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Coming from a family of teachers, I grew up with much ado for studying. Sounds nerdy, but it's true. Even if it's been years since I graduated from college, I still love learning new things - be it a new skill, a new language, or even facts and trivias that are unknown to me before.

And the way I see it, my little man has the same enthusiasm for learning, too. He loves flipping through books, he loves asking all sorts of questions, and he absolutely loves school. For a three-year-old, he's quite an eager beaver - even refusing to skip school (he's in Kindergarten, by the way) despite heavy, incessant rainfall. Which is why I'm always on the look-out for new and fun ways to feed his mind and keep the enthusiasm burning.

Just recently I discovered a hidden gem in the virtual world of learning.

I came across Tropic Mind, an educational virtual world for kids. Here, you will find many different islands, where each island is devoted to a specific educational topic.

Topics include Math, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Health and Nutrition, Ancient History, Astronomy, Ecology and the Environment, and a whole lot more.

Physics made simple.

Health and Nutrition emphasized.

History made alive.

Math made fun.

World History in animation.

Caring for the environment.
These topics are discussed in a fun and unique manner - either through an educational cartoon, an animated game, or both. A team of highly-experienced teachers and educators provide the site with its educational content, while a pool of creative animators and graphic artists make the learning experience fun and enjoyable.

As for the kids, they have these guys to guide them as they explore the different islands and go through the lessons.

To make the learning experience a more personalized one, Tropic Mind allows you to create your own character and style it up to your liking. You also have your own island, which you can decorate as you wish. You even have the option to keep and take care of a pet, too!

There's a clothes shop, a furniture shop, and a pet shop where you can buy all sorts of items for you, your pet, and your island home. The coins needed to buy from these shops can be earned through the educational games.

Learning becomes more fun and exciting when you have friends with you. Tropic Mind feels the same way, which is why the site provides you the option to interact with your friends by chatting, sharing virtual items, or sending gifts.

Best of all, child safety comes first in Tropic Mind, and parents are assured that all content found in the site are appropriate for your kids. Uploaded material and created items are strictly-monitored, while comments and messages go through a language-filtering system prior to posting.

I'm glad my son and I had been given the chance to experience Tropic Mind first-hand. While the topics are ideal for kids aged 6-12, I'm proud to say that my three-year-old had a pretty good grasp of some of the lessons. He had fun recognizing letters and numbers, learning about the food pyramid, exploring the world map, the solar system, and even the parts of the body. All these he did under my supervision, of course. Once he starts playing, it's quite difficult to pry him away from my laptop - which is my only gripe, haha!

Needless to say, if my three-year-old can finds this site fun and engaging, what more for older kids who can actually read and work their way through the site with less supervision? I'm sure it'll be twice more fun for them.

Tropic Mind is free for kids to play and explore. However, to maximize and enjoy the full features of the site, a paid membership is required. Rates begin at $5.95 a month, $29.95 for six months, or $49.95 for a whole year. Should you wish to cancel your paid membership, you can do so anytime.

To know more about Tropic Mind, visit their Parents' Page here. Like them on Facebook, and stay updated on Twitter, too!

*I have been provided with a free trial membership for the sole purpose of this review. However, the opinions stated above are entirely my own.

22 replies:

Unknown said...

oh my that is sooo cute! i remember designing and programming web teaching apps like this! a must visit site for kids! :)

shie said...

cool!!! i will introduce this site to my pamangkins ;)

The Mommy Roves said...

how i wish i have something like this growing up :) but this is definitely helpful to kids out there!! :)

The Bargain Doll

Animetric said...

Looks good, but I hope they have a free trial session even just for a couple of hours so I can test if my daughter will like it. :)

YANI said...

Another great invention for kids. It really pays to enrich their knowledge through this kind of application.

Sumi Go said...

Wow! This is really cool, a new and fun way of learning for kids.. ^^ I'm sure your little one's enjoying Tropic Mind.

tatess said...

it is a cool site but I don't want to pay a month just for my kids to enjoy and learn .there are other free site that my son visits and enjoy while learning.

Momfever said...

I love learning new things too! In fact I always find myself thinking: 'How have I ever lived with out this knowledge?!'

Your review was great, and it sounds like a great product.

Momfever said...

I love learning new things too! In fact I always find myself thinking: 'How have I ever lived with out this knowledge?!'

Your review was great, and it sounds like a great product.

CrazyNutsMom said...

I love finding educational games for the kids. They learn and don't know it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I always love to find out about new products to help kids learn. I find when the computer and learning are combined me kids adore it. This looks like an interesting program, I might give it a look and see if it would work for my kids. Thanks for a very thorough review!!

Mom-Friday said...

This looks so interesting! Great looking characters too. I have to show this to my kids :) Thanks for sharing this!

genefaith said...

I come from family of teachers too:)

Thanks for sharing Tropic Mind. I'm sure my 3-year-old will enjoy this one . I'll also recommend this to my younger sisters. $5.95 a month is worth it:)

Crazed in the Kitchen said...

This site looks awesome! My four-year-old loves, but he's pretty much been through the whole site backwards and forwards by now. This looks like a great next step for him--thanks for the info!

Pepper Tan said...

Reminds me of :)

It's good that Yue has a passion for learning. That will prove to be invaluable as he grows older.

I'll checkout Tropic Mind and see how my daughter likes it. Thanks for sharing :)

Christine SD said...

How fun and interactive! Although my mom did a good job at being my second teacher, I wish I had this when I was little.

Unknown said...

this looks fun, will try to introduce this to my niece and younger cousins :)

This is Lovelee said...

Kids nowadays are so gives them lots of opportunities to learn while enjoying everything. So lucky! =)

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

Nice! I'm having second thoughts though about showing it to my boy since I prefer him to learn through books... he gets easily distracted so being on the internet for him would be a disaster!

MrsMartinez | said...

Wow this is a fun new way to learn! I sucked at History when I was studying. Good thing a company came up with this!


Lizzie said...

Interesting website~
I'll check it because I love sites like this.

Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

woah! that looks like a nice game sis! hihihihi :D macheck ko nga yan! :D

Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)