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Planning To Get A Baby Swing For Your Little One?

Are you planning to get a baby swing for your little one?
Well, swings are no doubt a pleasant delight for your tiny one as toddlers love to be rocked every now and then. These are excellent for fussy babies and their indoor set-up enables you to keep check on your little as you are busy minding the domestic chores. Moreover, baby swings are a great relief for the parents enabling them to go along with their usual tasks, with the assurance of happy babies. The contemporary baby gear market features a wide range of swings ranging from the basic models to no-frills ones to full-loaded entertainment pieces. Here are some tips to follow as you proceed to buy a baby swing.

Photo credit: Disney Baby.
Search around
You must make a comparative study on 5-6 potential baby swings from different brands in the market. Follow the customer testimonials and expert reviews on the products. Your chosen brand should be the most reputed of the lot with rave reviews on the selected swing. Make sure the swing carries the JPMA seal assuring a safe product.

Portable options
It’s always advised to go for portable baby swings. These are lightweight and you can easily shift them in whichever room you wish to- so that your child is always before you. Moreover, the portable options are great when you are planning a trip with the little one. Portable baby swings are the most popular models for most parents. Read more at

Safety harness
The swing should be guarded by safety harness so that there is no chance of slipping down from the seat. The best ones carry 5-point harness with over-the-shoulder straps. Speed Your chosen baby swing should come up with a versatile range of swing speed options so that you can easily choose a one as per the moods and needs of the baby. The most advanced options in the market offer up till 8 speed options.

Photo credit: People UK.
Sturdy swing
This is one of the most significant points to check out when you are opting for a baby swing. The swing you are taking to should be backed by a sturdy wide frame & should be reasonably low to ground- so that it does not get tipped when the toddler leans on sides. Moreover, sturdy frames also ensure greater durability.

Comfy seat
The swing must have comfortable cushioned, soft and far reclining seat

Your little one would be duly impressed if the new swing comes with extras such as toy bars or trays or music and light displays.

7 replies:

Unknown said...

Baby swings are such a great way to keep your little one occupied safely while you try to get a few chores done! These are good tips to consider when shopping for one!

Dominique Goh said...

This baby swing looks super cute and I'm sure it make the baby very happy to be inside it. We didn't have any swings for the kids when they were younger.

Cathy Mini said...

My sister in law still needs a swing! I will have to look into getting her one of these--thanks for posting!

Heather Jones said...

These look nice! I'll tell my pregnant friend of mine. I'm not sure she has a swing yet.

Lisa said...

My son loved his swing when he was a baby. the kid would have lived in it if he could!

Christy G said...

I loved having a swing with my daughter. She was content to swing for hours. However, my boys didn't like it.

Esther said...

I know both of my girls would have been happy with either of those seats. Great tips on picking the right seat!