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Cooking with my Air Fryer | Easy Sushi Bake Recipe.

It's been more than two months since I got my air fryer and so far, my adventures with this nifty kitchen gadget has been nothing short of amazing. If you're following me on Facebook or on Instagram, then you've probably seen the different dishes that I have made with my air fryer - from something as simple as tofu, to viands that are a bit more complex ('pangmalakasan' as the husband puts it) such as smoked ribs and crispy pata.

These days, I'm also dabbling in baking because hey, everyone seems to be doing it as a means of de-stressing during these trying times. I've baked brownies, muffins, cookies... mostly snacks that my little man (well, not-so-little now since he's entering junior high) loves. My latest experiment is something that I've always wanted to try (and by that I mean eat) since it started trending during the quarantine - Sushi Bake. Basically, it's a deconstructed version of the sushi roll. Instead of rolling the rice and other ingredients inside large sheets of roasted seaweed using a bamboo mat, you just spread everything in a pan and bake it into a casserole. 

I was thinking of ordering it online at first, but eventually I decided to just make my own from scratch. And because my first attempt was a success (my neighbors can attest to that, haha), I'd like to share with you my easy peasy Sushi Bake recipe. 

Sushi Bake
Sushi Rice
3 cups cooked rice (Japanese rice or Dinorado)
3 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

2 cups kani, shredded or cut into chunks
1 large ripe mango, diced
1 medium cucumber, diced
1 cup cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup Japanese mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Sriracha 
2 packs Aji Savor on Rice (used as furikake)
3 packs Korean roasted seaweed (nori) sheets

1. In a small bowl, mix the rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Mix well, and make sure that both the salt and sugar are completely dissolved.
2. Pour the mixture over the rice and toss until the rice is well-coated. 
3. In a separate bowl, combine the cream cheese, Japanese mayonnaise, and Sriracha. Mix well.
4. Add the kani, half of the mango, and half of the cucumber to the mixture. Add a bit of salt to taste and stir until well-combined.
5. Spread the sushi rice evenly in an oven safe pan. 
6. Sprinkle a thin layer of the Aji Savor on Rice on top of the rice until fully-covered.
7. Add the topping by spreading it evenly. Sprinkle the remaining cucumber and mango bits on top, and a bit more furikake if desired.
8. Drizzle with a bit of Japanese mayonnaise and Sriracha before baking.
9. Set your air fryer to Bake mode and bake at 170° C for 17 minutes. (Take note that this setting is for the Hanabishi Air Fryer Oven. Kindly make adjustments if you're using a conventional oven.)
10. Serve by scooping into nori sheets.

My very own Sushi Bake!
I baked this on my air fryer!

Please look forward to more air fryer recipes on my blog! :)

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