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Seoul Searching | Revisiting Hongdae: Trick Eye Museum + Cafe de One Piece.

Remember our trip to Hongdae last year and how this fun and funky neighborhood immediately and absolutely swept me off my feet? I was so enamored by this place that I made a resolve to bring my husband here the next time we visit Seoul. That plan finally pushed through last winter when we revisited Hongdae on New Year's Day. Our main agenda was to visit the Trick Eye Museum, as per Yue's request.

A 3D interactive gallery, the Trick Eye Museum first opened its doors in Hongdae in 2010. The museum features paintings that make use of the 'trompe l'oeil' (trick of the eye) technique, which gives 2-dimensional paintings the illusion of being in 3D.
Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae.
Everything in this museum is touchable, and guests can freely interact with the artworks and take photos to their hearts' content. Most of the paintings have sample pictures on how you should pose so that you can achieve the 3D illusion, and there are arrows and markers on where you should stand, sit, or lie down so that you can get the best shot.

Here are some of my favorite photos. As you can see, the boys had a blast posing with the paintings and Yue really enjoyed hamming it up for the camera. :)
Yue is trapped!
Hi ho Silver, away!
Surfing with winter coats on, haha!
More photos after the jump!
Yue got taller! :)
Daddy, help!
Yue says this is his favorite photo.
My Little Dragon is strong!
Not safe for work. Haha!
Fly, Yue, fly!
With the water ladies. :D
Just recently, the museum launched its very own Trick Eye application on both Google Play and the App Store, thus making this museum the first and only AR museum in the world. This app adds an AR effect (augmented reality) on photos, which makes your trip to the Trick Eye Museum even more fun.
Little Dragon meets Sea Serpent.
Think fire coming out from the mouth of the sea serpent above, or stars glistening on the photo below. It's a shame that the app was launched two months after our visit. Our photos could have been even more awesome, and Yue would have loved the effects for sure!
My Moon Angel on the moon.
Tickets to the Trick Eye Museum costs 18000 won (around Php 800 or $15) for adults and 12000 won (a little over Php 500 or $10) won for kids. Each ticket includes access to the winter wonderland Ice Museum and the Carnival Street filled with mini games.
These tickets can be used as discount cards on other Trick Eye Museums so don't throw them away!
We entered both attractions, and here's a sneak peek of what we saw and did.
The Ice Museum!
The Ice Train.
Ice Panda. 
I wanna lay you down in a bed of ice. Haha!
Enjoying the Ice Slide!
Popping balloons!
Shooting buckets.
Located on the floor above the Trick Eye Museum is the Love Museum, which features 'sensual artworks'. Visitors are encouraged 'not to be shy' and interact with the exhibits by touching them and taking pictures with them. Tickets to the Love Museum are 8000 won (around Php 350 or $7) open for adults only.
Love Museum.
Of course, no trip to Hongdae would be complete without visiting my beloved Churro 101, aka the best churros in the planet. We ordered two sets of our favorite (Yue's and mine) Deep Fried Oreo Churro + vanilla ice cream, which my husband enjoyed as much as we did.
Still the best churros in the world. 
After our tummy-fill, we headed for the much-talked about Cafe de One Piece. This themed cafe opened a few days after we arrived in Seoul and became the talk of the town right away. And I was not surprised at all.
Thousand Sunny!
Aside from the fact One Piece, the animated series from which this cafe is derived, has legions of fans, this huge pirate ship (whose name is Thousand Sunny, by the way) is guaranteed to catch anybody's attention.
Ahoy, mates!
My brother and brother-in-law are huge fans of the series and I wanted to visit the cafe in their behalf, and take photos for them to see. But alas, there was a long queue when we arrived! The only way to 'board the ship' is to fall in line and place your order as the ship deck serves as the dining area. There was no way I would stand outside in the cold for more than ten minutes, so we opted to take photos of the standees instead.
Monkey D. Luffy!
Luffy, Brook, and Sanji.
Nico Robin, Usopp, Nami, Roronoa Zoro.
Yue's favorite, Tony Tony Chopper!
Adjacent to the ship is the souvenir shop, where they sell official One Piece merchandise such as plush dolls, shirts, and even straw hats similar to Luffy's. Picture-taking is not allowed inside the souvenir shop, so here's a photo of what I bought instead.
Badges for my brother, and transportation card for Yue.
We'll try to visit again this spring and hopefully, we'll be able to give their food a try. :)

To get to the Trick Eye Museum, take the subway to Hongik University Station Exit 9.
Go straight 150 meters, cross the road, and turn left onto Hongik-ro Street. Go straight 120 meters, and turn right down the second side street (in between Tony Moly and Bershka). Continue going 100 meters to arrive at the Trick Eye Museum on the right.

To get to Cafe de One Piece, walk towards the main gate of Hongik University. The cafe is located beside Starbucks.

Trick Eye Museum                                                       
#B2 Seogyo Plaza 20 Hongikro-3gil                              

Cafe de One Piece
343-10 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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Heather Jones said...

I've known a few people to visit Seoul. I think it would be so fun to see the culture and eat a little differently for a little while to experience something new.

Unknown said...

I love that museum it seems like a lot of fun! It's always nice to take the kids to places like this one. I'd love to take the twins there someday.

Xon said...

We have a similar museum here in Manila and I think it's always fun! It's nice to get creative with the pictures as well. One Piece is really popular there's a cafe like that in Tokyo as well.