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5 Tips for Setting Effective Fitness Goals.

So you want to get in shape. Congratulations! The first step towards a healthier lifestyle is deciding to make a change.

However, as you likely know from experience, it can be hard to stick to your decision. With constant temptation from Netflix and Reese’s, not to mention the countless tasks of modern life, it’s easy to get derailed.

Worry not! Even if your fitness goals have floundered in the past, there’s still hope. Follow our 5 tips for setting effective fitness goals to keep moving forward. 

Park Seo Joon in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)

#1: Be Specific
If your goal is simply to “get fit,” you may not be sure where to start. Should you start prepping for a 5k, or train for a marathon? Should you be doing yoga for strength and flexibility? Should you eat keto or restrict your calories?

This is why you need to get specific. Which is closest to your actual goal? 
● Experience less pain in a specific body part (lower back, shoulders)
● Feel stronger
● Improve balance, stability, and coordination
● Build endurance and stamina
● Change a “problem area”
● Lose weight
● Complete a race

Your specific goal will influence your choices. For example, if you want to improve balance, you’ll start with leg and core strengthening routines. To lose weight, you might up your cardio game. Have several goals? Figure out a way to address each one—but don’t overwhelm yourself right out of the gate.
Choi Siwon of Super Junior.

#2: Start Small
If you envision getting shredded from head to toe, remember that that will take months of consistent effort, and changes in just about every area of your life. It can get discouraging when your goal is still far off in the distance after weeks of effort.

How can you avoid getting overwhelmed? Set achievable short-term goals. 
Examples include: 
● Complete 10 Pilates classes in a month
● Lose 5 lbs.
● Run 1 mile
● Bench 10 more pounds than last month

Once you’ve checked this small goal off your to-do list, enjoy your achievement! Then, set a bigger goal for the next month. 
Lee Joon Gi's sculpted abs.

#3: Make a Plan for Muscle Recovery
If your quads burn for a week after your first trip to the gym, you probably won’t be heading back anytime soon. Remember, we advised you to start small—try not to overdo it right away!

However, you can also take concrete steps to recover from post-exercise inflammation.
These include:
● Taking CBD drops after your workout
● Drinking plenty of water
● Getting adequate vitamins and minerals

Eat healthy like Kim Seok Jin!

#4 Eat to Support Your New Habits
Speaking of those adequate vitamins… remember that a supplement can only go so far. In order to find the energy for your next workout (and the next, and the next), you need to eat a healthy diet. That means:
● Whole grains
● Lean proteins (fish, eggs, nuts, beans)
● Leafy greens
● Vegetables
● Fruits
● Adequate healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado oil)

Interested in the Mediterranean diet or Whole 30? Don’t let us stop you. The most important thing is sticking to a realistic diet rather than ping-ponging between healthy eating and trips to McDonalds.

Starting small? Try to eat at least one fresh meal a day. Once you see the benefits, you may be inspired to up your cooking game! Just remember to put jam on your toast every now and then (you deserve it).

BTS exercising together in Burn the Stage.

#5: Create Support Systems
It’s easier to stick to goals when you create some accountability. You could:
● Form an accountability group with friends. Check in weekly or create a group chat and stay in constant contact!
● Ask your family members to support your goal. Some may even want to follow your new diet or join you on runs.
● Download a planning app to keep track of your goals. When you meet one, reward yourself with a massage or spa trip.

You may slip up from time to time. Having a support system in place helps you forgive yourself and move on. The sooner you get back to work on your goal, the sooner you can enjoy the rewards—emotional and otherwise!

Consistency is Key
Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Kim Kardashian’s body built overnight. When it comes to major changes in appearance, endurance, and overall health, there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. (At least none available through natural methods.)

When you set achievable fitness goals, you’ll see and feel incremental change. Once you pass a milestone, keep on going! Your effort is already paying off, and by keeping consistent, you’ll create new habits that become easier and easier to sustain.

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