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Divorce? It's like, anywhere but here.

After the Reproductive Health Bill got signed into a law last month, talks about divorce began to surface. As soon as the Speaker of the House announced that divorce would be next on the agenda, a handful of representatives began with the spadework and started filing divorce-related bills. And church representatives weren't happy about it, as usual.

With Roman Catholicism as the predominant religion in the country, and with the Church 'actively participating' with the affairs of the state, the Philippines now holds the title of being the only country in the world without divorce. Which I find quite ironic, considering that even Italy - where the Pope and Vatican City is - has divorce.
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A friend of mine would tell me that he may never see the day when he'd file for his own divorce. He was even thinking of getting his own family law attorney Montreal to handle his case, but I guess that won't be happening anytime soon. He can still explore other options, though. He can file for annulment or reconcile with his wife instead. Now his next plan of action is something I'm nervously looking forward to.

As for divorce in the Philippines, who knows - it could still happen. After thirteen years, perhaps?

6 replies:

Unknown said...

Wow! I never realized that divorce was not only an option but also an every day occurrence in all countries! So what does a couple do in the Philippines if they want to end their marriage?

Czjai said...

Hi Coretta! Annulment is the only option here in the Philippines. At least, for now. :)

Unknown said...

Interesting. We have a funny joke here about divorce: You ask, "Why is divorce so expensive?" Answer; "Because it's worth it!"

ReviewsSheRote said...

an in-lighting post-- I really don't like to entertain the option of divorce--I think its too readily accepted for couples to NOT work on issues,but I never knew there was a place were it wasn't even an option.

Mommys Juice said...

Well there you go, you learn something new everyday. I had no idea.

Mommy Roxi said...

If it does get legalized here, I can see a lot of people just getting married at a whim and getting divorced months after just like that. One thing I like about marriage here in the country is that one should really be sure about what he/she is getting in to. It's really like a life-long contract, unless you can afford annulment which can be very costly.