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Hallyu's Hottest | Lee Jun Ki, Choi Siwon, Big Bang!

If the sweltering heat of the summer isn't hot enough, then perhaps these flower boys would be more than sufficient to raise the temperature to a fever-pitch.

First off, the my quintessential kkonminam goes inside the studio to record his upcoming single album, 'Deucer'.

Photo credit: @JGshock
The album will be released first in Japan this month, while the Korean release is scheduled for April. Oh, and yes, I've already pre-ordered my copy. :)

Meanwhile, the bad boys are fizzling hot in their latest MV. Released yesterday (March 7), Fantastic Baby has caused a frenzy all over the worldwide web with its head-bopping beat and catchy lyrics (boomshakalaka is catchy enough, right?).

Photo credit:
Big Bang's quirky and eclectic style doesn't go unnoticed in this video, either. I, for one, am totally drawn to TOP's smoky eyes and blue hair. They're totally, Fantastic Baby!

Finally, some homegrown news. And why homegrown?
Because these two are now endorsers of a Philippine-made, world-renowned brand!

It's official! Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae are the latest addition to the Bench family! And it won't be long 'til we see jaw-dropping, traffic-stopping billboards of SiHae plastered all over EDSA. Better yet, there is a huge chance of the boys coming to the Philippines for promotional activities. Expect ELFs all over the country to go ballistic all over again! Me included! :)

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maiylah said...

omgoodness...i must really be OLD. i don't know them! lol

thanks for leaving a comment on my housefly shot, Czjai. just read the comment. much appreciated! :)