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Create the Playlist of your Life with Spotify!

Hello everyone! How's your weekend so far?
I've been pretty busy this weekend, with the World Cup Quarterfinals, UFC 175, and all. Oh, and I spent a good part of yesterday organizing my Spotify playlist.

Spotify, a digital music service allows you to enjoy all your favorite songs on your smartphone. With this app, can listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere, even without WiFi or mobile internet. You can also create your own playlist and share it with your friends and social networks. Spotify also has a feature that allows you to 'follow' your favorite artists and bands. listen to their playlists, and make them your own.

And thanks to the exclusive tie-up between Spotify and Globe Telecom, you can stream your favorite music at pocket-friendly rates.
More ways to enjoy Spotify!
To register, text the keyword of your preferred offer to 8888. When you register to Spotify Premium, you also get 10MB of mobile internet daily that you can use for social media, surfing, and more!

For more information or to start using Spotify, visit or check out the official Facebook page at

8 replies:

earthlingorgeous said...

Oh I love spotify, I've been using it since I learned of it. I was able to update my playlist and daughter's playlist because of it really cool.

Han Abello said...

I've yet to try Spotify. I wonder, is the service available to non-Globe users?

Debi Gerhart said...

Mu kids love Spotify. They have all kinds of playlists on it,

Ari said...

I love Spotify. I'm going to be upgrading to a Premium account soon though. My sister did it and she said it's totally worth it. I think this service is good for those who want to test out Spotify first though :)

Unknown said...

I have not really dove into Spotify yet.. We were talking about it today compared to pandora..

Rebecca Swenor said...

This sounds like something I would use. It would be very convenient app. Thanks for sharing.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I haven't gotten in to digital playlists, other than on my mp3 player. I will have to learn more about Spotify.

Tetcha said...

Seriously, listen to my favorite music without Internet or Wi-fi? Then I should really try Spotify! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres