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Spotify Makes it to the Top!

And by that, I mean the top of the charts in both Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store. Among the free and paid apps, Spotify is the first and only music app to make it to the top ten!

It's no surprise, actually. Especially when you have 40 million users in 57 markets worldwide, plus a catalogue containing more than 30 million songs. I'm a huge fan of Spotify myself (it's one of the most used apps on smartphone), and most of my friends are, too (I know because we share our playlists on our Facebook pages, haha!)
KPop x Spotify! :)
Now if you're a Globe subscriber such as myself, you can enjoy streaming your favorite music for free with a GoSURF Data Plan. Aside from the premium access to all the music on Spotify, this postpaid plan also gives you access to the internet for sending e-mails, updating social networks, sharing photos or playing games. Streaming Spotify is completely free and won’t eat up a GoSURF data plan’s mobile internet allocation.

So whether you’re a social media spectator - busy checking everyone else’s status, posts, selfies, or a social media butterfly - constantly posting hilarious videos, quizzes for your friends to take, and responding to comments in a flash, GoSURF has the right data plan that fits your digital lifestyle. Stay online for as low as P10 for 10 MB of data valid for 1 day. If you want to stay online longer, you can register to GoSURF299 with 700MB of data for 30 days plus free Spotify Premium. The best part about Spotify Premium? You can listen to music without any advertisements, stream music with the highest quality audio, and download music using offline mode so you can listen to songs even without an internet connection or WiFi!

Make your world sound wonderful with GoSURF and Spotify!
Prepaid subscribers can register to GoSURF10 which gives 10MB of data and free access to Spotify for 1 day, while Postpaid subscribers can avail of GoSURF 299 with 700MB of data valid for 30 days plus free access to Spotify Premium.

3 replies:

Kath Rivera said...

I like Spotify too but I seldom use the app. I can listen to my favorite songs in a flash.

Yette said...

I love Spotify. It's my fave app. I can just get the premium version and have my favorite playlist available offline. No need to keep mp3s in my phone! :D

Louisa said...

Interested in this although I'm not a Globe user. Will definitely check this out!