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Today's Look | Inspired by Cha Seo Yeong.

Watching Ojakgyo Brothers (I'm on episode 48 as of this writing) has made me pay closer attention to Choi Jung Yoon. I've seen her before in Smile,You as Seo Jung Kyung, but I wasn't too fond of her Miss Goody-Two-Shoes role. Hence, I didn't care about her that much.

She turned the tables around this time with her role as Cha Soo Yeong, who happens to be my favorite character in Ojakgyo.

Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo Young.
Feisty, fearless, and filial - three words that best describe the character that is Cha Soo Yeong. Always dressed to the nines, Soo Yeong makes news reporting a very chic job. And her makeup? Elegant, refined, and glamorous.

Vintage glam - illuminating complexion, defined cheekbones, and traffic-stopping lips.
 Which is actually the inspiration for my look.

Summer pastels! :)
It's summer here, so lighter shades are more appropriate for the season.

Don't forget the Cleopatra eyes! :)
Pink and green is my favorite combination these days. I wear them quite often whenever the little man and I go out.

Here's what I used for this look:

L'Oreal Base Magique Primer
Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream # 21
Avon Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation in Shell
Avon Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond
Ever Bilena Eyebrow Liner in Brown
Almay Intense i-Color Trio for Greens
Avon Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Avon Gel Eyeliner in White Fawn
Avon Super Curlacious Waterproof Mascara in Black
Sleek Makeup Blush in Pomegranate
Jordana Double Length Lip Liner in Rose
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

And I'm squeezing in this creative B&W shot for In the Picture.

Now back to my Ojakgyo marathon! I still have ten episodes more to go!

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19 replies:

Babyposh said...

I don't really know her. But she looks pretty. and I like how it looks on you.

PJ Day said...

The look looks really nice on you.

Badet said...

Sister, ikaw na ang beauty blogger! Love the eye makeup.

Unknown said...

I do not know who this actress is... but let me tell you... YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! Czjai, pink and green look very very pretty on you!!

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

You have awesome cheekbones!!! :D That looks good on you talaga. Purple suits you ;)

Pink Thoughts said...

I have big eyes too but I don't know how to make the best of it. The last time I put on makeup on a daily basis was four years ago. I think I have lost the skill already.

You are so pretty amazing!

Thanks for joining Pink Fridays!!

Shy´s Mode said...

The short hair suits you well. I am also planning to cut my hair shorter since summer is on the way now..

Jessica said...

fabulous as always Sis :-) super like it :-) Dropping by for PF.

Genny said...

She looks very pretty and you look fabulous mama hehe...Visiting from PF!

Addicted to Recipes said...

Very pretty! Sucha nice colour combination. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sherry said...

Visit pink Friday,wow very pretty.


Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer said...

Lookin' good!
Not familiar with that show at all, thought. Then again, I'm not much of a telenovela person either. :)

Jo Murray said...

Very stylish.

Unknown said...

Never heard of her, but she AND you, both look lovely!

Those shades you used worked together so well.


One Proud Momma said...

Don't know her too but I was more attracted by your pink lips! Pink lipstick doesn't suit me but I sure would love to try putting it on one time.

Dropping by from PF.

urban muser said...

nice black and white with a splash of color. thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

J.Rylie.C said...

Very pretty!

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

I absolutely think that violet suits you. You look fresh, pretty, and girly. Plus, I love your cheek bones! :D

gRaSyAh said...

I so love the pink lips of yours sis!! :)

Visiting from Pink Fridays!