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No Complaints, Just DealFun.

When the impending release of the iPad 3 (or the new iPad, as some would prefer to call it) broke out in the news and on the web, I knew my husband would get all-hyped up about it. Which was exactly the case this morning, while we were talking via Skype. He's been complaining about how his three year-old laptop is starting to conk out on him, and how a brand new tablet (an iPad 3, specifically) would be a suitable replacement.

I bombarded him with a handful of iPad 3 'cons', but he came up with his own list of 'pros' in rebuttal. Like how the new one has a better screen resolution and a faster processor. Not even the thicker dimension and heavier weight of the new tablet could take away his excitement. And because it seemed like there was no stopping to him buying a new gadget, all I could do was support his cause. I asked him to check out online stores or auction sites first before actually going to the mall to make reservations for an iPad3. He was a bit reluctant to this, but seeing how he hasn't come across any complaints, he agreed to my suggestion.

Now that he's willing to compromise, maybe I could wheedle him to get me an Alienware M17 laptop, too.

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