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Paul Immigrations Reviews | Applying for Singapore PR.

It was way back in 2006 when I first traveled to Singapore. Together with my Mum and my brother, we went all the way to the Lion City to visit my younger sister, who was working as an intern at the Arena Country Club at that time.

Fourteen years ago, this island country had a smaller airport and popular tourist spots such as Universal Studios and the Marina Bay Floating Platform were still non-existent. Nevertheless, the country's impeccable cleanliness, efficient transport system, and highly-urbanized business district left a lasting impression on my brother and I. Even more so with my sister, who was able to experience the beauty and the fast-paced lifestyle of the country far longer than any of us, having stayed there for almost six months.
Singapore, 2006.
My brother and I at Sentosa.
Our first family trip to Singapore, August 2006.
We made a vow to return there in the future, which my brother and sister did. They each made trips to the Lion City last year, together with their own families.
My sister and her husband, Jesser at the Merlion in Sentosa.
My sister at Universal Studios Singapore.
My brother's family at Universal Studios Singapore.
My niece, with the Merlion in the background.
As for me, I had long been dreaming to go back to this lovely island country - not as a tourist, but as Permanent Resident.

And why not? After all, Singapore is one of the best places to live in Asia and one of the most family-friendly countries in the continent. Aside from its robust economy and pro-active government, this country is known throughout the world for its systematic and highly-advanced health care system, while its strong and coherent education system has earned the applause (and envy) of many countries, including the West. Sounds like the perfect place to raise my eleven-year-old Science nerd/Math geek, don't you agree?
Singapore is family-friendly!
Who Can Apply for Permanent Residency?
So how do we turn this dream-slash-plan of immigrating a reality?
First, we need to know what it takes to meet the Singapore PR requirement. Those who are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency are the following:
  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Unmarried child, less than 21 years of age, born within the context of legal marriage to, or have been adopted by an SC or PR
  • Aged parent of a SC
  • Holder of an Employment Pass (foreign professionals in Singapore who work in a managerial, executive, or specialized job)
  • Holder of an S Pass (mid-level skilled staff working in Singapore with relevant qualifications and work experience)
  • Student studying in Singapore
  • Foreign investor in Singapore
If you fall under any of these categories, then that means you have a shot at becoming a Permanent Resident.

How to Apply for Permanent Residency?
Now the real challenge is actually applying for it. Submitting the requirements seems easy because everything can be done online through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. However, gathering all the necessary documents can be a handful, and thoughts of "Is my application up to par?" or "Am I doing the right thing?" can definitely cause a lot of stress. Even more taxing is the long wait, as the processing time for submissions usually takes four months to half a year, depending on your status and submitted documents.

Sounds intimidating, right? The whole process can be very daunting, especially if you're doing this for the first time. However, if you seek help from an immigration consultant, you'll be able to understand the process better and go about it with ease.
Paul Immigrations office at Suntec Tower Two.
Paul Immigrations Reviews
I have recently been acquainted with Paul Immigrations, an immigration consultancy firm that specializes in Permanent Residency applications. They take pride in being the best consultancy firm in Singapore with more than 15,000 satisfied clients and a high success rate that remains constant over the years.

With Paul Immigrations' team of experts, the seemingly complicated process of getting your Permanent Residency will be simplified into these six steps:

Step 1: Phone Interview
An Immigration Consultant (IC) will conduct the first round of interview through a scheduled phone call. The interview will determine if the prospective client is eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore.

The IC will check the type of work pass (i.e. S Pass or Employment Pass) that you have, your family ties with any Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident, or if you have any pending submissions with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

In addition, the IC will conduct a profile assessment based on your age, salary, and length of stay in Singapore, among other things.

Step 2: In-person Appointment
After the phone interview, the Immigration Consultant will schedule an in-person appointment to confirm the applicant's work pass and further explain the entire application process to the applicant.

The IC will also review the applicant's profile to gauge the success of  the PR application. Factors such as education, skill set, and the current political/economic situation in Singapore will be taken into consideration, and these will all be assessed and explained during the consultation.
The posh receiving area of Paul Immigrations.
Step 3: Preparing the Documents
The next step is to prepare the following documents:
  • Audited form submission (also known as Form 4A)
  • Correct compulsory documents (required by the ICA)
  • Essential additional documents (e.g. documents that prove your community involvement, charity work, and the like)
These documents shall be submitted to the Immigration Specialist (IS), who will be guiding you every step of the way. The IS will inspect your documents and check if they meet the criteria as stated by the ICA.

Step 4: Completing the Paperwork
Once you've handed in all the necessary documents, the Immigration Specialist will then finish the rest of the paperwork. The IS will complete the application form based on the documents you submitted, and will craft a personalized cover letter that will highlight your strengths and accomplishments, and will emphasize your commitment to the Singaporean community and the country as a whole.

Step 5: Submission of Application
After the cover letter has been completed and all the necessary documents have been compiled, the Immigration Specialist will then submit everything online at the ICA website. The application can be submitted remotely by the IS, or you can schedule a meeting with the specialist who will then assist you with the online submission. In addition, the applicant needs to pay a non-refundable processing fee amounting to S$100.

Step 6: Waiting for the Results
The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore scrutinizes each and every PR application they receive. It usually takes four to six months for the results to come out, and the IS who submitted your documents and accomplished your paperwork will inform you whether or not you are approved.

If your application is successful, you will need to pay the following fees to kick start your Permanent Residency:
  • S$20 for Entry Permit (for PR applications submitted from 18 December 2017 onwards)
  • S$50 for a 5-year Re-Entry Permit
  • S$50 for Identity Card
  • S$30 per Entry Visa (foreigners requiring a visa)
It's never a walk in the park to immigrate to another country, but availing the services of a competent and reliable immigration consultancy firm such as Paul Immigrations can make a world of difference. It's like taking away half of the burden, and having a mentor watch over you and help you achieve your goal.

Of course, this all comes with a fee, but I would much rather seek the help of professionals and increase my chance of approval than take a stab in the dark and do everything on my own.

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