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5 Activities to Have at your Child's Next Birthday.

It’s important to have a whole bunch of activities to keep the kids entertained at your child’s birthday party. You want them to have an amazing day with their friends and remember their birthday as a super fun experience. It can be hard to decide the best things to do for a birthday party, so we’ve put together a list of activities that your child will love!
The little man's 4th birthday! :)
Hire an entertainer
This might be a clown or someone dressed-up. It will be a great surprise to the kids to see someone new and exciting at their party, especially if they’re dressed as their favourite movie character and have a bunch of fun party games ready to play.

Treasure Hunt
Perfect for getting the cherubs outside! Treasure hunts are easy to set up and will keep the kids entertained for hours. You can hide lots of different things such as food (make sure it’s sealed or wrapped), toys or tokens and create little maps to help them along the way. The kids will definitely love an adventure in the backyard and they will be excited when they find the treasures at the end.

Make your own tshirt design
A unique party idea for the kids is to help them design their own t-shirt. They will have a blast picking the colours and pictures and they will remember the fun they had on their birthday every time they wear the shirt. Vistaprint has heaps of options to help you easily design a nd print your own shirt. Check out the website for more info today.

Petting Zoo
Farm animals are very educational for children to learn about. The kids will love having a petting zoo at their party so they can get up close and personal with heaps of cute and cuddly animals. Because this is a service offered by professionals, the animals are trained to know how to react to children, so you won’t have to worry too much about the kids disturbing them. They will have a great time getting to know the animals and it will teach them about the farm and what animals live there.

Pass the Parcel
A party favourite amongst many children, pass the parcel is a birthday activity that will have them at the end of their seats. Pass the parcel is both fun for the family and the kids. The game is really easy to make. All you need is some prizes (chocolates, lollies or small toys) and some newspaper. Make sure you put something in every layer so nobody misses out.

There are heaps of fun activities to plan for your child’s next birthday. Put on as many fun games as you can for your child’s next birthday!

7 replies:

MaryJane Tauyan said...

love the ideas!!! last bday of my daughter we had piñata and everyone is just loving because it took them one hour before someone actually broke the piñata. Its like fiesta back then. said...

I agree with everything here especially the part about the entertainer. It's important that we, as parents, hire the best. Kahit medyo mahal as long as entertaining and hindi corny okay sakin un hehe

Franc said...

Kids just love games and entertainers like magicians and clowns.

April said...

These are great ideas! My kids are too old for all except for the design your shirt...I'll have to see what my daughter thinks of that since she has a birthday next month :)

Jennifer H said...

great ideas! :0

ReviewsSheRote said...

I like this list--the treasure hunt is fun but can be a lot pf prep work before

Christy G said...

Thank you for sharing these tips, my son's birthday is in a few weeks.