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Project | Jung Il Woo.

I'm finally done with my Project Lee Jun Ki! Yay! I can move on to another actor and a new drama!

This time I'm doing Jung Il Woo. I've seen him first in 49 Days, where he played the role of the Scheduler. He characterized this role with much pizzazz, thus landing him a spot in my favorite Korean actors list. I watched My Fair Lady next, but I wasn't too impressed with his acting in that drama. Because actually, that drama remains to be the worst I have seen so far. (It breaks my heart saying this because I'm a Yoon Eun Hye fan.)

Flower Boy!
Now I'm working on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, his starrer from 2011. I've mentioned in a previous post about the rave reviews this drama has received. As far as the first episode goes (I watched it just moments ago), I'm off to a good start. Looks like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop will not disappoint me, even if the plot seems a tad cheesy. After all the suspense I've had with Hero, a sappy feel-good plot sounds good to me.

And I don't mind all the winking and smirking that Jung Il Woo does here. He's got the face to back it up, after all.

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3 replies:

Marie said...

Congrats po ate! :)
I'm on a hunt din for a bunch of Korean dramas. HAHAHAHA!

Addict much! :)

Czjai said...

Hi MC!

I'm done na with this, hehe. So fun to watch kaya I couldn't stop watching.

I'll be watching Park Shi Hoo next. Kelangan makahanap muna ako ng Prosecutor Princess on DVD. ;)

Dhemz said...

aha, ito pala ang kinakikiligan nang marami...hehhee!

thanks for joining sis!