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5 Questions to Ask Your Jewelers When Shopping for Bridal Jewelry.

Shopping for your bridal jewelry is one of the most important items on a bride’s checklist. It is the final touch that adds a much-needed sparkle to the entire ensemble. Of course, you want your jewels to last a lifetime - or maybe even longer. There are a lot of things to consider. You want something flattering but do not overshadow your dress. It has to fit your personality too. You would not want something colorful if you are a bit of a minimalist. To find your perfect match, you need to choose the right jeweler.

If you are a bit clueless, I hope this will help. Ring shopping is kind of like looking for the right apartment. There are questions you ask your realtor before signing that lease. This one is different though. Buying jewelry is an important investment. We are not just talking about money here. There is also some emotional investment involved.

Unless you have loads of cash, you would want to be practical. You want to be able to wear your ring every day and not regret your decision. So here are some of the questions you should be asking your jeweler:
Look: Yoon Se Ri's ring on Crash Landing on You.
What looks good for any dress?
The goal is to buy jewelry for your wedding dress. But of course, you will be using it well after the festivities are over. You may want to shop for your shoes and wedding dress first and see how the ring or earrings will compliment your entire look. Then, ask your jeweler if the ring is also great for date nights, dinner parties and other memorable occasions. Check out this article which gives a few more things to consider.

What’s good for my skin tone?
There is no solid rule but considering your skin tone is a good starting point in choosing your jewelry. Some skin tones look good with gold or silver. Some look better with platinum. The same thing applies to the color of the gemstones. Jewelers usually provide excellent recommendations.
Son Ye Jin looks fab in just about anything. :)
What are the 4Cs?
This question is the most important because it dictates the price of your jewelry. Jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For diamonds, in particular, you need to look at the four C’s: Cut, clarity, color, and carat. The Guardian published an article on the four C’s.

Diamond cuts vary and some jewelers have their own signature cut. There are over 15 cuts to consider.

Color is an interesting thing to consider. Find the color that matches your personality and also tells how rare a diamond is.

Clarity refers to how flawless the diamond is. There is a clarity rating per diamond. The higher the clarity rating, the better.

Carat dictates the worth of your jewelry. Celebrities often show off how many carats their diamonds have. It gives people a rough estimate of how much they spent on their jewels.
A work of art.
 How can I modify this in the future?
The famous line says, “Diamonds are forever”. That is true but the design of your jewelry does not have to stay the same. There are some people who also buy jewelry as an investment that they can sell in the future. Others prefer to keep their jewelry and modify them to make them look brand new. Engagement rings can be turned into something else. Remember that scene in Sex and The City when Charlotte York went to a jewelry store to see what she can turn her wedding ring into. The jeweler suggested a “floating diamond necklace” or a pair of earrings. This is a good way to preserve the sentimental value of your jewels and at the same time getting a new accessory.

Make sure it's the real deal.
Is this a real diamond?
Now, don’t be shocked. This is a valid question. Here’s why. The Federal Trade Commission warned that some jewelers are not being truthful about where they source their jewels. In case you are not aware, there are many jewelry stores that sell diamonds that are grown in laboratories. Their sparkle may be similar but they are less valuable than mined diamonds.

Make sure you don’t fall into these marketing traps. There is no harm in asking where the diamonds are sourced from. Stones are traceable and trusted jewelers provide documents to prove where they got them. Stay away from sketchy online sellers too.

Now that you know what to ask your jeweler, it’s time to look for the perfect store. Make sure you read online reviews such as this whiteflash review. This site provides valuable insights on the quality that the jewelry provider sells. They also include articles on the different cuts of diamonds and even reviews on jewelry insurance providers. Now go get that diamond of your dreams!

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