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Mud Packs and Dirty Laundry.

Fridays are usually the busiest for me. On top of the usual household chores (ergo, dusting the furniture, cleaning the floor, cooking our meals) plus taking care of the little man, it's also my designated laundry day. I have a washing machine, of course. But because I'm so meticulous when it comes to our whites, I soak them overnight and wash them by hand. Yes, by hand. So can you imagine how toxic my Fridays can get? It's toxic with a capital T, plus an exclamation point. LOL!

After a tiresome battle with a week's worth of dirty clothes, I usually give myself a treat at the end of the day. For instance, a pint of Reese's Peanut Butter ice cream. Or a nice long bubble bath complete with aromatherapy.

Today was no different. Another laundry day over, and another treat for me. This was what I rewarded myself with today.

Mud packs!
Remember last week's haul? I finally had the chance to use the Chocolate Mud Face Mask today. And boy oh boy, it was truly a treat. I loved it, and my skin loved it. Even if I looked like Jim Carrey.

Channeling 'The Mask'. Ssssmokin'. :D
Yue freaked out a bit when he saw this. He was in between scared and grossed out, and wouldn't come near me the entire time this gunk was on my face. So for a good thirty minutes I was left in peace, lying in bed while waiting for the mud to dry.

If you're going to try this, let me warn you that the pack contains way too much for just one usage. There's more than enough mud inside to cover your face and neck. I tried to apply it all on myself, and the 10-15 minute drying time turned out to be 30 minutes for me because the mud was just too thick. I suggest you share one pack with someone - say your mom or your sister, or if you have girl friends coming over for a slumber party. Or you could save half of the contents for the following week. Just make sure you store the product properly (keep it in an airtight Ziploc and put it in the fridge) so it doesn't spoil.

And now, after that chocolatey indulgence:

Post-shower, absolutely no makeup. :)
Ta-da! Super smooth and very hydrated face! And my skin felt softer and tighter, too. The scent clings, so you'll still reek of chocolate long after you've rinsed the mud off. I kept on touching my face afterwards, loving how supple my cheeks felt. Don't mind my undereyes, though. They're the reason why concealers are my best friend.

I'll try the other mask next week. Looks like this will be my new Friday routine. Now I can't wait to do the laundry.

7 replies:

HotSavinMama.Com said...

Love your blog! New Follower from Blog hop. Please take time to follow me back. I look forward to your posts. ;D I also followed you on Facebook

Czjai said...


Thanks for the visit and the follow back. I've returned the favor on your blog and Facebook, too. :)

Marie said...

Wow! Galing! Haven't tried anything like that pa. Looks cool..

Leaving my marks po! <3

kumiko mae said...

i super love face masks! i try to stay away to some face masks like that brand because i saw in the store that they're selling old stocks! at regular prices mind you. felt dismayed. i hope yours was new! :D you should try cotton masks. theyre a lot neater! :D

Pepper said...

Now, you have something to look forward to on Fridays :) That's a wonderful treat to give yourself. You deserve to be pampered once in a while. Maybe I should try that too :)

Czjai said...

Hi Mae!

I checked this a few times before I paid for it. I was a bit concerned kasi they're Buy 1 Take 1, eh baka nga expired or something. Hindi naman, so gora ako. :)

Will look into that cotton mask thing, thanks for the tip! :)

Czjai said...

Hi Pepper!

I loved the part where I got to dry my mask in peace. Haha!

Try it one time, you might get hooked to these stuff, too. :)