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The Top Seven Things to Change About Yourself for Someone You Love.

1. Your health.
This is not the same thing as saying that you should change your appearance, by any means. You should change your health for someone, as that shows that you care for how you present yourself, and also that you care about your overall health. It is quite easy to make sure that you have something which makes you feel good and motivated these days – more and more people are on health kicks, after all – so finding something to do should be easy.

There is also an added element in healthiness - it shows that you are willing to put an effort in. Too many people think that they deserve somebody who is top-quality, without making any effort to be so themselves.
Lee Joon Gi does Jiu Jitsu!
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2. Your hobbies.
You shouldn’t pick up an entirely new set of hobbies just to impress people – but so many people just list watching TV as their main hobby, and that is too generic. Choosing good hobbies has two distinct advantages: one, it gives you places to go where other people who enjoy the same hobbies as you are – not only will you make friends, but you may also find romantic partners there. Two, having hobbies over and above simply watching TV will make you seem more interesting on sites for adults who date, and will give you more things to talk about than simply what was on TV the previous evening.

3. Your home
People like to see a well-maintained home – it gives the impression that your life is under control. Whether that is true or not is of course beside the point, but it will definitely give a good impression. People walking into a well-maintained home want to stay there, and this is something you want.
Laneige for men.
4. Your personal hygiene
Change your personal hygiene if you want to get a date. This isn’t negotiable, I’m afraid. Clean your teeth, your hair, your body – wear nice smelling cologne (although not too much).

The same goes for beards and clothes and shoes. Make sure that they are clean and not stained. Make yourself look presentable, and you will be much more of a romantic prospect than you otherwise would be.

5. Your life plans
Again, this is not a hard and fast rule, but you should bear in mind that by asking someone to share their life with you, you need to change your plans to include them in them. Your future plans will need to be done with two people in mind, not just one.
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK.
6. Your abilities
People don’t need to be Michelin star chefs, but being able to cook and wash dishes and do other basic housework is a blessing, and is looked on very favourably.

7. Your habits
If you have a bad habit of simply leaving dirty towels and clothes lying around, you might need to change that if you have someone around. They will most likely not appreciate the odour or the sight.

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