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Spotlight | Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen.

Several weeks ago, while swatching lip tints at the Etude House branch in Festival Mall, this pretty pink tube caught my eye. No, actually, it's the word 'collagen' that really caught my eye.
Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen.
That I've gone gaga over collagen supplements and anti-aging skin care products is no secret. I've raved one too many times about how collagen did wonders for my skin, and I certainly wouldn't mind ditching my old facial wash for a collagen-infused one. And that I did.
Ingredients are listed in Hangul and English.
Formulated with 40% polyol (glycerin, sorbitol, PEG-32) content to keep skin feeling moist and soft, this moisturizing cleansing foam uses Marine Collagen extract to promote firmer skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.
Product description and usage directions at the back.
The Happy Essential Foam comes in a typical squeeze tube, and I believe this 150 mL tube is the only size available for this product - as well as the other variants in the Happy Essential Foam line. The packaging may be simple and straightforward, but still looks 'kawaii' in terms of its design.
Squeeze tube.
Now here's how the product looks like. 
It has a thick and creamy texture, and lathers quite well. That little dot on my finger is more than enough to wash my face and neck.
And foamy, too!
Mildly scented and gentle on the skin, this product leaves the skin soft, smooth, and supple, without the irritation. It's gentle enough for everyday use (I use this twice a day), and safe even for those with sensitive skin. I'm enamored by this product so much that a repurchase is a must! And I will, as soon as I'm halfway-through with this tube! :)

What I love:
- Contains Marine Collagen.
- Creamy texture.
- Lathers quite well, so just a little goes a long way.
- The scent.
- Does a good job of cleansing the skin.
- Leaves the skin soft and smooth.
- Safe for sensitive skin.
- Affordable price. (Php 248/ 150 mL tube)

What you might not like:
- Absolutely none!

Have you tried this product, or any other cleansing foams (Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Hyaluronic Acid, White Clay) from the Happy Essential Foam line? How was your experience?

14 replies:

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

I love the packaging. :) It looks happy, indeed! and I hope they make a bigger size soon! Looks like you really love the product :) What I love naman at Etude House is their nail polish :D

earthlingorgeous said...

Looks promising and the price is not bad ha. But why would I doubt Etude yan eh.

Mom-Friday said...

First time to see this product as I'm not familiar with Etude aside from it's makeup line :) and this looks interesting and affordable. You're right, that "collagen" is a come-on.

Sumi Go said...

Such cute packaging! I haven't tried skincare products with collagen yet, but I think I'll need to pick this up the next time I visit Etude. My current cleanser is a little harsh on my sensitive skin. Laging nagma-micro exfoliate eh parang pulang-pula na skin ko. >.<

So thanks for the review sis! This is really helpful.

Tetcha said...

To be honest, I haven't tried using collagen-infused products, but I might just do that after reading your post. This Happy Essential Foam Collagen is priced reasonably, so yes, I'll also buy a tube soon! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

Kath Rivera said...

You really like Collagen infused skin care products. I haven't tried one from the line but I saw there's a Vitamin C. Might consider this after finishing my current facial wash.

DeDa Studios said...

The facial cleaner looks very interesting. Great price point and I like that it is lightly scented - I dislike products with a strong scent.

Animetric said...

Wow, that is reasonably priced! I'm interested because I need all the anti-aging skin care I can get lol.

ReviewsSheRote said...

Sounds like you found a winner!! Also the bottle is very cute!!!!

Unknown said...

I have ever heard of this product before, but that does not mean my wife has not.. i will show her this.

The Phenomenal Mama said...

At my age, collagen is also what I look for in a beauty product. The packaging of this item is also so dainty looking, and the affordable price seals the deal!

Unknown said...

I really love this skin stuff too, and the creamier the better.

Liz said...

Very nice packaging! I know how important the collagen is for our skin. Should try this!

MomGlenz said...

thanks for sharing... I will check this out!