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Spotlight | Sleek Makeup Pout 4 Perfection Set (Solstice Highlighting Palette + Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream).

Currently obsessed with highlighters, I've been buying one highlighter pan after another these past few months. My latest purchase is the Pout 4 Perfection Set from Sleek Makeup, which includes the Solstice Highlighting Palette and a Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream. I bought this set for Php 1150, which is actually a good buy considering the palette costs Php 875 while the lip cream retails for Php 450.
Sleek Makeup Pout 4 Perfection Set.
Honestly, I was only after the Solstice Highlighting Palette. I've been eyeing this highlighter for quite sometime now, after watching countless vlogs about it and reading all these reviews which have nothing but praises for the product.  Unfortunately, the palette is almost always out of stock online, and the only way for me to get my hands on it was to purchase it as a set. And so I did - even if I had qualms about the shade of the lip cream that came with it.
Product details at the back of the box.
A versatile palette that suits all skin tones, Solstice instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow. The palette contains four shades - all of them highly pigmented with a lovely metallic finish. All four shades create a gorgeous, luminous sheen on the skin, making this palette a must-have for anyone who's as obsessed as highlighters as I am.
Clockwise from L-R: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Equinox, Subsolar.
The palette comes in a gold metallic case with magnetic closure - looks elegant and classy, save for the fact that it's a magnet for fingerprints. Inside is a big mirror, and a small brush which I did not even bother taking out of the plastic packaging. I'd rather use my own highlighter brush, thank you very much.
From L-R: Subsolar, Equinox, Hemisphere, Ecliptic.
The four shades contained in this palette are the following:

Ecliptic - a cream highlighter which turns into a velvety, powdery formula upon application. It's rosey beige in color with a sheen, pearly finish - the perfect shade to use if you don't want a 'super shiny highlight' and prefer a more subdued glow. The best way to apply this shade is by using your fingers, applying it on top of the cheekbones and along the brow bone. 

Hemisphere - a baked highlighter with a luminous, lavender sheen. This shade was actually the one that made me fall in love with this palette, because you all know I have a thing for anything lavender/lilac/purple. Hemisphere looks a bit intense when swatched, but it looks a lot softer on the face and gives the skin a subtle pink glow. 

Equinox - another baked highlighter with warm undertones and metallic sheen. It's coppery peach in color and the most reflective out of all four shades. 

Subsolar - a finely milled, ultra soft powder highlighter with warm undertones and pearly sheen. It's pastel yellow in color and the most subtle shade among the four. It's not as shimmery as the other shades, making it perfect for everyday wear.
From L-R: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox.
Now let's talk about the Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream that comes with the highlighting palette.
Solstice Highlighting Palette + Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream.
Released last year as part of the Distorted Dreams Collection, the Matte Me Metallic Lip Creams come in a range of of luminous, trendy colors with metallic, foil-like finish. There are nine shades in the collection, and the one that I got is Roman Copper, a rose gold, coppery shade which screams for attention, lol.
Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream in Roman Copper.
Not sure if this is the default shade included in every Pout 4 Perfection Set, but if I had a choice, I'd probably go for a darker shade with plum/mauve undertones. I just can't seem to make this product really rock on my lips, that's why. 
Roman Copper on my lips.
Sure, it's nicely pigmented and easy to apply, but it tends to accentuate the fine lines and makes my lips look parched and dry after a few hours of wear. It is long-wearing, though (eight hours straight with no touch-ups) - I'll give this product points for that.
Roman Copper, swatched.
Nonetheless, I love this Pout 4 Perfection Set because I finally got my hands on this HG highlighter. I absolutely love all four shades in the pan, and I love how they can brighten your skin in an instant and give your face a healthy glow. I probably won't be looking at another highlighting palette again, at least for now. :)
Products used:
FACE: Beyond Alice in Blooming Skin Tone Sun Base,
Nature Republic Botanical Stick Concealer,
Innisfree Long Wear Cover Cushion in N23.
EYES: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown,
Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Lienr,
Nature Republic Pure Shine Mascara.
CHEEKS: Sleek Makeup Blush in Sahara,
Sleek Makeup Highlighter in Equinox.
LIPS: Sleek Makeup Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream in Roman Copper.

15 replies:

Kansas Bonanno said...

I love the metallic look! Its a lovely hint of color without being overwhelming. The lip color is my favorite.

Amandela said...

Beautiful colors!!! How long does an application last you during the day?

kumamonjeng said...

I like how the palette come in gold metallic case which will make this packaging so elegant and classy. These colors can be used for daily, office or casual.

kumamonjeng said...

I like how the palette come in gold metallic case which will make this packaging so elegant and classy. These colors can be used for daily, office or casual.

Adriana Lately said...

I love sleek cosmetics. they are always super pigmented and long lasting

Kylie said...

I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across your post! I’ve been on the market for a highlighter for some time now! It looks stunning on you so it kind of sells itself!

I’m looking forward to reading more of your beauty reviews! :)

Elizabeth O said...

Oh the Sleek highlighter palette looks really good, those colours have such good pigment! Definitely one to check out.

Regine L. said...

I love the shades! They are so pretty! And it really suits you. I like the case. It looks so elegant.

Dana Vento said...

This looks like a great line of make up. I would love to try one of these, especially the palette.

Unknown said...

I have been trying to get into using highlighters, so thanks for sharing how you can use them! Those colors are so pretty.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Looks like great products! I love the shimmering effect so much! very very pretty! very good and detailed review as well

brit said...

That shimmer looks beautiful! I love that color and the palette on you. What a great product for women.

Esme Sy said...

This is a great pick, I sorta balked at the price but eventually I realized that it's worth it since its metallic and matte palettes really work for me and I have been bummed with cheap ones.

Megan said...

This looks like such a great set. The shimmer looks like it's fit for a perfect night out! :)

Scrapbook Adventures said...

Love the shimmery colours! Would like this a lot and I'm sure I would use it most days.