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Carefreeshopper + Kiss & Make-up: Another Giveaway!

I still haven't gotten over how lucky I was to have won the first part of Diane's Holiday Giveaway. Now here she goes again, putting up for grabs the most amazing prizes. Any makeup junkie is sure to bawl over them!

Unlike the first part where there's only one winner (and yes, that's me!), this time there'll be three lucky recipients of three different sets of prizes. Part Two is also open internationally, so anyone across the globe can join. (That'll be more entries for me to compete against, though. Har!)

Now stifle that scream as we take a look at the prizes.

No, this is not a dream. What you're seeing is really Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette. And it's telling me I should join this giveaway so I can take her home. LOL.

First Prize:
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette- PHP 3,700 (approx $85)
Guerlain Tote Bag
Sigma E-25 Eye shader Brush
KK Center ES Lashes 
Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion

Second Prize:
Big Happie Hair Bumpits from Suesh
Sigma E25 Eyeshader Brush
Gi & Gary Box of Ten Natural Lashes- Soft Hair
Vanity Pouch

Third Prize:
Dermaline Diana Stalder Kit-Pouch
Green Tea and Rejuvenating Soap
Clean & Tone Lotion
Body Wash
Shower Gel

Oh first prize, how I wish you'd be mine! If that'd be the case, then 2012 would really be starting right for me. :)

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