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Spotlight | oNecklace.

Sometime last December, I received an email from the Marketing Manager of oNecklace, an international jewelry manufacturer that deals exclusively with customized jewelry. She asked me if I'd be interested in receiving one of their jewelry pieces (customized to my specifications), in exchange for a product feature/review. I browsed through their website, and upon seeing their wide selection of intricate jewelry, I said yes to the proposal.

About two weeks later, this came in the mail.
From oNecklace, with love.
Inside the box was my Three Ring Engraved Mother Necklace in Sterling Silver. This elegantly crafted choker pendant is designed with three round rings, each engraved with a name. I had our names engraved in the rings, with my son's name in between my husband's and mine.
Three Ring Engraved Mother Necklace.
The chain is also made of sterling silver, and can be ordered in different chain dimensions - from 14" to 22". They sent me a 22" chain, which is a pretty comfortable fit around my neck - not too tight, and lets the pendant dangle nicely when worn.
Silver chain.
Together with this lovely piece of jewelry came a Certificate of Authenticity. Take note that aside from Sterling Silver, oNecklace also sell jewelry pieces in 24K Gold Plated,14K Gold, and White Gold.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Now if you're thinking of ordering from oNecklace (and I encourage you to do so, all the more that Valentine's Day is just around the corner), you'd be happy to know that they offer Free Shipping worldwide, and they ship orders within 24 hours.

Shipping time depends on where they order is being shipped to. If you're in the US or the UK, you can expect your orders to be delivered within 3-5 business days. I consider myself lucky to receive my package within two weeks, because it usually takes an eternity for snail mail/packages to arrive here in the Philippines. 

Now here's how the necklace looks like when worn.
Wearing my Three Ring Engraved Mother Necklace from oNecklace. :)
Having had a good experience with oNecklace, I'm thinking of getting another piece from them. Perhaps a name necklace with 'Rebel' for its pendant. Not my name, because I already have one, which my husband sent as a gift about three years ago.

And for my readers, here's a little (Valentine's) gift! Use the code rebel10 upon checkout to enjoy a 10% discount on your oNecklace purchase! Happy jewelry shopping! :)

11 replies:

Unknown said...

This would be an amazing gift that I would cherish forever! My Mom (Grandma) would love one too!

Simple Mama At Home said...

That is a really nice necklace! I like how you can have names engraved making it to be forever cherished!

Lois Alter Mark said...

What a beautiful necklace. I think personalized jewelry is so special and meaningful.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

This is beautiful and such a special gift to give someone.


Heather Jones said...

Oh that is so nice! Having a necklace engraved just for you is very special. I like this!

Christy G said...

This is a beautiful necklace. I hope you enjoy it.

Virginia said...

Love the necklace! Might have to order something for myself. :)

debdenny said...

Beautiful necklace. Love that you can personalize.

Lisa RIos said...

I have heard about oNecklace from one of my friend & from their website I can they have great variety of collections. The Three Ring Engraved Mother Necklace looks so beautiful & I love how it has been customized to write your names on it.

Eliz Frank said...

It's a stunning design and quite different from what we see out there. If you designed this, you need to consider a side gig as a jewelry designer too. :-)

Stefani @ said...

This would make for a great gift. I would like to have one with my kid's names. Very pretty!