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Moose Play Camp 2018 | Gear up for Fun and Fashion this Summer!

I was around my son's age (he's turning ten this year) when I first came across the clothing brand Moose Gear. My brother and my cousin John owned several pieces from the brand, and they would often wear Moose Gear polo shirts and denim pants to church on Sunday or to birthday parties, family gatherings, and the like. The two boys always looked so dapper whenever they wear those clothes, and Moose Gear sort of became their unofficial Sunday best.

Fast forward to twenty years later, the Moose Gear legacy continues as it dresses up young boys in cool, comfortable, and hip fashion. This well-loved brand's claim to fame is their consistent use of high quality cotton fabric and the wide selection of styles and designs that kids (and their moms) love.
Moose Gear and Moose Girl, too!
The clothing company has also ventured into girls' fashion with Moose Girl - fun, stylish, and comfortable clothing apparel for young girls. The brand was launched in 2003, and became a hit among little girls and girls in their tweens.
Moose Gear kids - can you name them all?
Even celebrity kids are fond of the brand. From the child stars of my generation such as Patrick Garcia and Angelica Panganiban to Goin' Bulilit kids then and now (Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Makisig Morales, and Bugoy Carino) - all of them have been part of the ever-growing Moose Gear family. The list goes on as Moose Gear continues to tap the talented and amazing kids in the entertainment industry.
Even Scarlet Snow Belo wears Moose Girl!
Photo credit: Moose Gear on Facebook.
This summer, it's our kids' time to shine in the Moose Play Camp 2018 - a fun workshop slash meet-and-greet activity where kids can meet and interact with the Moose Family celebrity endorsers for hours of fun, inspiration, and entertainment.

The Play Camp also provides the opportunity for kids to attend a talent workshop conducted by professional teachers and harness their skills in dancing, singing, and modeling along the way. The workshop is geared to discover, cultivate, and enhance your kids' talents with the intent of helping build their confidence so that they may shine like their Moose Gear and Moose Girl endorsers. The Play Camp also marks the launching of the Moose Summer Collection, where participants and their parents can have a preview of the stylish kiddie outfits before they hit the stores.
Moose Play Camp 2018 mechanics.
Click to enlarge.
Interested in joining the Moose Play Camp 2018?
A minimum of Php 1000 worth of Moose Gear/Moose Girl products purchased within the promo period at participating SM branches entitles one (1) kid to the Play Camp. The following are the event dates and venues, and the corresponding promo period.


MAY 6, 2018 * SUNDAY
APRIL 1- MAY 6, 2018

MAY 20, 2018 * SUNDAY
APRIL 1-MAY 20, 2018

MAY 27, 2018* SUNDAY
APRIL 1- MAY 27, 2018

Two workshop batches will be held per event to accommodate more participants and make sure everyone will enjoy the experience. Participants will get to walk and perform on stage, with the celebrity endorsers joining them. Photo ops and autograph signing will also be held during the event.

Visit the Moose Gear stores at malls near you to check on the details, and don't forget to follow the Moose Gear official social media pages:

Twitter -

See you all at the Play Camp! :)

21 replies:

GiGi Eats said...

Bringing me back to the days I went to camp every summer!!!! I was always sad my parents shipped me off but at the same time, camped helped shape who I am as a person!

Cia Black said...

The clothing or at least the little sampling I saw in the photos are adorable and I can see why they are so popular. I love the idea of the brand getting out there and meeting the people who purchase and wear their gear.

Scrapbook Adventures said...

Sounds and looks so much fun! I so wish I was a kid again!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a fun event for kids! I hope you enjoy your time there.

Rachel said...

What a fun idea for kids and also a good way to build the product brand.

Monique said...

Interesting opportunity!! Any way you could increase the pixel quality of the qualifications doc? It's a little hard to read right now, and I'm sure many of your readers want to know how to get involved!

kumamonjeng said...

I always believe kids should be sent to play camp once a year to have fun and be inspired. Moose Play Camp sounds like a totally great idea for children to build their confidence and discover their hidden talents.

kumamonjeng said...

I always believe kids should be sent to play camp once a year to have fun and be inspired. Moose Play Camp sounds like a totally great idea for children to build their confidence and discover their hidden talents.

Geraline Batarra said...

Sounds like it is a cool and fun event and I am sure all kids will be enjoying it.

Noelle Lynne said...

Those glasses are just adorable! Think I need to pick up a pair for my niece, I know she will love them!

Evelyn Lo Foreman said...

Seeing this workshop makes me want to be a kid again. There’s so much to explore engage in!

Esme Sy said...

it's good that they're still available up to this weekend, I may just end up visiting the SM branch in San Lazaro. Great brand, I miss the 90's kids!

Elizabeth O said...

This looks like a really fun event for the little ones and there really are some lovely clothes showcased. It sounds like a really good brand too.

scaleitsimple said...

This seems like a great place for the kids to go during summer time. Full of socializing and events!

Preet said...

Is that Scarlet Belo? Awww, She is so cute. My kids love her. I love moose stuff I bought my kids clothes from Moose.

Lisa Rios said...

This looks really fun for kids! I love the clothing and those children are adorable, they remind me of my little sister!

Lasha said...

Looks like some great options for kids. I will have to look into it more!!

Unknown said...

Reading about different camps makes me want to be a kid again! Imagine just spending a whole day having fun with friends!!

Karen Giuliana said...

This sounds like such a cool, fun, exciting camp for kids! It also helps keep the kids active and moving which is always good!

Carol Cassara said...

That's a wonderful activity for the kids this summer and I think they'll learn a lot from it as well. Definitely something that's worth attending!

Leslie Hernandez said...

Wow this sounds like so much fun!! I wish my nephews can attend something like this for the summer looks very fun and educational :-)