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Sneak Peek | AVON Smoke and Mirrors Collection.

Someone's got new art materials to work with!

A new palette.

Eyeshadow quad.
New pencils.

Gel eyeliners.
And crayons, too! 

Lip colors.

Review, swatches, and 'the look' coming soon. :)

Linkin' up with This or That Thursday and Happiness Is.

15 replies:

Unknown said...

Beautiful colors! Love the silver/gray shade in the back. :)

Susan said...

How pretty. I heard the gel liner is really good.

Unknown said...

Are you an Avon rep? Where are you located? I haven't seen the Gel eyeliners before. The colors look cool.

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tiarastantrums said...

such pretty colors

Perspective Parenting said...

Love the colors! Intrigued by the gel liner.

Life by Cynthia said...

Those really are great colors! I can hardly wait to see "the look"! I've never tried Gel Eyeliner - I think I need to!

Charlene B. said...

the gel eyeliners look pretty interesting. the eyeshadow colors look really nice! will be watching out for your look ;)

Redlane Geraine said...

Me too, I haven't seen and use a gel eyeliner before. must try that out.

Unknown said...

nice set of eye shadows :) i like the colors. visiting from 366 bpc.

anney said...

Lovely colors! may nagbigay sakin ng gel eyeliner kaya lang di namn ako nag a eyeliner kaya pinamigay ko din. hehe!

Happiness is
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Czjai said...

Thanks everyone!

This will be my first time to use gel eyeliners, too. Follow-up to this entry is already posted, with swatches and 'the look'. Haha! :)

maiylah said...

gel, am learning so much from you! will go and check out your post :)

thanks for visiting my Happiness Is... post, Czjai :)
happy weekend!

KM said...

congrats to your new loot ;) i wish i know how to apply make-up ^^

thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. see you there again for another round of happy posts ;)

Mel_Cole said...

dropping back from Hapiness is... sis. your eye shadows must have some shiny shades when you apply them. :)

Prettymom said...

late visit for happiness is, I hope you could visit me at

see you!!!