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Jewelry Repairs | Things You Need to Know About Ring Resizing.

It can be daunting leaving your great-grandmother’s precious antique jewelry piece in the hands of a jewelry repairer. As much as they have years of experience, this is a one of a kind piece you cannot get again.

Wondering who or where to send your precious item to is something you need to consider in-depth and to research before making any hasty decisions.

I had a friend who received a great piece of jewelry from a now ex-partner and wanting to have it repaired and mended so she could pass it down to her daughter for her 21st birthday coming up, she rushed down the village center where she had seen a reasonably priced stand set up.
Photo credit: Pasja on Pixabay.
What she didn’t think to do was to have it insured before handing it over in return for a, what seemed like a slip printed at your home, receipt, and ended up going back the next week to find the stand and her pendant had packed up shop and disappeared.

My advice is always be safer than necessary, ‘prevention is better than cure’ as the old saying goes, see some handy advice in this link and take care of your ancestrally historic artifacts. Undoubtedly she was devastated, panicked, and mad at herself for being so naïve and irresponsible.

The silver lining to this tale thank goodness was the fact that this gentleman had tried this stunt in numerous venues with quite a successful track record mind you, but this one however topped the charts when he tried to sell it on. A red flag was raised and he was arrested, the pendant was returned, unrepaired, but thankfully back in safe hands.

Needless to say, she went to a reputable jewelry store the next time, paid more than she originally did, and has thanked her lucky stars since that day. A lesson she has drilled into her children since then too, much to their enjoyment, I mean isn’t this the reason we have children if not to drill them about our mistakes so they too don’t fall into the trap? Hilarious.
Diamonds are forever, so they say.
Jewelry Fit for Royalty
I have not had the luxury of going into a shop where the window display costs the same as our home, I have, however, spent many a day staring too closely and for too long steaming up the windows to the disgust of the sales clerk, at sparkles that seem to have been captured from an emperors treasure chest.

My friend, on the other hand, has a business husband who wants her to solely care for their home and children and not be on the work train of the 9-5, a luxury we have all wished for at one point in our lives I’ll admit.

She has confessed though after multiple gin and tonics that it can get very lonely and boring and as much as she loves the life of being able to travel anywhere whenever they feel like it, she always enjoys being home and in her haven.
Photo credit: Sara Graves from Pixabay.
Living the Good Life
On one such an outing after my work week and the start of a long weekend for the nation, we headed to the shops, she was tipsy and in the mood for a bit of bling. She had had her eye on a gorgeous birthstone ring since I can remember, and waiting for hubby to realize the one she wants could take a while, so she was being her own boss and purchasing it herself.

I, being the poor naïve side-kick, thought you could just go in, buy the prettiest one, and Bob’s your uncle, this is not the case. There are velvet pillows brought out, white gloves put on, and a set of keys pulled off a link tied to a manager’s belt to open the glass cabinet housing the ‘golden egg.’

The main objective is to have your ring custom fit to your finger, it’s not only safer as it won’t slide up and down and risk being lost, but it looks more sophisticated and not like you’re wearing your dad’s accessories.
The ever-so-popular engagement ring from 'Crash Landing on You'.
Professionals in the business will have the necessary equipment to make the process smooth and seamless, stress-free, and if on the higher tier of the brand awareness, a glass of chilled bubbly while you get measured.

If this is a service you feel you deserve, and I can say now I’m sure that you do, have a look at this handy guide on what is reputable jewelry company etiquette, and for advice on how both parties should act, because we give as good as we get, am I right?

We all work hard and treating ourselves once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about, you get out what you put in as my granny liked to say. And if this means a shiny stone blinding people as you walk on the sidewalk so be it.

Second Time Around
So you’ve lost a load of weight, you’re feeling great, you clearly look amazing, the trouble is your now skinny fingers are holding onto your precious rings like a kid with cake on his birthday. You need to head to the jewelers for a resize and quick, there can be nothing worse than a ring falling off never to be seen again.
Photo credit: The New York Times.
Having a ring resized is quite a common occurrence, even more so with engagement rings, as much as the men try their hardest to pick the right size for the moment, and the process takes around 2 weeks to complete. The metal is essentially stretched and molded to fit snugly but still comfortably, and your ring will need a small effort to pull off so it isn’t sliding around.

For an expert in the business visiting companies such as is a great way to ensure you are in safe hands when it comes to taking care of your ‘shine,’ and getting the job done right the first time around.

Life is too short to not wear bling, let’s at least make sure it’s the right fit.

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