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Make the Green Choice!

Aside from ironing clothes, there is one other household chore that I detest the most - cleaning rugs and carpets. Dust and dirt are bad enough for my lungs as it is (remember, I too, have asthma), and chemical-laden carpet cleaners can only make matters worst. Given a choice, I would just hire someone do this chore in my stead. And why not? Such services, after all, exist elsewhere in the world.

Green Choice Carpet cleaning  New York, for instance, are now done by cleaning specialists such as GreenChoice. What began twenty years ago as a small, family-owned business in Brooklyn has become a large company that now expands throughout the entire New York City and several cities across the United States. Despite the growth and advancement, GreenChoice is still owned and operated by the same family from two decades ago.

Armed with all-natural, organic cleaning products, Green Choice has made its mission to serve customers with nothing but the safest and health-promoting products available. As we all know, carpet cleaners can be potentially dangerous because of their chemical content. They give off strong fumes that are detrimental to one's health, to young children most especially - asthmatic or not. Thankfully with GreenChoice, there's now a safer, healthier alternative when it comes to carpet cleaning.

3 replies:

Debarpan Mukherjee said...

sad to know about you have asthma,nt a good disease...:(

Franc said...

It's high time we consider more earth friendly alternatives like green choice when it comes to cleaning.

Anonymous said...

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