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Family Follies | And Long Overdue Christmas Photos

When my brother's desktop computer conked out on him several weeks ago, his digital life took a complete standstill as well. No online gaming, no digital drawing, no graphic designing... those were probably the darkest, most miserable days of his virtual life.

But not for long, though, as he finally got himself a brand-spanking new CPU over the weekend. Its brag-worthy specs (Intel Core I5-2500 3.3Ghz, ASUS ENGTX 560 Ti DCII/2D/1GB DDR5 256, ASUS P8H67-M LE (B3) Intel H67, GSkills Ripjaws X-Red 8gb DDR3 1333Mhz, Western Digital 500GB Sata 3.0 7200RPM Caviar Blue - whew!) would make the gaming gods green with envy. Honestly, I could care less if it runs on Pentium 3 for as long as I could extract these photos from it. Because these shots are waaaay overdue. And I just had to share it here because we had a lot of fun during this photo session.

With Mum and my younger siblings.
These were taken right after our Noche Buena (traditional midnight Christmas dinner).

Bunch of wackos. :)
And my eyebags are screaming for sleep.

These kids look like they're up to something.
In case you're wondering, yes, we're all wearing Angry Birds tees.

Clockwise from L-R: My sister-in-law Ana + Maggie, Mum, our grandmum, my brother, my brother-in-law Jesser + my sister, Yue and I, my sister's best friend Osep.
My sister came up with the idea of 'It's an Angry Christmas' theme. Or something like that.

Yue's funny face upfront. :D
Now this is my favorite photo. It's everybody's favorite photo, actually.

Maggie got owned! LOL!
Because it's more fun in the Philippines. (Which is why, my husband dear, you should be home next Christmas and be part of the kookiness.)

Can I end this post with a cuteness overload?

Maggie (from Bombay, India - LOL!)
By the way, these are my brother's photos. He uses a Lumix TZ6 - a very spiffy compact camera with a variety of focal ranges, selectable shutter speed, plus an aperture higher than some entry level DSLRs. I'm really liking Lumix now, and I'm torn between their G series and Canon's 550d.

Lumix enthusiasts, comments are most welcome.

Linking this up to my color memes!

Smiling Sally
And because happiness is coming home to your family.

33 replies:

SmilingSally said...

Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday.

Jessica said...

what a great and fun with the family :-) the little girl is so precious. Thank you for the visit Sis, do appreciate it :-)

Yannie said...

You're right it's more fun in the Philippines..

Hopping here via Exposure 99% hop

cassandrasminicorner said...

So sweet! Beautiful family:)

Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

Misadventures in Motherhood said...

Beautiful photos! I'm a photographer too, but it doesn't show on my blog... since I'm a humor blogger, I don't bother putting my beautifully Photoshopped stuff on there.... LOL. I've never met anyone who used the Lumix cameras, but I've seen them advertised and always wondered about them.

I'm a Canon gal myself... very loyal, but desperately in need of an upgrade. I'm currently shooting with the 30D, but I'm hankering for more recent model!

Tell your brother he should check out the Lightscoop--it's a really neat, inexpensive reflector that fits on your camera's hot shoe. It bounces light like a diffuser so that you can get beautiful lighting with your on-camera flash! I use it ALL the time when I don't feel like lugging my huge flash somewhere. Do a Google search for Lightscoop and you'll find it. Your brother will LOVE the natural-looking lighting he will get from it! :-)

Anyway, I'm following you back from the hop! Thanks so much for following me!

Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

Anonymous said...

Did you know there's a card game for Angry Birds? It's actually pretty cute. I wish I could get the seasonal varieties but I play it from PS3 and they don't have the seasonal games there. :( Looks like y'all had a ton of fun! Great photos! Looks like a fun loving family! I lived in the Philippines when I was very young (Air Force dad). My family loved being there. I was too little to know or remember much. Enjoyed your post. Happy Blue Monday!

Chubskulit Rose said...

You have lovely family sis, love the look in those little ones eyes lol.

Beautifully captured.

Please come and see my Blue, have a great week!

janakidiary said...

I've been hearing lots of rave reviews about Lumix although I'm an avid Canon fan. I think both can shoot HD videos which is a plus now that we're all going HD so maybe it'll just boils down to budget. Good luck on your camera shopping and thanks for following. Following you back :)

Aileen said...

Awwww...Maggie is simply adorable :-)

Kajal said...

beautiful family pics... your newest follower via the hop.

you can find me at

Czjai said...

Thanks Sally!

Always a pleasure! :D

Czjai said...

Hi Jessy!

Anytime sis, anytime. :D

Czjai said...

Thanks for the visit Yannie!

Czjai said...

Thanks for the visit, Aileen!

Czjai said...

Thanks Kajal!

Now following your blog, too. :D

Czjai said...

Hi Jenn!

Thanks for the tip, I'll let my brother know about these.

I really love the concept of your blog. It's a nice upper after a stressful day of household chores. :)

Czjai said...

Thanks for the tip, March! :)

Czjai said...

Hi Jenn!

Thanks for the visit! And I hope you can visit the Philippines again one of these days. :)

A said...

Hello there! :)

Thank you for your comment over at my blog and I'm glad you found me through LinkReferral too.. :)

Followed you via GFC as well.. :)

I love your Christmas theme! :) You have a wonderful family, I hope you have a great 2012! :)

Elaine said...

What a happy looking family.. Nice red for today

Czjai said...

Thanks Ane!

I do appreciate the follow back. :)

Czjai said...

Hi Elaine!

Thanks for the visit!

Jessica said...

awww! she is so adorable Sis :-) I could give her lots of kisses Visiting from Wednesday Whites Sis. Hope that you can return the visit too.

cassandrasminicorner said...

Cute naman ng baby..Parang imported from India:)

Visiting for Wednesday Whites! Hope you can stop by:)

Vhen said...

yay! what a wonderful family pictures :) and i like the idea of angry birds theme,very nice!

and the last photo is so cute!

visiting from happiness is...

anney said...

Ang supercute ni Maggie! I love that you were all wearing angry bird shirts! ganda tingnan sa picture!

KM said...

my fave pic of all is, of course, the last one of Maggie :D super cute. she doesn't look a bit annoyed with that turban. hehe!

thanks for linking up to Happiness Is :)

here's my other entry:


hope you can visit there, too!

thanks, and see you again next week for another round of happy posts :)

Prettymom said...

the little Bombay is so adorable aand i figured your family really had fun posing for the camera, visiting for Happiness Is meme, mine is up at, see you around...

Anonymous said...

so cutee ang bebe... :D

Czjai said...

Thanks everyone!

I returned the love on your blogs / entries. :)

Momgen said...

So cute ng baby hehheh..Happiness...

Jessica said...

fun family pictures but my fave is Maggie the Bombay :-) Visiting from Happiness is, hope that you can return the visit too.

purethoughts said...

family gatherings are always more fun in the Philippines! Sorry for us who are away! :(

Thanks for sharing your fun photos and for joining WEd Whites, visiting also from my entry,

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