like, "Why didn't this book exist when I was still studying?!" My life could have been much easier in high school had I learned all about these tricks when I was younger, lol.
One of the many 'math tricks' you will find in this book.
For Yue, however, it's a different story. He loves numbers, and numbers seem to love him too, considering how he excels in Math. That being said, he enjoyed 25 Math Short Cuts from the get-go. The title of the book alone was enough to pique his curiosity, and he really did immerse himself in this book, with matching 'oohs' and 'aahs' as he applied the short cuts to the math exercises.
Math Short Cut #3. Subtraction without Borrowing.
Math Short Cut #12. Dividing by 4 and 8.
Aside from numbers, equations, and exercises, this book also contains 'Math Stories' - snippets of Sir Ike's life and career and how he incorporates these math tricks into his daily activities. I really enjoyed reading these stories, as it gave me a glimpse of how Sir Ike is as a father, as a friend, and as a mentor.
A Math Story.
Similarly, you'll get a 'feel' of how impressive Sir Ike is based on the testimonials from several academic and public personalities. The book's foreword, for instance, was written by Mr. Cielito Habito, former Director General of NEDA and Sir Ike's batchmate in Philippine Science High School.
About the Author.
All in all, the book 25 Math Short Cuts makes a great supplement to your child's Math lessons. True to the MATH-Inic motto, this book turns Math haters into Math lovers, and Math lovers into Math masters. The book is easy and fun to read (just don't let the numbers intimidate you), and can be read however you want it - in order, or by skipping to the chapter that you find most interesting or useful. If you're a hustler with numbers, you can probably finish this book in one sitting. Yue and I took our time, 'digesting' all the information (remember, I'm quite the slowpoke with numbers, lol) as we read about the short cuts one by one.
Thank you for the gift of knowledge, Sir Ike!
You can get your own copy of 25 Math Short Cuts online via the official MATH-Inic website. Each book retails for Php 250 each, or you can purchase it as a bundle with the Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic for Php 500. And yes, they ship anywhere in the Philippines!

Outside of the country? No worries! This book is also listed on Amazon!

Follow MATH-Inic on Facebook for promos and updates.


Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid Minerals.

Through modern agricultural methods, we have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows, and eventually prevents truly rich Fulvic Acid from ever forming. In addition, high-power industrial washing of fruits and vegetables strips away any Fulvic minerals that might be clinging to that produce from where it was grown.
Photo credit: Onnit.
Why do Fulvic Acid Minerals matter?
As you know, there are many key minerals that are essential for good health. Unfortunately, the typical food and supplements in most supermarkets simply can’t provide the quantity and quality of minerals our bodies need to be strong and healthy. The epidemic of osteoporosis and osteopenia in America —even among women who religiously take bone-building supplements— is a perfect example.

However, this issue goes way beyond bone health. Minerals are vital for literally every biochemical function in every organ system in the human body — from transmitting a nerve impulse to making a muscle fiber twitch, neutralizing a toxic free radical, regulating thyroid hormones, and recharging a red blood cell with oxygen.There is also a growing body of evidence to suggest that deficiencies of minerals are at the root of many major health problems, including thyroid disease, cancers, neuropathies, immune deficiencies, and fatigue disorders.

Fulvic Acid is naturally high in electrolytes and antioxidants
The other key health benefit of Fulvic Acid is its ability to help the body assimilate nutrients, it can help transport nutrients throughout the body and across cell walls and increases your body’s ability to actually absorb them as well.

Fulvic Acid help boost energy, promote cell life, improve circulation, enhance endurance and stimulate metabolism. Additionally, the compound helps remineralize the body, control inflammation, regulate hormone production, boost the immune system and promote brain function. Fulvic Acid also serves as a natural libido stimulator, as well as a cleansing and detoxing agent.

Fulvic Acid for Brain Health
It turns out fulvic acid may be good for your brain health as well! A study looking into the benefits of fulvic acid and Alzheimer's disease found that the compound has several nutraceutical properties with potential activity to protect cognitive impairment. More research is being done on the development of potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease using fulvic acid.
Photo credit: Best Health Magazine.
In addition to the above benefits, Fulvic Acid may also:
  • Control inflammation
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Regulate the thyroid and thymus glands
  • Oxygenate the blood
  • Maintain optimum alkalinity
  • Increase energy
  • Rid the body of oxidants and free radicals
  • Extend the time nutrients remain active
  • Restore electrochemical balance
  • Help rebuild the immune system
How to Take Fulvic Acid
The most common way of taking fulvic acid is as a liquid supplement, sometimes referred to as “water fulvic acid.” It’s important to read and follow the dosage amounts carefully as taking too much can alter the mineral levels in your body. You can also find fulvic acid in powdered form, however, due to its taste you may want to mix it in a smoothie or juice blend.


What Are’s Honda Parts?

While there is no such thing as a bad motorcycle, Honda makes just about the best bikes on the market. If you ride a Honda, you know how great it is at delivering a thrilling, dynamic ride. Still, to keep your machine in tip-top shape, you need access to a huge inventory of affordable Honda motorcycle parts. is your go-to source for all things motorcycle.
2014 Honda CBR.
Factory-Grade Replacement Components
Honda builds durable motorcycles. Even with exceptional care, however, your Honda likely won’t last forever. Rather, you must periodically service your bike to guarantee it always runs its best. Likewise, eventually, you must replace old, damaged or worn components with modern upgrades. has an extensive selection of factory-grade replacement components. Even better, the parts experts at have the insider knowledge you need to make an informed purchase. Whether you are unsure which component you need or wonder whether motorcycle OEM replacement parts will fit your Honda’s model, the professionals at are always ready to help.

Aftermarket Accessories
To get the most out of your motorcycle, you must think about more than simply replacing faulty components. Instead, you likely want to browse aftermarket accessories and order upgrades to help you take your ride to the next level.

At, the collection of accessories includes everything from motorcycle luggage to protective gear. Choose accessories for your bike or order some for your friends. With the selection, pricing and expertise at, you don’t have to wait to enhance your ride or improve your bike.

Great Deals
At, you never have to worry about paying a premium for Honda parts or anything else. Instead, you order with confidence, knowing you are getting great deals on top-quality components. To keep your Honda in the best possible shape, visit and order the items you need to maintain, repair or fully customize your machine.