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Easy Home Décor Updates

Sometimes you just want a change – it can get boring seeing the same décor every time you get ready for bed; since you spend almost a third of your life sleeping it makes sense to invest a little in the room you use most often. There are some quick and easy home décor changes you can make in minutes –a fresh new set of bath towels or something like bed canopies come to mind as they can totally transform the look of a mundane bedroom.

You don’t need to have a four-poster bed to enjoy a bed canopy – many are designed specifically to hang over a standard mattress and box spring. The typical bed canopy has a round ring; the netting drapes over the ring and can then be arranged over any size of bed. Most install in minutes with a simple screw eye and may not even require the use of tools.

A padded or upholstered headboard is another easy way to update any bedroom – most install with either a standard screwdriver while some models are secured with hook and loop tape. If you’ve ever stayed in a better hotel you might have noticed how often they feature padded headboards; this is in part because they help to both protect the walls and reduce noise but also because they look fantastic and really punctuate the bedroom.

Another hotel décor tip worth trying is pillows – piles of pillows at the head of the bed can make it look opulent and welcoming plus it can transform the look of a boring bedroom in minutes. Look for pillows in all shapes and sizes and seek out ones with interesting pillow covers or unique colors and textures.

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