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Spotlight | Nature Republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream.

Nature Republic had a Buy One, Take One promo for the Hand and Nature Hand Cream a few months back, which was the main reason why I included this in my cart (along with the Bulgarian Rose Toner and the Provence Long Lasting Lipstick which I have previously reviewed in this blog.)

Hand and Nature Hand Creams.
They originally sell for Php 375 (around $8) each, which I find a tad too expensive for such a small 30 mL tube. But getting two tubes for the price of one is of course, a totally different story. :)
Up close.
I wanted to get two different variants (there are actually 18 variants in this hand cream line), but the sales personnel told me that they have to be the same variant to qualify for the promo. So there, I ended up with two tubes of Vanilla - my scent of choice when it comes to lotions and hand creams. 
Vanilla, my love. :)
The Nature Republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream contains 15% shea butter to moisturize and nourish the skin.
Vanilla + Shea Butter. :)
I love its light and silky texture, and how it's easily absorbed by the skin. It's also non-greasy, and does a good job of keeping your hands moisturized.
Creamy goodness. 
As for the scent, it smells a lot like Bath and Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar - sweet, without being too cloying. The scent, however, does not last through the day. It fades into a subtle scent after an hour or so, unlike other hand cream brands that can actually double up as perfume.

Now here's the thing about the Hand and Nature Hand Cream. They're actually EXO-endorsed, with some of the variants being the 'scent of choice' of the EXO members. Turns out, mine is Lay's choice, and surprisingly, Lay happens to be my cousin's bias. 
Find your bias' choice!
And for a limited time only, these hand creams are available in a completely different packaging that EXO fans would definitely lust, drool, and swoon over (haha!).
Limited Edition EXO Hand Cream set.
I have no idea how much these cost here in the Philippines, but in Korea, they're sold at 19800 won per set (around Php 800 or $18). If I were an EXO fan, I'd definitely buy these. Take note of the word 'if', lol! :)

7 replies:

Jessica said...

I love the packaging! And, vanilla is my scent of choice for hand creams too!

Czjai said...

Testing :)

mystickitchen said...

Sounds like a really great product- thanks for sharing!

Lois Alter Mark said...

What great packaging! I'm a big fan of Warm Vanilla Sugar, too, and always choose vanilla scented products.

Christy G said...

I love that it's a vanilla scent. I love how creamy it looks too

debdenny said...

This sounds so good. My skin gets so dry.

Erika Awakening said...

I love anything with vanilla in it. And shea butter is supposed to be awesome.