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Are Uniforms Vital With Work Using Custom Uniform Programs - Vancouver.

In most businesses, a dress code is implemented for the staff. Some incorporate a stringent professional attire, others allow casual business wear, and many are beginning to introduce custom uniforms for their employees.

Regardless of the requirements established in the business, the appearance of each individual in a company will determine the overall professional presence. Attire speaks volumes, creating an instant perception regarding character, abilities, and the position held within the establishment. For the pros and cons of initiating a uniform standard into the company dress code go to .
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Once a client develops a negative determination, it doesn’t matter what changes are made or what kind of new regulations the business tries to initiate, a first impression sticks. It’s like when you see something, you just can’t unsee it.

The problem with this comes when the person delivering the ‘message’ represents the company as a whole. Now the company is poorly perceived. Usually that results in lost business - because of how someone is dressed.

How Important Is Appearance In The Workplace?
Many industries in the business world today are incorporating custom uniforms into their dress code policies to prevent employee-appearance problems. These often expand into company-wide issues affecting client relations. Physical appearance designates a certain air of professionalism within a workplace or lack thereof.

Neatness is expected regardless of the industry, even those where casual attire is the code. Dressing ‘sloppy’ and presenting ‘messy,’ leads others to believe this is how you perform your tasks, unorganized without time, effort, or attention to detail. In many cases, people who show up looking this way garner little respect, with many instances of poor communication among their coworkers and leadership. This is true in the school setting as well which has led to many switching over to uniform requirements. Read here how this can help students.
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There are many reasons businesses are considering company-wide custom uniforms. Appearance is a critical component of the work environment.
  • Image of The Company 
As representatives of the company, it's critical that employees present themselves in a professional light. The powerful impact each person has is enough to lose clientele for the business merely in the way clients believe the organization ‘allows’ their personnel to dress. Today, more industries are introducing uniforms and implementing grooming standards in an effort to preserve the image of the establishment.

Companies realize clients can range from trendy to traditional with varying standards and definitions regarding professionalism. Employees in specific industries are advised to cover visible tattoos and remove unusual piercings that may go against the image the company wants to portray.
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  • Perceived By Clients
An ideal way for a business to go into a business proposal with a new client is to perform thorough research in preparation for the meeting. A ‘cutting edge’ client with trendy ideas set on a company who will assist them in ‘moving forward’ into the future may not be impressed by a representative who appears traditional or stagnant. The company will come across with these values, causing the client to pass.

You want to develop a sense for the customer’s personality and their style before you actually meet them. A suggestion if you find there is a substantial difference in how you each choose to represent yourself is to present in a company uniform, which will prove beneficial. It’s safe and prevents any type of preconceived notion allowing the client to focus on whether the organization will be suitable and capable for their specific needs.
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  • Progression
When companies incorporate uniforms with their staff, advancement is not based around how someone presents themselves to the leadership. Typically, in an organization, those who dress the part, are taken much more seriously and given better opportunities. Uniforms force those in charge to look at skills, qualifications, and talent.
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That doesn’t mean, though, that people wearing uniforms are immune from being eliminated based on how they look. Some staff members are slovenly even in assigned custom uniforms. These members arrive with wrinkled clothing, untucked shirts, or clothes that don’t fit them properly.

If you don’t look put together, even in a uniform, you will find that employers won’t take you seriously, and the team won’t take interest in ideas that you try to introduce into the organization.

It may seem unfortunate, but appearance and the way you look affects your reputation and, in turn, the company that you’re representing. That’s a lot of responsibility to place on staff. But it’s simply the way most types of industries operate.

This is why dress codes are implemented. Putting these in place actually takes some stress away from people because they’re told how they need to arrive. Uniforms are of even greater advantage, with everyone in the same outfit disallowing for societal pressures, financial issues, and disagreements over personal tastes. These allow for a professional appearance across the board. Your only responsibility is to remain neat and groomed from that point.

Final Word
People seem to get their feathers ruffled when companies initiate dress codes implying that it infringes on their personal rights. In actuality, you do represent their organization with the potential for losing business through personal decisions you make regarding your wardrobe.

Implementing a few guidelines to follow or creating a universal uniform programs through sites like, eliminates stress on both sides. It allows a more balanced, harmonious atmosphere.

There is also the possibility for employees to develop a sense of confidence because judgments in the office will now be based on talent. In that same vein, productivity increases once you realize you’re being taken seriously with the potential for moving forward strictly on qualifications.
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As a whole, custom uniforms in all types of scenarios, even the playing field for everyone involved. There is no societal separation because you can’t determine any differences among the crowd

For leaders, there is a sea of prospects, all looking identical, capable of advancing. No one stands out over anyone else until an assessment reveals skills.  Dress codes, specifically uniforms, aren’t infringing on rights.

In a sense, they’re giving rights back, to the point you are being seen for what you can do rather than what you have or the quality of clothes you’re able to purchase. It’s just a matter of how you interpret the picture.

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